Section 1
Chapter 781

The policy in the note on the relation (between agriculture, nature and landscape) and farm development. Drawing up a management plan. Research priorities for nature and landscape conservation by farm enterprises. (3 papers)

Aten, B.; Vennemen, J.G.B.; Doornbos, J.

Bedrijfsontwikkeling 11(5): 449-459


Accession: 000780836

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Part 1 discusses the administrative arrangement arising from the agreement between the Ministries of Agriculture and Fisheries and of Culture, Recreation and Social Works. The Foundation for the Administration of Agricultural Land (SBL) is given responsibility for implementing the regulations. The procedures involve drawing up a draft project plan for an area, publicizing it locally and drawing up a final plan, laying it open to inspection, agreement of the plan by provincial advisory committee, and, finally, by the management of SBL.

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