Section 1
Chapter 775

The fate of silvex following oral administration to humans

Sauerhoff, M.W.; Chenoweth, M.B.; Gordon, H.L.; Braun, W.H.; Blau, G.E.; Gehring, P.J.

Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology 41(1): 162-163


ISSN/ISBN: 0041-008X
Accession: 000774799

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No adverse effect on humans was observed following oral administration of fenoprop at 1 mg/kg. Apparent first-order kinetics described the biphasic clearance of fenoprop from plasma and its excretion in urine. Peak plasma concns. of fenoprop occurred within 2-4 h. Within 24 h of administration 65% of the dose had been excreted in the urine and relatively small amounts (up to 3.2%) were eliminated in the faeces. Recovery of fenoprop and its conjugates in urine and faeces up to 168 h ranged from 66.6 to 95.1%. From summary.

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