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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 795

Chapter 795 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Cohen, M.A.; Agunbiade, S.A.; Antelin, D.; Mautort, A. de, 1979:
Urban growth and economic development in the Sahel

Preston, S.H., 1979:
Urban growth in developing countries: a demographic reappraisal

Davis, L.G., 1977:
Urban growth, development and planning of African towns and cities

Rogers, A.W., 1978:
Urban growth, farmland losses and planning. A symposium organised by the Rural Geography Study Group of the Institute of British Geographers

Watts, D.J., 1979:
Urban housing in arid lands: lessons from the rooftops of Kabal's Old City

Hamesse, E.J., 1979:
Urban influences on rural housing and living patterns

O.N.ill, P.; Pochop, L.; Borrelli, J., 1979:
Urban lawn evapotranspiration - measurement and prediction

Das, P.K.; Reuben, R.; Batra, C.P., 1979:
Urban malaria and its vectors in Salem (Tamil Nadu): natural and induced infection with human plasmodia in mosquitoes

Batra, C.P.; Reuben, R.; Das, P.K., 1979 :
Urban malaria vectors in Salem, Tamil Nadu: biting rates on man and cattle

Strachan, A.J.; Bowler, I.R., 1978:
Urban open space for recreation

Downing, K.B.; Connaughton, K.P.; Hopkins, W.S., 1976:
Urban owners of forests in western Oregon

Peek, P., 1980:
Urban poverty, migration, and land reform in Ecuador

Kayser, B., 1979:
Urban poverty, rural poverty: sharing the crumbs

Navarro Garnica, M., 1978:
Urban pressure on the forest: the case of Madrid

Mello, H. do A.; Lima, W. de P., 1978:
Urban pressure on the forest: the example of Sao Paulo

Kennedy, J.C., 1978:
Urban recreation

Marriott, K., 1978:
Urban recreation open space and facility planning

Dunn, D.R., 1980:
Urban recreation research: an overview

Heerema, P.; Kruis, A. van der, 1980:
Urban recreation, return from being away

Wall, G.; Sinnott, J., 1980 :
Urban recreational and cultural facilities as tourist attractions

Hannam, I.D., 1979:
Urban soil erosion: an extreme phase in the Stewart Subdivision, West Bathurst

Andresen, J.W.; Swaigen, J., 1978:
Urban tree and forest legislation in Ontario

Jorgensen, E., 1978:
Urban tree diseases and the need for arboricultural medicine

Ames, R.G., 1980:
Urban tree planting programs: a sociological perspective

Ham, D.L., 1977:
Urban tree research in the South

Foster, R.S.; Blaine, J., 1978:
Urban tree survival: trees in the sidewalk

Folkman, W.S., 1979:
Urban users of wildland areas as forest fire risks

Gugler, J.; Flanagan, W.G., 1978:
Urban-rural ties in West Africa: extent, interpretation, prospects and implications

Fischer, C.S., 1978:
Urban-to-rural diffusion of opinions in contemporary America

Rempel, H.; Lobdell, R.A., 1977:
Urban-to-rural remittances: investment in rural development of insurance premium

Hsu, S.S.I., 1978:
Urbanization and climatic changes in Phoenix, Arizona

Atwater, M.A., 1977:
Urbanization and pollution effects on the thermal structure in four climatic regions

Rondinelli, D.A.; Ruddle, K., 1978:
Urbanization and rural development. A spatial policy for equitable growth

Krueger, R.R., 1978:
Urbanization of the Niagara fruit belt

Csaszar, I.; Goncz, J.; Imre, L., 1979:
Urbanization, its influence on living conditions and life style in Zala

Kawamura, Y., 1979:
Urbanization, part-time farm households and community agriculture: Japan's experience after World War II

Christopher, G., 1979:
Urbanization, rural exodus towards urban centres and development policies in Ivory Coast

Gahlot, K.N.S.; Vishal, R.; Vishwakarma, S.J., 1978:
Urd 'T.9' as intercrop with arhar 'T.21'

Katsitadze, B.V.; Kozmanishvili, A.G., 1979:
Urea - an important component of pelleted feeds

Reznikova, L.M., 1977:
Urea against brown spot of walnut

Mosanghini, V., 1979 :
Urea and amino acids in feeds for pigs

Rodriguez Kabana, R.; King, P.S.; Ingram, E.G., 1978:
Urea and blackstrap molasses for control of Meloidogyne arenaria

Glazov, A.F.; Uletova, N.P.; Marchenko, Y.P., 1979:
Urea and diammonium phosphate in diets for fattening young cattle

Teller, E.; Godeau, J.M.; Baere, R.D., 1978:
Urea and diuredoisobutane in feeds for cattle. 1. The composition of rumen liquor

Miller, K.B.; Gaunya W.S.; Brown, L.R.; Cowan, W.A., 1979:
Urea and low soluble protein with corn silage in complete mixed rations for high producing dairy cows

Jamroz, D.; Bielinski, K.; Kaszynski, J.; Pakulska, E., 1979:
Urea as a nitrogen supplement in the diets for geese

Sobczak, Z.; Formicka, E., 1979:
Urea as a protein replacement for feeding horses. 1. Digestibility of feeds with urea by draught-horses

Sobczak, Z.; Formicka, E., 1979:
Urea as a protein replacement for feeding horses. 2. Digestibility of different diets by saddle-horses

Sedykh, I.V., 1979:
Urea concentrate in diets for heifers

Galinari, S.; Camargo, E.P., 1979:
Urea cycle enzymes in wild and aposymbiotic strains of Blastocrithidia culicis

Gonzalez, A.; Plamondon, A.P., 1977:
Urea fertilization of natural forest: effects on water quality

Miller, R.E.; Reukema, D.L., 1977:
Urea fertilizer increases growth of 20-year-old, thinned Douglas-fir on a poor quality site

Pudkin, M.S.; Kaprel' yants, L.V., 1979:
Urea glycoside utilization in rumen fluid in vitro

Sauer F.D.; Erfle J.D.; Mahadevan S.; Lessard J.R., 1979:
Urea in corn silage as a supplemental nitrogen source for lactating cows

Stoyanov, A.; Sandev, S.; Aleksandrov, S.; Lazarov, I.; Piperova, L., 1978:
Urea in diets for lactating ewes. 1. Urea concentrate Starea-44 in complete mixed feeds based on dry maize stover

Lazarov, I.; Aleksandrov, S.; Piperova, L.; Stayanov, A.; Sandev, S., 1978:
Urea in diets for lactating ewes. 2. Effect of Starea-44 on some aspects of metabolism and volatile fatty acid synthesis

Piterova, L.; Aleksandrov, S.; Lazarov, I.; Stayanov, A.; Sandev, S., 1979:
Urea in diets for lactating ewes. 3. Effect of Starea-44 on blood serum lipids

Anonymous, 1979:
Urea in diets throughout the year

Hoffmann, M.; Ulbrich, M.; Dierchen, E.; Kruger, F., 1979:
Urea in feeds for calves

Stoyanov, A.; Sandev, S.; Aleksandrov, S.; Lazarov, I.; Piperova, L., 1978:
Urea in rations for lactating ewes. I. Addition of Starea-44 urea concentrate to complete rations based on ground dry maize stems and leaves

Grant J.L., 1979:
Urea in supplements for growing young cattle on veld grazing in the dry season

Sargent, J.; Gotch, F.; Borah, M.; Piercy, L.; Spinozzi, N.; Schoenfeld, P.; Humphreys, M., 1978:
Urea kinetics: a guide to nutritional management of renal failure

Kopple, J.D.; Grodstein, G., 1980:
Urea nitrogen appearance, a practical indicator of total nitrogen output in uremic and normal man

Platikanov, N.; Stoyanov, A.; Tanev, I.; Vodenicharski, N., 1978:
Urea nitrogen in Dehy 100, Starea and Carbisal as substitutes for fodder protein in diets for highly productive sheep

Platikanov, N.; Stoyanov, A.; Tanev, I.; Vodenicharski, N., 1978:
Urea nitrogen in Dehy 100, Starea and Karbizal as feed protein substitute in rations for high-production ewes

Venediktov, A.M.; Magomedov, M.S.; Chupin, N.F.; Zhukov, V.F., 1978:
Urea phosphate for feeding dairy cows

Pettygrove, G.S., 1977:
Urea released from sulphur-coated urea and nitrogen utilization by tall fescue

Stephenson, R.G.A.; Hopkins, P.S., 1978:
Urea supplementation for ewes in the tropics

Teixeira, L.B.; Campos, J., 1977:
Urea, stylo and cassava meal as supplements of Elephant grass for steers in feed lots

Walker, M.E.; Keisling, T.C.; Marchant, W.H.; Morey, D.D., 1979:
Urea-ammonium sulphate and urea-ammonium phosphate evaluation as nitrogen sources in the southeast

Mutinsky, J.; Svehla, J., 1976:
Urea-furfural condensates as slow-acting nitrogenous fertilizers

Round, M.H.; Lampe, R.J.; Wright, S.J., 1978:
Urea-molasses and grain supplements for yearling beef cattle grazing wheat and oat stubbles

Friis, N.F.; Pedersen, K.B.; Bloch, B., 1980:
Ureaplasma isolated from the respiratory tract of mink

Jones, G.E.; Rae, A.E., 1979:
Ureaplasmas in sheep

Furr, P.M.; Hetherington, C.M.; Taylor-Robinson, D., 1979:
Ureaplasmas in the marmoset (Callithrix jacchus): transmission and elimination

Connolly, M.G.; O.T.ole, P.; Morgan, M.A., 1980:
Urease activities and comparative transformations of urea and ammonium nitrate in some Irish soils under laboratory and glasshouse conditions

Michnová, E.; Boda, K.; Tomás, J.; Havassy, I., 1979:
Urease activity in the contents and tissues of the sheep, pig and chicken gastrointestinal apparatus

Durrieu, G., 1980:
Uredinales of Nepal

Mishra, R.P.; Nema, K.G.; Singh, S.S., 1976:
Uredineae of Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh - IV

Charudattan, R.; McKinney, D.E.; Cordo, H.A.; Silveira Guido, A., 1976:
Uredo eichhorniae, a potential biocontrol agent for water hyacinth

Charudattan, R.; McKinney, D.E.; Cordo, H.A.; Silveira Guido, A., 1978:
Uredo eichhorniae, a potential biocontrol agent for waterhyacinth

Van Ham, M.; Schoenbaum, M., 1979:
Uredofos (Sansalid) - a broad-spectrum anthelmintic for mice

Thomas, R.J.; Feller, U.; Erismann, K.H., 1980:
Ureide metabolism in non-nodulated Phaseolus vulgaris L

Day, J.M.; Witty, J.F.; Roughley, R.J., 1979:
Ureides (allantoin and allantoic acid) in xylem exudate as a measure of nitrogen fixation in legumes

Cheville, N.F., 1979:
Uremic gastropathy in the dog

Yoshida, N.; Camargo, E.P., 1978:
Ureotelism and ammonotelism in trypanosomatids

Cornet, L.; Neretti, J.; Subreville, C., 1976:
Uretero-ileo-plasty in schistosomal uretero-hydronephroses (22 cases)

Galvez Galvez, F.; Romero Delgado, R., 1979:
Urethral lithiasis in Simmental bulls. Clinical diagnosis and surgical treatment

Pontus, T.; Bouffioux, C.; Carpentier, M., 1979:

Naik, R.S.; Siddiqui, R.S.; Naik, V., 1979:
Urethronasal rhinosporidiosis

Nikonov, A.A., 1980:
Urgent problems in development of agricultural economics

Makarenko, V., 1979:
Urgent problems of agricultural development

Loza, G., 1978:
Urgent problems of research

Galloni, M.; Guarda, F., 1979:
Uric acid pericarditis in the fowl studied by scanning electron microscopy

Valovage, WD.; Brooks, MA., 1979:
Uric acid quantities in the fat body of normal and aposymbiotic German cockroaches, Blattella germanica

Galloni, M.; Guarda, F., 1979:
Uric pericarditis of chickens observed with the scanning electron microscope

Kiefer, H., 1979:
Uricaemia in broiler fowl

Clermont, S.; Percheron, F., 1979:
Uridine diphosphogalactose-4 epimerase of fenugreek: purification trials and some properties

Cifuentes, R.F.; Balfe, J.W.; Radde, I.C.; Chance, G.W., 1978:
Urinary H+ excretion in very low birthweight (VLBW) infants. Effect of altering Ca and P intake

Keltz, F.R.; Kies, C.; Fox, H.M., 1978:
Urinary ascorbic acid excretion in the human as affected by dietary fiber and zinc

Bleich, H.L.; Moore, M.J.; Lemann, J.; Adams, N.D.; Gray, R.W., 1979:
Urinary calcium excretion in human beings

Rayan, A.J.; Bai, K.T.; Unnissa, A., 1978:
Urinary candidiasis - a mycological study

Maxwell, G.M.; Dahlenburg, G.W.; Rencis, V., 1978:
Urinary content of 3',5'-adenosine monophosphate (cAMP) and creatinine in full-term and premature infants

Munro, H.N.; Young, V.R., 1978:
Urinary excretion of N tau -methylhistidine (3-methylhistidine): a tool to study metabolic responses in relation to nutrient and hormonal status in health and disease of man

Littlejohn, A.; Virlas, D., 1980:
Urinary excretion of arsenic from horses injected with an organic arsenical compound

Lynch, G.P.; McDonough, F.E., 1979:
Urinary excretion of basic nitrogenous compounds from calves fed heat denatured milk

Halse, J.; Gordeladze, J.O., 1979:
Urinary excretion of calcium, hydroxyproline and 3',5'-cyclic adenosine monophosphate in primary hyperparathyroidism

Buss, E.G.; Merkur, P.; Guyer, R.B., 1980:
Urinary excretion of calcium in the presence or absence of shell formation by chickens producing thick or thin shells

Pandey, S.N.; Banerjee, N.C.; Singh, M.M., 1978:
Urinary excretion of furan derivatives in goat

Szeto, H.H.; Kaiko, R.F.; Clapp, J.F.; Larrow, R.W.; Mann, L.I.; Inturrisi, C.E., 1979:
Urinary excretion of meperidine by the fetal lamb

Pieron, R.; Ferraud, D.; Mafart, Y.; Lesobre, B.; Vergez, P., 1979:
Urinary infection due to Salmonella enteritidis in a case of Schistosoma haematobium infection

Kernbaum, S.; Leclerc, P.; Bastin, R., 1979:
Urinary infection due to Salmonella typhi and Schistosoma haematobium

Ambruso, D.R.; Mahony, B.S.; Githens, J.H.; Propper, R.D., 1978:
Urinary iron dose response to subcutaneous (SQ) desferrioxamine (DF) and oral ascorbic acid (vit. C) in congenital hypoplastic anemia

Khafagy, E.Z.; El-Hawary, M.F.; Galal, A.F.; Salah, M.K.; Shoeb, Z.M.; Ibrahim, K.B.; Omar, S., 1976:
Urinary leucine aminopeptidase in bilharziasis

Millar, K.R.; Lorentz, P.P., 1979:
Urinary methylmalonic acid as an indicator of the vitamin B12 status of grazing sheep

Isaksson, B., 1980:
Urinary nitrogen output as a validity test in dietary surveys

Jensen, B.J., 1978:
Urinary progesterone concentration as a possible aid in the diagnosis of infertility in pigs. Preliminary report

Davies, D.J.; Brewer, D.B.; Hardwicke, J., 1978:
Urinary proteins and glomerular morphometry in protein overload proteinuria

Armstrong, B.; Clarke, H.; Martin, C.; Ward, W.; Norman, N.; Masarei, J., 1979:
Urinary sodium and blood pressure in vegetarians

Thomas, J.E., 1979:
Urinary tract infection induced by intermittent urethral catheterization in dogs

Hutson, L.R., 1979:
Urination by racehorses at the sampling unit of the Barbados Turf Club

Tanase Mogos, I.; Ciortoloman, H.; Popescu, M.; Grigorescu, G.; Ankar, V., 1978:
Urine biochemistry of a newborn infant with typical valinuria and the effect of ingested valine on amino acid transport in animal brain

Wilson, A.; Ackers, J.P., 1980:
Urine culture for the detection of Trichomonas vaginalis in men

Brown, L.M., 1979:
Urine dilution in man after drinking isotonic saline

BøRRESEN.H.C., 1979:
Urine electrolytes and body weight changes in the routine monitoring of total intravenous feeding

Ghannam, F.E.; Zaghloul, I., 1976:
Urine estrogen levels of clinically normal and pathological conditions in the health of Arabian mares and some reproductive disorders

Kristensen, H.H., 1979:
Urine glucose camouflaged by ascorbic acid

Engle, M.J.; Clark, T., 1980:
Urine pooling in the mare

Papin, N.E., 1979:
Urocanase (urocanate hydratase) activity in whole blood, blood serum and liver of cows

Ambrus, A., 1979:
Urocerus phantoma Fabr. in Hungary

Pamba, H.O.; Musangi, E.M., 1978:
Urogenital ascariasis: case report

Ellis, L.R.; Kenny, G.M.; Nellans, R.E., 1979:
Urogenital aspects of actinomycosis

Glazkova, L.K.; Anton'ev, A.A., 1979:
Urogenital candidiasis in women

Dennis, S.M., 1979:
Urogenital defects in sheep

Jensen, N.E., 1979:
Urogenital prevalence of group-B streptococci in man: comparison of human and bovine group-B streptococci

Nicoli, R.M.; Robic, S., 1978:
Urogenital trichomoniasis in aged women

Siboulet, A.; Catalan, F.; Videau, D.; Niel, G., 1977:
Urogenital trichomoniasis. Trials of an imidazole with a long half-life: secnidazole

Waltner-Toews, D.; Meadows, D.H., 1980:
Urolithiasis in a herd of beef cattle associated with oxalate ingestion

Gera, K.L.; Nigam, J.M., 1979:
Urolithiasis in bovines (a report of 193 clinical cases)

Nicks, B.; Bienfait, J.M., 1978:
Urolithiasis in cattle and sheep

Nguyen, H.T.; Moreland, A.F.; Shields, R.P., 1979:
Urolithiasis in ferrets (Mustela putorius)

Knapp, H., 1978:
Urological syndrome in cats

Viennot Bourgin, M.G., 1978:
Uromyces transversalis, a dangerous disease of gladiolus crops

Nakano T.; Aherne F.X.; Thompson J.R., 1979:
Uronic acid levels in the serum and urine of swine with experimentally induced leg weakness

Wisniewski, J., 1979:
Uropodina new to the Polish fauna (Acari: Parasitiformes)

Barbato de Silva, C., 1977:
Uruguay: economic policy and the slaughter cattle market

Kitano, S.; Kikata, Y.; Hara, K.; Kaburaki, J.; Yamada, I., 1978:
Usable tropical woods

Lucas, R.C., 1980:
Use Patterns and Visitor Characteristics, Attitudes and Preferences in Nine Wilderness and Other Roadless Areas

Bates, R.P., 1977:
Use and adaptation of legume varieties

Scott, D., 1979:
Use and conservation of New Zealand native grasslands in 2079

Ben Dov, Y.; Avital, A.; Forti, M.; Pasternak, D., 1977:
Use and development of drought-resistant ornamentals

Johns, D.; Beard, J.B., 1978:
Use and establishment of Zoysia tenuifolia

Wilton, A.C.; Ries, R.E.; Hofmann, L., 1978:
Use and improvement of legumes for ranges

Anonymous, 1979:
Use and nutritive value of coffee milk, etc

Faduma, H.; Nuti, M.P.; Kuneman, K.; Lepidi, A., 1978:
Use and selection of rhizobia for the nodulation of new legume introductions into Somalia

Aliev, E.A.; Sultanova, F.G., 1980:
Use in buffaloes of the live vaccine Brucella abortus strain 82

Cornu, A.; Delpeuch, F.; Favier, J.C., 1977:
Use in human diet of gossypol-free cottonseed and its products

Josipovic, D.; Drobnic, L.; Rukavina, V., 1979:
Use of Trimetosul SD 48% (trimethoprim with sulfamethoxazole) in the treatment of chicks

Beer, K.; Sachse, K.; Mehlhorn, G.; Forster, K., 1978:
Use of all in/all out principle to improve health and performance of colostral milk calves

Gennip, A.H.M. van, 1978:
Use of 'tailor-made' milk proteins in sugar confectionery

Hoffsis, G.F.; Capen, C.C.; Placke, M.E.; Norman, A.W., 1978:
Use of 1,25-dihydroxycholecalciferol in the prevention of parturient hypocalcemia in dairy cows

Milenkovic, M.; Zikic, G.; Mihaljevic, M., 1977:
Use of 14C-labelled compounds in evaluating the degree of protein deficiency in rats

Smith, R.J.Jr, 1979:
Use of 2,4,5-T for weed control in rice

Waller, S.S.; Lewis, J.K.; Brown, M.A.; Heintz, T.W.; Butterfield, R.I.; Gartner, F.R., 1978:
Use of 35 mm aerial photography in vegetation sampling

Collins, G.B.; Vian, W.E.; Phillips, G.C., 1978:
Use of 4-amino-3,5,6-trichloropicolinic acid as an auxin source in plant tissue cultures

Vorob' ev, M.A.; Arkhipov, I.A., 1978:
Use of Acemidofen (diamfenetide analogue) in combination with Sulfen (bithionol sulphoxide), Disalan (rafoxanide analogue) or Hexichol (hexachloroparaxylene) against fascioliasis in sheep

Rains, D.W.; Talley, S.N., 1978:
Use of Azolla as a source of nitrogen for temperate zone rice culture

Sosebee, R.E.; Brumley, C.S., 1977:
Use of B-vitamins in mesquite control

Larski, Z., 1978:
Use of B1 and Roakin strains for two-stage immunization of chicks against Newcastle disease

Becker, G., 1978:
Use of Bayleton for the control of mildew in winter barley in autumn

Ososki, K.L.; Fay, P.K.; Sally, B.K.; Sharp, E.L.; Sands, D.C., 1979:
Use of Canada thistle rust as a biological control agent

Shaver, B.J.; Rewko, S.L.; Bright See, E., 1978:
Use of Canada's Food Guide as a predictor of nutrient intake

Anonymous, 1979:
Use of Charolais crossbreds for beef production

Negrobov, O.P.; Marina, T.A., 1979:
Use of Correx apron for the preservation of preparations in liquid media in entomological collections

Stoikov, D., 1978:
Use of DL-methionine by mouth in the prevention and treatment of ketosis in highly productive cows

Campos, A.R.; Abreu, O.C.; Oliveira, D.A., 1978:
Use of DUP to disinfect during the rearing of silkworms

Kholopov, P.S., 1978:
Use of Entobakterin

Hertz, L.B., 1979:
Use of Ethrel to stimulate coloring and ripening of Minnesota apple cultivars

Jatasra, D.S.; Paroda, R.S., 1978:
Use of F2 generation for combining ability in wheat

Mel' nik, M.; Knaub, V., 1977:
Use of Fostil for the control of Ditylenchus dipsaci in garlic

Bogdan, S.D.; Sivers, V.S., 1979:
Use of Geotrichum candidum to increase the fodder value of maize cobs

Rzaev, M.M.; Makhmudov, T.K., 1976 :
Use of Gossypium arboreum in cotton breeding

Adams, C., 1979:
Use of HCG in mink breeding

Wojtatowicz, Z., 1978:
Use of Incozan W in mastitis control

Istamov, K.I., 1978:
Use of Kochia prostrata seeds as a preliminary test in studying environmental mutagens

Roediger, K.J., 1977:
Use of Krenite for site preparation and controlled tending of plantations: results of a 5-year study

Smith, A.M.; Chesworth, J.M.; Henderson, G.D.; Rodway, R.G., 1979:
Use of Laurell electrophoresis for the quantitative measurement of albumin in mastitic milk

Heinrich, U., 1979:
Use of Milko-Scan 104 in the laboratory of a large town dairy

Belozerskiy, G.N.; Kazakov, M.I.; Gagarina, E.I.; Khantulev, A.A., 1978:
Use of Mossbauer spectroscopy for studying the forms of iron in forest soils

Mishra, B.; Sharma, R.D.; Mishra, N.P., 1980:
Use of Mussoorie rock phosphate mixed with superphosphate or low-grade pyrites as alternative phosphorus source for wheat on neutral soils

Pilipovich, A.I.; Marysheva, N.S., 1977:
Use of N-nitroso-N-methylurea in breeding cultivated mushrooms

Martin, P.C., 1978:
Use of NaOH-treated bagasse in milk production

Bertamino, R., 1977:
Use of OD 507 with triamcinolone in pyodermatitis and epidermomycosis in straightforward form or complicated by staphylococcic infection

Santuari, E.; Nazzicone, Q.; Menghini, G.; Dolzani, C., 1979:
Use of ODA-914 for the stimulation of galactopoiesis and uterine involution

Torchio, P.F., 1979:
Use of Osmia lignaria Say as a pollinator of caged almond in California

Melgar Arnaiz, F.; Sanchez Algaba Gil, P., 1977:
Use of PGF2 alpha for sperm transport in the genital tract of the ewe

Zambrini, A.V., 1979:
Use of Penicillium roqueforti cultures with different physiological characteristics in the manufacture of Italian blue-veined cheese (Gorgonzola)

Mironova, L., 1977:
Use of Phalaris arundinacea for establishing sown hayfields

Bareeba, F.B., 1980:
Use of Pro-Sil-treated corn silage and fababean silage in rations for lactating dairy cows

Muller, U.; Roth, A.; Yman, L.; Patrizzi, R., 1978:
Use of RAST technique in wasp sting hypersensitivity

Neshev, K.; Todor, K., 1978:
Use of Romanian paraffin mixture in the production of grapevine planting material

Sieberhein, K.; Stracke, I.; Amme, M., 1980:
Use of SYS 67 herbicides for weed control in grass stands for seed production

Gupta, I.C., 1979:
Use of Saline Water in Agriculture in Arid and Semi-Arid Zones of India

Zerobin, K.; Schutze, E., 1976:
Use of Sandoz 45249 for oestrus synchronisation in pigs in the field

Martynov, S.P.; Krupnov, V.A.; Dragavtsev, V.A., 1978:
Use of Shrikhande's method for the evaluation of breeding material in a nursery

Rashal' , I.D.; Veveris, A.L., 1979:
Use of Shrikhande's method in determining the genetic parameters of spruce populations

Sosebee, R.E.; Brumley, C.S.; Boyd, W.E., 1977:
Use of Spike to control honey mesquite

Boyd, W.E.; Sosebee, R.E.; Brumley, C.S.; Banks, J.C., 1977:
Use of Spike to control perennial broomweed

Rommel, W., 1978:
Use of Synchrovin (megestrol acetate) to synchronize oestrus in sheep

Shchelokova, Z.I.; Il' ina, M.G.; Solonetskaya, E.V.; Dmitrieva, A.N.; Luk' yanenko, L.M.; Evtushenko, L.V., 1979:
Use of Tripsacum to improve grain quality in maize

Batra, T.R., 1979:
Use of USDA extension factors for predicting 305-day lactation production in dairy cattle

Creffield, J.W.; Beesley, J.J., 1980:
Use of X-rays for monitoring decay in timber panels

Schroder, E.; Wolfensteller, E., 1978:
Use of a bitumen emulsion in vegetable production

Kofoid, K.D.; Maranville, J.W.; Ross, W.M., 1978:
Use of a bleach test to screen single-head sorghum selections for the presence of a testa layer

Kagan, F.I.; Urguev, K.R.; Kirillov, L.V.; Panfilov, I.D.; Pleskikh, A.S.; Pashaeva, Z.N., 1974:
Use of a casein-pancreatic medium to produce Clostridium perfringens beta toxins

Hughes, E.C., 1978:
Use of a chemically defined diet in the diagnosis of food sensitivities and the determination of offending foods

Hein, K., 1979:
Use of a cogeneration system in a dairy plant

Panfilov, V.P., 1977:
Use of a complex mineral supplement combined with urea in rations for dairy cows

Houix, Y.; Dando, P.; Sellier, P., 1978:
Use of a control line to estimate genetic changes in growth and carcass traits in Large Whites in France between 1965 and 1973

Priednieks, O.K.; Bluzmanis, Y.R., 1979:
Use of a cytotoxic reaction as a test for leukosis in breeding cattle

Servant, J., 1978:
Use of a desalinization model for saturated soil

Tunikov, G.M.; Sidorov, V.R., 1979:
Use of a dried milk substitute

Fennell, J.F.M., 1978:
Use of a durometer to assess onion bulb hardness

Muller, M.; Gardi, A.; Straub, R.; Gerber, H., 1978:
Use of a gelatin plasma expander (Physiogel SRK) in the horse

Christiansen, C.V., 1978:
Use of a green crop drier plant with a recirculation system for drying straw

Birkeland, R., 1979:
Use of a grinding wheel for paring claws

Milyukov, A.; Shulepin, E.; Bakanov, P.; Ivanova, M., 1980:
Use of a growth promotant in young cattle kept in an industrial complex

Karimov, K.K., 1978:
Use of a heterogeneous population as a method of preserving a gene pool of fowl breeds

Roselli, G., 1977:
Use of a marker gene to evaluate hybridization methods in peach

Roberts, F.C.; Conner, G.E., 1979:
Use of a mathematical model to predict levels of adult Culex pipiens in Alameda County

Pavon Milanes, C.; Tzonev, I.B., 1977:
Use of a methodology to optimise irrigation technique

Fatichenti, F.; Deiana, P.; Farris, G.A.; Campus, R.; Vodret, A.; Carini, S.; Todesco, R., 1979:
Use of a mixed starter consisting of lactic acid bacteria and yeast in a new process for manufacture of soft cheese from goats' milk

Watson, R.N., 1979:
Use of a modified light trap to improve catches of black beetle, Heteronychus arator (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae), and black field cricket, Teleogryllus commodus (Orthoptera: Gryllidae)

Boland, M.P.; Caffrey, P.J., 1979:
Use of a new growth promoter for the intensive finishing of lambs

Primatesta, G., 1979:
Use of a new insulating material in the dairy industry

Zhang, X.Y., 1979:
Use of a new mixed indicator for determination of pH of soils

Laville, E., 1979:
Use of a new systemic fungicide, Aliette, in the control of citrus gummosis due to Phytophthora

Simonin, A.; Dandoy, G.; Iltis, J.; Milleville, P.; Noel, J.; Verchasy, .:
Use of a numerical system of processing Landsat data in relation to geomorphologic mapping of the Mare d'Oursi watershed (Upper Volta)

Triantaphyllidis, H., 1978:
Use of a nutritional model for the study in vivo of the regulatory function of ions on thyroid secretion

Dannacher, G.; Perrin, M.; Perrin, B., 1979:
Use of a passive haemagglutination technique to detect antibodies to bovine rhinotracheitis virus

Edwards, I.B.; Mey, J.A.M. van der, 1978:
Use of a physiologic model for genetically improving grain protein in wheat

Voskoboinik, L.K.; Klyuka, V.I., 1979:
Use of a phytotron for the rapid production of male-sterile counterparts of sunflower lines

Abdullaev, I.K., 1977:
Use of a polyploid series in plant breeding

Przybylowski, P.; Kisza, J.; Dylkowski, P.; Ziajka, S., 1978:
Use of a preparation based on dried milk and casein, to clarify and stabilize beer

Tripodi, V.; Cinque, N., 1975:
Use of a preparation of ferric globulin in the treatment of iron-deficiency anaemia in infants

Vasil' ev, O.D., 1978:
Use of a replica method to determine the sensitivity and resistance of dermatophytes to griseofulvin

Besse, H., 1979:
Use of a route optimization program for milk collection by a dairy, as part of the short-term planning of the production programme

Baldy, C.M., 1978:
Use of a simple relationship between class A pan and Penman's formula for estimation of potential evopotranspiration in the Sudan-Sahel region

Kubelka, D.; Kadic, S.; Tabakovic, B.; Maric, S., 1979:
Use of a streptomycin-penicillin preparation in cows in the dry period to prevent mastitis

Shankarenko, V.A.; Bagnetova, V.G., 1978:
Use of a synthetic foam insert in an artificial vagina to collect bull semen

Carlucci, F.; Puntoni, P.; Breghi, G.; Paci, G., 1978:
Use of a synthetic non-depolarising muscle relaxant (pancuronium bromide) in anaesthesia of the dog

Chulkov, N.I.; Popova, L.N., 1977:
Use of a tomato collection in the production of varieties suitable for mechanical harvesting

Parii, F.N., 1977:
Use of a vacuum in the production of polyploids

Allan, R.E.; Line, R.F., 1977:
Use of a winter wheat multiline cultivar to control stripe rust

Witting, O.; Antila, V., 1978:
Use of acid buttermilk in cheesemaking

Krasheninin, P.F.; Tabachnikov, V.P.; Krechman, N.I., 1975:
Use of acid coagulation at high temperature for fresh cheese production

Terada, F.; Iwasaki, K.; Tano, R.; Haryu, T., 1979:
Use of acid insoluble ash as a natural marker in digestion trials with ruminants

Skaar, C.; Simpson, W.T.; Honeycutt, R.M., 1980:
Use of acoustic emissions to identify high levels of stress during oak lumber drying

Weitze, K.F.; Vazquez, L.F., 1978:
Use of acrosin determination for spermatological diagnosis in connection with the storage of frozen rabbit semen

Moshkov, B.S.; Boyarchukov, G.M., 1978:
Use of actinorhythmic patterns of ontogeny in white mustard in the course of breeding for earliness

Loh A.; Parka S.J.; Albritton R.; Lin C.C., 1979:
Use of adsorption coefficients and soil properties to predict fluridone herbicidal activity

Pankova, Y.I.; Mazikov, V.M.; Isayev, V.A.; Yamnova, I.A., 1978:
Use of aerial photographs to describe the saline soils of nonirrigated areas in the sierozem zone

Glaser, A.E., 1980:
Use of aggregation pheromones in the control of the German cockroach (Blattella germanica)

Heumann, W., 1979:
Use of agricultural aircraft for late application of nitrogen

Bertoni, G., 1979:
Use of agricultural by-products in animal production: straws

Gac, A., 1979:
Use of agricultural waste as an energy source

Ranjhan, S.K., 1978:
Use of agro-industrial by-products in feeding ruminants in India

Kolbl, O., 1978:
Use of air-photos in Swiss forestry

Byers, F.M., 1979:
Use of alfalfa in beef cattle diets

Putnam, A.R.; DeFrank, J., 1979:
Use of allelopathic cover crop plants to inhibit weeds

Korus, R.A.; Olson, A.C., 1978:
Use of alpha -galactosidase, beta -galactosidase, glucose isomerase and invertase in hollow fiber reactors

Ruhe, H.J., 1979:
Use of amide concentrate for cattle feeding

Guglya, V.G.; Eranov, A.M.; Popova, A.I., 1980:
Use of amide concentrate supplement, pelleted or unpelleted, for fattening young bulls

Winther, P., 1978:
Use of ammonia as a hay preservative

Grigoryan, G.S.; Volokhov, I.M.; Aisakulova, K., R., 1979:
Use of ammonium and magnesium chlorides in beef production

Blagovic, S.; Bilic, V., 1979:
Use of ampicillin to treat digestive and respiratory infections of swine

Penttila, P., 1979:
Use of ampicillin to treat sows with clinical MMA syndrome

Cabaret, J., 1978:
Use of an actuarial method to evaluate the mortality in a flock of Timahdit sheep

Vorob' ev, V.A., 1977:
Use of an analysis of combining ability in breeding spring wheat

Stengel, P., 1979:
Use of an analysis of pore systems in the characterisation of the physical state of soils in situ

Gupta, J.P.; Aggarwal, R.K., 1980:
Use of an asphalt subsurface barrier for improving the productivity of desert sandy soils

Dilday, R.H.; Namken, L.M., 1978:
Use of an atypical fruiting branch arrangement in breeding for earliness in Gossypium hirsutum

Danner, M.L.; Oxender, W.D.; Fogwell, R.L.; Douglas, R.H., 1979:
Use of an equine pituitary extract with and without HCG to superovulate cows

Wyeth, P.J.; Cullen, G.A., 1979:
Use of an inactivated infectious bursal disease oil emulsion vaccine in commercial broiler parent chickens

Jones, L.L.; Casey, J.E.; Lacewell, R.D., 1979:
Use of an integrated input-output and optimization model to estimate the regional economic effects of resource depletion

Kollmann, O.; Rodder, H., 1979:
Use of an interferon-inducing viral preparation in cases of sterility sine causa

Novikov, V.M.; Babii, L.I.; Dudnik, V.A.; Salo, D.P.; Strel' nikov, L.S., 1979:
Use of an iodophor for preventing mastitis in machine-milked cows

de Jong, M.F.; Oosterwoud, R.A.; Weeda, J.T., 1980:
Use of an oxytetracycline nasal spray in the treatment and prevention of atrophic rhinitis in piglets

Larsen, J.A., 1978:
Use of animal feeding products from the dairy industry in pig production

Vol' shchikov, Y.N., 1978:
Use of animal wastes for irrigation

Bray, G.A.; Greenway, F.L.; Molitch, M.E.; Dahms, W.T.; Atkinson, R.L.; Hamilton, K., 1978:
Use of anthropometric measures to assess weight loss

Bergsjoe, T.; Bergsjoe, T.H., 1979:
Use of antibiotics and chemotherapeutic drugs in fish farms

Labe, J., 1978:
Use of anticonvulsants in the dog

Silayo, R.S.; Gray, A.R.; Luckins, A.G., 1980:
Use of antigens of cultured Trypanosoma brucei in tests for bovine trypanosomiasis

Gravena, S.; Wiendl, F.M.; Walder, J.M.M., 1977:
Use of aphids labelled with 32P for studies on the efficiency of two predators for biological control

Annenkova, Z.M., 1978:
Use of apomixis in breeding maize lines

Miroshnichenko, K.Ya, 1978:
Use of apomixis in introduction and breeding

Polozhentsev, P.A., 1977:
Use of arthropoda for the control of forest insect pests

Finch, A.H., 1977:
Use of artifical fog for low temperature control and its possible value in climatic control to improve citrus fruiting in a desert climate

Travis, H.F.; Pilbeam, T.E., 1980:
Use of artificial light and day length to alter the life cycles of mink

Morrison, A.S., 1979:
Use of artificial sweeteners by cancer patients

Stakan, G.A.; Glazko, V.I., 1978:
Use of assessment of genetic distance at early stages of the breed formation process

Rieckmann, K.H.; Beaudoin, R.L.; Cassells, J.S.; Sell, K.W., 1979:
Use of attenuated sporozoites in the immunization of human volunteers against falciparum malaria

Vite, J.P., 1980:
Use of attractants in the control of bark beetles affecting Norway Spruce

Bolte, S.; Varadeanu, A., 1977:
Use of azaperone and metomidate in the anaesthesia of swine, and to control aggressivity

Audisio, S.N.; Kenig, C.A., 1979:
Use of azaperone combined with chloral hydrate to anaesthetize swine

Kazartseva, A.T., 1977:
Use of back crosses in breeding for grain quality

Sheremet, A.M., 1977:
Use of back crosses in breeding winter barley for increased protein quality

Nair, K.P.P.; Singh, R.P., 1977:
Use of bacterial fertilizers in hybrid maize

Malyi, L.P.; Krushev, L.T.; Likhovidov, V.E.; Kuksenkov, V.M.; Sinchuk, I.V., 1978:
Use of bacterial preparations against defoliators of oak

Kolomiets, O.K.; Lobodin, O.K., 1979:
Use of bank crossing in the production of forms of monogerm sugar beet with cytoplasmic male sterility (CMS)

Grishkova, L.A.; Beigel' man, A.V., 1977:
Use of barking waste products of the Bratsk wood-processing complex as substrate

Mel' nik, I.I., 1978:
Use of barley breeding material from the German Democratic Republic in the Belorussian SSR

Bakhariev, D., 1978:
Use of basamid granulate to control corky root (Pyrenochaeta lycopersici Gerl. Schn.) under glasshouse conditions

Petrushova, N.I.; Medvedeva, G.V., 1978:
Use of benomyl for apple scab control

Petrushova, N.I.; Medvedeva, G.V., 1978:
Use of benomyl to control apple scab

Bogachev, Y.I., 1978:
Use of benzimidazole in the evaluation of winter wheat for resistance to brown leaf rust

Kowalewska, J.; Bednarski, W.; Poznanski, S.; Jakubowski, J.; Mieczkowski, M.; Leman, J., 1978:
Use of beta -galactosidase in food technology

Dolezalek, J., 1979:
Use of bifidogenic microflora in the manufacture of dried milks for feeding infants and children

Bibikova, A.S.; Volgin, V.I., 1976:
Use of biochemical indices of blood for predicting milk fat content in the Black Pied breed

Dzhivladze, K.N., 1979:
Use of biological methods in Georgia

Shmat' ko, I.G.; Petrenko, N.I.; Shvedova, O.E.; Tkachuk, E.S.; Grigoryuk, I.A., 1977:
Use of biophysical methods in the study of water balance and drought resistance in wheat lines and varieties

Kolovskii, R.A., 1978:
Use of biophysical methods to study the relations of plants in forest phytocenoses

Ispenkov, A.E., 1979:
Use of blood in the treatment and prevention of young animal diseases

May, M.L.; Waddle, B.A., 1978:
Use of boll count data to anticipate strain yield differentials

Amella, A.; Ferrer, C., 1977:
Use of botanical analysis to assess the nutritive value of pastures

Corradini, C.; Dieci, E., 1978:
Use of bovine rennet with a high pepsin content in Grana cheesemaking

Roth Maier, D.A., 1979:
Use of brewers' yeast for animal feeding has become more versatile

Pyorala, E.; Ala Huikku, J.; Lehtinen, J., 1979:
Use of bromhexine hydrochloride in respiratory infections (of cattle and horse)

Canales, E.S.; Levinson, G.; Gonzalez Colindres, J.; Ortiz de la Pena, R.; Zarate, A., 1975:
Use of bromoergocriptine in physiological inhibition of lactation

Tidwell, T.L., 1980:
Use of brush beating, chaining, fire, and aerial application of atrazine in control of sagebrush and cheatgrass

Yadav, I.S.; Pandey, S.N.; Nath, N., 1978:
Use of bud-dissection technique for determining pruning requirement in grapes

Spicciati, W.; Alvarenga, J, de, 1977:
Use of bupivacaine as a local anaesthetic in the dog

Kairyukshtene, I.; Raudonene, E., 1980:
Use of buttermilk products in the manufacture of processed cheese

Vcelak, J., 1978:
Use of butyric and isobutyric acids for the preservation of grain and its feeding value

Aleshko, S.I., 1979:
Use of calcium chloride in hard cheese manufacture

Venediktov, A.M.; Gudushauri, D.G.V.lokhov, O.A., 1980:
Use of calcium polyphosphate for feeding cows

Valdes, L.R.; Gomez, J., 1972:
Use of cane froth as a supplement for grazing beef animals

Powell, K.W., 1979:
Use of canine adenovirus type 2 vaccine to control kennel cough syndrome

Gol' dman, G.G., 1979:
Use of capital investment in Byelorussia

Langlois, P., 1980:
Use of carbon fibres in orthopaedic surgery of the horse

Simpson, K.L.; Kamata, T., 1979:
Use of carotenoids in fish feeds

Tolstoguzov, V.B.; Dianova, V.T.; Mzhel' skii, A.I.; Zhvanko, Y.N., 1978:
Use of casein in manufacture of food products

Rohr, K., 1978:
Use of catch-crop silages on dairy farms

Rodin, V.N.; Snitsar' , A.I.; Taevoi, E.V.; Kotov, M.A., 1977:
Use of cattle forestomach contents for producing dried animal feeds

Diez, J.; Crespo, G., .:
Use of cattle manure as a fertilizer on grasses

Lozbin, L.I.; Marova, M.S.; Makedon, I.Y., 1978:
Use of cell cultures and chick embryos to estimate the toxicity of Aspergillus fungi of the group flavus isolated from food products

Chan, H.Y.; Ratnasingam, K., 1977:
Use of chemical indices for classification of soils under Hevea in Peninsular Malaysia

Bilyk, G.A., 1977:
Use of chemical mutagenesis in breeding Lupinus luteus for fodder

Kotova, T.G.; Kotel' nikova, L.N., 1977:
Use of chemical mutagenesis in breeding spring wheat

Panshina, V.P., 1978:
Use of chemical mutagenesis in producing breeding material of pea

Aliev, M.O., 1977:
Use of chemical mutagens combined with hybridization of mulberry forms differing in ploidy

Konstantinov, S.I.; Linnik, V.M., 1977:
Use of chemical mutagens in breeding Panicum millet

Filushkin, N.P., 1978:
Use of chemical mutagens in order to produce breeding material of kenaf

Mazurczak, J.; Owczarczyk, B.; Kostrzynski, S.; Russak, G., 1978:
Use of chemoluminescence in the diagnosis of bovine leukosis

Osváath, P.; Kerese, I.; Szendrey, A., 1976:
Use of chestnut in the feeding of infants allergic to cow's milk or intolerant to lactose

Dean, B.B.; Baker, L.R., 1979:
Use of chlorflurenol for increasing yields of Cucumis sativus

Silva, N., 1979:
Use of chlorhexidine for control of bovine mastitis

Silva, N., 1979:
Use of chlorhexidine to control bovine mastitis

Kuo, F.C.; Gholson, J.H.; Gough, R.H., 1980:
Use of chlorinated quaternized hexamine as compared to potassium dichromate preservative for milk samples used for fat and somatic cell analysis

Loza, M.E.; Sirven, M.R. de, 1979:
Use of chlorthalidone as an antidiuretic

Hathout, M.K.; E.N.uby, H.M., 1977:
Use of chopped corn stover as substitute for wheat straw in summer feeding of dairy cows

Shcherbakov, V.K., 1978:
Use of chronic gamma irradiation in tomato breeding

Trofimenko, L.S.; Belyakov, N.P., 1978:
Use of clinico-biochemical methods of examining obese children for justifying and evaluating complex treatment

Dvorak, M., 1978:
Use of clotiapine in premixed feed as a tranquillizer for swine

Romesburg, H.C., 1979:
Use of cluster analysis in leisure research

Beleites, H., 1979:
Use of coal dust in agricultural drying plants

Iperti, G., 1978:
Use of coccinellids

Patkowska Skola, B., 1978:
Use of cocoa husk in sheep feeding

Troshin, L.P.; Golodriga, P.Y., 1978:
Use of coefficients of reproducibility in grape selection

Havrevoll, O.E., 1980:
Use of colostrum in feeding

Goldring, M.A.; Sarah, D.J., 1977:
Use of colour sorting machines for quality appraisal of rice

Forster, H., 1979:
Use of commercially manufactured diets

Bartoszcze, M.; Larski, Z., 1978:
Use of complement in the neutralization test for early detection of Aujeszky's virus antibodies in swine

Araman, P.A., 1977:
Use of computer simulation in designing and evaluating a proposed rough mill for furniture interior parts

Valent, M.; catár, G.; Popper, M.; Marko, S., 1977:
Use of computers in studying the incidence of trichomoniasis in population

Hladikova, Z.; Poul, J., 1979:
Use of concentrated whey in pelleted feed mixtures for different categories of cattle

Kirilov, M.P.; Tokarev, V.F.; Ilyukhina, L.A.; Samokhin, A.V.; Naumenko, P.A.; Fedorova, R.P.; Abakumov, Y.V.; Kalinin, V.V., 1977:
Use of concentrates with urea and their effect on metabolism and production of cattle

Dogurevich, A.; Sinitsyn, P.; Vyaizenen, G.; Mirushkina, T., 1978:
Use of condensed milk whey

Schmid, H., 1978:
Use of containers for the transport and storage of potatoes

Vega Hidalgo, J.A., 1978:
Use of controlled burning in the plant communities of Galicia

Gotze, M.; Steger, H.; Brussow, K.P.; Bergfeld, J., 1978:
Use of copper to support reproductive processes. I. Copper content in serum of castrated male pigs following various doses of different copper compounds

Gotze, M.; Steger, H.; Brussow, K.P., 1978:
Use of copper to support reproductive processes. II. Copper content in various organs of castrated male pigs in response to brief application of copper compounds

Kvasnikov, B.V.; Tsybulevskii, N.I. (Tsybulevsky, N.I., 1980:
Use of correlations between qualitative and morphological characters in breeding Cucurbita

Han, Y.C., 1976 :
Use of corticosteroids in infectious diseases

Shkunkova, Y.S.; Tkachuk, V.G.; Sakul' skaya, A.I., 1980:
Use of cottonseed oilmeal in feeds for pigs

Misnikova, M.A.; Mikhailova, L.S., 1976:
Use of counter-immunoelectrophoresis in detection of cholera antibodies

Sharma, S.K.; Gupta, V.K., 1977:
Use of cowdung paint in controlling smoky blight canker of apple

Bakuma, G.I.; Shvechikova, N.N.; Chumak, L.F., 1976:
Use of cows of dairy breeds on industrial farm complexes

Wiegmann, F.; Griffith, J.C., 1979:
Use of credit on commercial cotton-soybean farms in Louisiana prior to the Farm Credit Act of 1971

Chang, T.T., 1977:
Use of crop history to plan field conservation of rice germ plasm

Deskur, S.; Sosnowski, A., 1978:
Use of crossbred horses (Thoroughbred stallions X Polish bred draft-type mares) as riding horses

Shakhmedov, I.Sh, 1977:
Use of crosses with Triticum sphaerococcum Perc. to improve bread wheats

Zhavoronkova, L.Y.; Konvai, A.N.; Klyatvina, T.S.; Gul' tyaeva, N.D., 1979:
Use of crude sodium caseinate in the manufacture of whole milk replacers

Vallee, G., 1978:
Use of cultural techniques to control annual wild rice (O. barthii) in the Niger bend (Mali)

Dietrich, P.; Pickenhagen, W.; Smith, A.Y., 1979:
Use of cyclic dipeptide as a flavouring ingredient

Mustafaev, I.D.; Sheikh Zamanov, A.M., 1979:
Use of cytoplasmic male sterility (CMS) in tetraploid wheats of Transcaucasia

Khangan, A.S.; Gutsulyak, E.K.; Rozhko, V.G., 1979:
Use of cytoplasmic male sterility in sugar beet breeding in Moldavia

Jensen, G.K., 1979:
Use of dairy byproducts for animal feeding

Werner, H., 1978:
Use of dairy residues for animal feeding. Economic assessments in relation to pollution problems

Nielsen, J.P.; Haughoej, M., 1979:
Use of data processing systems at the North Zealand Dairy

Kozumplik, J., 1980:
Use of deep-frozen boar semen

Voronkova, N.E., 1977:
Use of diallel crosses to determine the genetic value of varieties

Davis, R.P.; Dennis, C., 1980:
Use of dicarboximide fungicides on strawberries and potential problems of resistance in Botrytis cinerea

Majewski, T.; Rzaczynski, B.; Raczkiewicz, J.; Saba, L.; Krupinski, A., 1978:
Use of dichlorvos in dairy cowsheds

Iglikov, O., 1979:
Use of diets with different structures in fattening calves

Voitekhova, E.V., 1977:
Use of differences in the chemical composition of populations to produce synthetic varieties of red clover

Tucakov, J., 1978:
Use of different Helleborus species in Serbian folk and veterinary medicine throughout the ages

Shumnyi, V.K. (Shumny, V.K.; Pershina, L.A.; Shchapova, A.I., 1979:
Use of different Hordeum L. species in distant hybridization. I. Production of intergeneric barley-rye hybrids

Shumnyi, V.K. (Shumny, V.K.; Pershina, L.A.; Numerova, K., L.D.; Belova, L.I., 1979:
Use of different Hordeum L. species in distant hybridization. II. Production of dihaploids and hybrids as a result of interspecific hybridization

Huikari, O., 1974:
Use of different N, P and K fertilizers in forests growing on drained peat

Shandilya, T.R., 1978:
Use of different composts in the artificial culture of Agaricus bisporus

Kanev, S.; Klisurov, K.; Ilieva, I.; Nakov, S.; Angelova, L., 1978:
Use of different protein and lysine sources in pig fattening

Shlifer, L.; Petrusha, I.; Dripa, A., 1978:
Use of different types of cows on commercial farms

Anonymous, 1979:
Use of different types of irradiation to obtain early mutations in the maize line WF9

Marshall, C.E., 1978:
Use of differential interference contrast optics as a quality control and research tool

Nair, P.K.R.; Grimme, H., 1978:
Use of dilute boric acid for cation desorption from soils under an external electric field

Stepanov, S.N., 1978:
Use of distant hybridization in the production of dwarfing apple rootstock with a high degree of winter hardiness

Zagnitko, K.A., 1977:
Use of distant hybridization to produce economically useful breeding material of maize

Snoeck, J., 1978:
Use of diuron in coffee and cocoa nurseries in the Ivory Coast

Semenova, N.Y.; Sokolova, N.A.; Shcheglov, I.Y., 1979:
Use of donors of short straw in breeding diploid winter rye

Buscarlet, D.A.; Proux, J.; Gerster, R., 1978:
Use of double marking with HT18O in a metabolic balance study in Locusta migratoria migratorioides

Tsvetkova, N.D.; Lebedeva, G.V.; Ramazanov, I.U.; Kudryashova, M.M.; Konovalova, T.M., 1975:
Use of dried and of concentrated cheese whey in processed cheese manufacture

Muller, A.; Beranger, C., 1979:
Use of dried beet pulp with grass silage for growing and fattening cattle

Sanna, A.; Motroni, P.; Casu, S.; Piva, G., 1979:
Use of dried beet pulp with molasses for feeding of lactating ewes

Vrchlabsky, J., 1978:
Use of dried pig faeces for feed purposes

Fevrier, C.; Aumaitre, A., 1978:
Use of dried whey in pig diets. II. Adaptation, and effects on growth and feed efficiency

Calamari, L.; Bertoni, G., 1979:
Use of dried, low-potassium molasses residues in dairy rations

Sampaio, R.; Silva, D.M.O., 1978:
Use of droperidol and fentanyl premedication for halothane anaesthesia in dogs

Kouznetsov, R., 1979:
Use of drugs for malaria control in tropical Africa

Balneaves, J.M.; Gaskin, R.E.; Zabkiewicz, J.A., 1979:
Use of dye to assess spray coverage on gorse

Dillon, M.J., 1979:
Use of ecological land classification and evaluation in land use planning: a New York case study

Bondarenko, S.P.; Salata, N.P., 1978:
Use of electric corona ionizers for the ionization of the air in livestock buildings

Rasstrigin, V.N.; Bystritskii, D.N.; Seregin, V.I., 1977:
Use of electric heating panels in calf cages

Hajek, M.; Macak, J.; Benda, I., 1980:
Use of electrical conductivity in the diagnosis of pre-clinical stages of mastitis in dairy cows

Wakeford, P., 1980:
Use of electrical energy on the farm and prospects for energy saving

Kuznetsov, E.I., 1979:
Use of electrical impulses to stimulate the function of the mammary gland

Kuznetsov, E.I., 1979:
Use of electrical impulses to stimulate udder function

Geus, P.A., 1978:
Use of electricity and alternative sources of energy in agriculture

Werkhoven, C., 1978:
Use of electricity generators in agriculture and horticulture

Zvara, J., 1976:
Use of electrodialysis for the determination of various elements in plant material

Bol' shakov, V., 1978:
Use of electrodialysis in soil studies

Price, S.C.; Hill, J.E.; Allard, R.W., 1979:
Use of electrophoretic analysis for the prediction of response to wild oat (Avena fatua L.) herbicides in populations of slender oat (Avena barbata Brot.)

Sasek, A.; Kubanek, J.; Hanis, M.; Cerny, J., 1979:
Use of electrophoretic analysis of grain proteins in the identification of wheat radiomutant ST 7750

Gorchakov, V.V.; Erzin, L.P., 1976:
Use of electrophysiological indices in the comparative evaluation of heat resistance in Vigna unguiculata

Ferreira, M.E.; Vitti, G.C.; Perecin, D.; Castellane, P.D., 1977:
Use of elemental sulphur for the acidification of soils

Sciumbato G.L.; Hegwood C.P.Jr, 1979:
Use of elevated fungicide rates to control cucumber fruit rot under multiple harvesting conditions

Santiago Montes, G.; Luque, E.H.; Alonso, C.R.; Ponce, B.V., 1978:
Use of embryo transfers in animal production

Winter, F.F., 1978:
Use of emulsifiers in the manufacture of Kochwurst sausages

Waldhalm, D.G.; McLaughlin, C.A.; Hall, R.F.; Ribi, E., 1977:
Use of endotoxin and mycobacterial fractions in treating malignant epithelioma of the bovine eye

Shinde, S.D.; Jadhav, M.G., 1978:
Use of energy in agriculture in Sangli District: a geographical analysis

Sarzhanova, K.S.; Kudayarov, D.K., 1978:
Use of enriched Biolakt in complex treatment of young children simultaneously suffering from anaemia and pneumonia

Sheikh, M.I.; Aleem, A., 1978:
Use of entire plants/root shoot cuttings for walnut planting in Murree Hills

Cass A., 1980:
Use of environmental data in assessing the quality of irrigation water

Campana, M., 1978:
Use of environmental tritium to calibrate a mixing-cell flow model of a limestone aquifer

Salazar, L.F., 1979:
Use of enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) for diagnosing potato viruses

Zernov, V.; Nikitina, V., 1979:
Use of enzyme preparations for fattening pigs on food wastes

Reeves, J.T.; Jackson, A.O.; Paschke, J.D.; Lister, R.M., 1978:
Use of enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) for serodiagnosis of two maize viruses

Drapron, R., 1979:
Use of enzymes in the food industries: technical, hygienic and legal aspects

Piacenza, C., 1979:
Use of erythrocyte-antibody rosette test in dysgammaglobulinaemic and normogamma-globulinaemic fowl

Kovalev, M.I., 1979:
Use of etaperazine (perphenazine in horse, cattle, swine and dog)

Katzfuss, M.; Schmidt, S., 1980:
Use of ethephon and Alar for yield stabilisation

Reich, V.H.; Martin, J.T., 1976:
Use of ethephon as a male gametocide in barley and wheat

Cantliffe, D.J.; Woods, F.E., 1978:
Use of ethephon to induce early bulbing in onion

Shannon, S.; Robinson, R.W., 1978:
Use of ethephon to regulate sex expression of summer squash for hybrid seed production

Yanev, S.; Savov, P., 1978:
Use of ethyleneimine to produce mutational changes in durum wheat

Nielsen, R.L.; Kohler, R.B.; Chin, W.; McCarthy, L.J.; Luft, F.C., 1979:
Use of exchange transfusions - potentially useful adjunct in the treatment of fulminant falciparum malaria

Skripnikova, Z.V., 1978:
Use of experimental mutagenesis in sweet pepper breeding

Cal, G.L., 1977:
Use of extrahypophyseal gonadotropins in animal production. 2. Other uses

Taylor, C.R.; Lacewell, R.D.; Talpaz, H., 1979:
Use of extraneous information with an econometric model to evaluate impacts of pesticide withdrawals

Makogonov, E.I., 1978:
Use of factor analysis in studying the interrelation of characters

Borin, G.; Roux, M., 1978:
Use of factorial analysis of correspondence in the phyto-ecological study of some Lucano-Calabrian Appenine swards

Vintila, M.; Damian, C.; Burlacu, G.; Gheorghiu, V.; Cadar, D.; Poleacu, I.; Schobel, K., 1978:
Use of faeces in fermentation and in increasing the nutritive value of roughage

Morini, E.G.; Manduca, R., 1978:
Use of fenbendazole against Strongylidae in trotting horses

Burke, T.M.; Roberson, E.L., 1979:
Use of fenbendazole suspension (10%) against experimental infections of Toxocara canis and Ancylostoma caninum in beagle pups

Ballard, R., 1978:
Use of fertilisers at establishment of exotic forest plantations in New Zealand

Church, B.M., 1978:
Use of fertilisers in England and Wales, 1977

Hayat, M.; Bhatti, M.; Rashid, M., 1979:
Use of fertilizer for higher production of cotton in the Punjab

Bobrinev, V.P., 1978:
Use of fertilizers in the nurseries of the Chita region

Crozier, J.F., 1976:
Use of fertilizers, considering especially nitrogen

Wright, H.A., 1978:
Use of fire to manage grasslands of the Great Plains: Central and Southern Great Plains

Bailey, A.W., 1978:
Use of fire to manage grasslands of the Great Plains: Northern Great Plains and adjacent forests

Zelenskii, M.A.; Feisal Khamed, 1977:
Use of first-generation pear hybrids for breeding winter varieties

Kalivoda, M.; Serman, V.; Feldhofer, S.; Krajnc, M.; Mlakar, R., 1978:
Use of flavomycin in fattening young cattle on maize grain

Galtier, P., 1977:
Use of flavourings and other additives in cured and canned meat products

Stahn, B.; Banerjee, J., 1978:
Use of flower stimulants in Bromeliaceae

Bourquin, O., 1978:
Use of fluidization in the food industry

Berezenko, N.P., 1979:
Use of fluorescence microscopy in studying the growth of pollen tubes in the pistil tissue of Cerasus vulgaris Mill

Domracheva, I.I., 1977:
Use of fluorescence microscopy to establish compatible crosses in apple

MacDonald, J.D.; Duniway, J.M., 1979:
Use of fluorescent antibodies to study the survival of Phytophthora megasperma and P. cinnamomi zoospores in soil

Latt, S.A.; Munroe, S.H.; Disteche, C.; Rogers, W.E.; Cassell, D.M., 1977:
Use of fluorescent dyes to study chromosome structure and replication

Cermak, B.; Vokral, M., 1977:
Use of fodder desiccants in the production of dried fodder

Ernst, L.; Smirnova, M.; Surkov, A., 1980:
Use of fodder sugar from wood and peat for fattening cattle

Martillotti, F.; Verna, M.; Colzani, G.; Santoro, G., 1978:
Use of formic acid and formic acid and urea as mechanically distributed additives for chopped maize

Glukhovtseva, N.I., 1978:
Use of forms of durum wheat in breeding spring bread wheat

Wittig, G., 1979:
Use of fresh milk in calf feeding

Mica, B.; Vokal, B., 1975:
Use of fritted trace elements for fertilization of potatoes

Brunzell, J.D., 1978:
Use of fructose, sorbitol, or xylitol as a sweetener in diabetes mellitus

Puhan, Z., 1978:
Use of fruit and fruit flavours in milk products

Bogdan Blakitnyi, R.M., 1979:
Use of funds for material incentives

Broyakovskaya, K.N.; Zhorzhesko, G.G.; Kovalenko, E.G.; Galandzovskaya, L.D.; Vishnevskaya, T.G., 1979:
Use of fungicides against leaf diseases of sugar beet

Mulkey, B.; Sciumbato, G.L., 1979:
Use of fungicides for the control of cucumber fruit rot under light disease pressure

Benada, J., 1978:
Use of fungicides in intensive cereal production in Czechoslovakia

Meeus, P., 1980:
Use of fungicides in the control of rose powdery mildew (Sphaerotheca pannosa) and secondary effects on black spot (Diplocarpon rosae)

Kabakhidze, D.M.; Magomedov, I.I., 1979:
Use of fungicides in vineyards in Dagestan

Nervig, R.M.; Garrett, L.A., 1979:
Use of furosemide to obtain bovine urine samples for leptospiral isolation

Sprong, M.C., 1979:
Use of furrow presses on light soil

Manzyuk, V.T.; Kozachenko, M.R., 1977:
Use of gamma irradiation to obtain barley mutations

Yakovlev, A.G.; Agarkova, S.N., 1977:
Use of gamma rays and chemical mutagens to produce initial material of pea

Palo, V.; Hrivnak, J., 1973:
Use of gas chromatography for testing the suitability of amyl alcohol for the Gerber method for the determination of fat in milk

Berezovskaya, A.A.; Shmeleva, L.I., 1978:
Use of gas-liquid chromatography for evaluation of specific aroma of milk products

Salter, P.J., 1980:
Use of gels in crop establishment

Kempler, G.M.; Baldwin, K.A.; McKay, L.L.; Morris, H.A.; Halambeck, S.; Thorsen, G., 1979:
Use of genetic alterations to improve Streptococcus lactis C2 as a potential Cheddar cheese starter

Agarkova, S.N.; Varlakhov, M.D.; Makagonov, E.I., 1978:
Use of genetic divergence in pea breeding

Zhuchenko, A.A.; Nesterov, V.S.; Andryushchenko, V.K.; Dobryanskii, V.A.; Korochkina, S.K., 1976:
Use of genetic parameters in the breeding of tomato

Eremin, G.V., 1980:
Use of genetic resources of stone fruits in breeding plum

Holtz, W.; Herrmann, H.H., 1978:
Use of gestogen implant (SC 21009) for oestrus synchronisation in cows and heifers

Cherzhentseva, M.I.; Mamonov, I.F., 1976:
Use of gibberellin as a gametocide in breeding for heterosis

Lebedeva, A.T., 1977:
Use of gibberellin in gynodiecious forms of cucumber under cover

Tsankov, B. (Tzankov, B), 1978:
Use of gibberellin in viticulture

Kosoi, V.D.; Baigil' din, R.K., 1978:
Use of glass pipelines and glass equipment and apparatus in the food, meat and dairy industries

Ikonomova, A.; Yankov, B.; Dimitrova, M., 1979:
Use of gluten flour in mixed feeds for broiler chickens

Hussein, I.; Weng, W.P., 1979:
Use of glyphosate for selective control of Paspalum conjugatum and Ottochloa nodosa in established legume cover crops

Devlin, R.M.; Deubert, K.H., 1980:
Use of glyphosate on cranberry bogs and its extraction from cranberries

Domeniconi, D.; Balzola, F., 1980:
Use of goats' milk in adult feeding

Lazarev, V., 1978:
Use of granular Basamid to control damping off in Scots pine and Norway spruce

Mayhead, G.J., 1975:
Use of granular herbicides in upland Britain

Berger, G., 1980:
Use of grazing for the production of heifers from the point of view of large-scale dairy units

Kostin, I.S., 1978:
Use of groundwater in irrigated agriculture

Galkin, V.I., 1979:
Use of growth analysis to obtain an ontogenetic yield formula for the genotype in cereals

Roche, J.F.; Davis, W.D., 1979:
Use of growth promoters in 2-yr-old beef system

Roche, J.F.; Davis, W.D., 1979:
Use of growth promoters in calves

Roche, J.F.; Davis, W.D., 1979:
Use of growth promoters in heifers

Link, H., 1979:
Use of growth regulators in pome fruits

Ellis, F.B.; Christian, D.G., 1979:
Use of growth regulators on wheat and barley

Abdel Rahman, M., 1977:
Use of growth regulators to control lodging and increase yields of selected cereal grains

Fajardo, R.; Castillo B.J.; Arango, T.C., 1978:
Use of growth stimulators for Holstein-Friesian calves

Dukhanina, A.P.; Zhukov, O.S., 1977:
Use of growth stimulators in hybridizing European raspberry with northern forms of Rubus

Bethke, J., 1978:
Use of guaiacol glycerol ether in anaesthesia in pigs

Ahmad B.; Kemper W.D.; Haider G.; Niazi M.A., 1979:
Use of gypsum stones to lower the sodium adsorption ratio of irrigation water

Kittler, L.; Dzapo, V., 1978:
Use of halothane anaesthesia and the determination of creatine kinase in the blood as an indirect criterion for the vitality (stress susceptibility) of pigs

Moure, D., 1978:
Use of hard and semi-hard woods in the construction of houses and furniture

Ivanova, I.S.; Gugnin, Y.A.; Aleksandrovich, A.N., 1977:
Use of hardwood species for kraft pulp cooking

Kutzbach, H.D., 1978:
Use of heat pumps for drying grain

Hannula, A., 1978:
Use of heat pumps in agriculture

Semenyuk, G.A., 1980:
Use of heated water for mass-culture of plankton as food for young fish

Murtagh, G.J., 1977:
Use of herbicide to reduce grass competition in a white clover sward

Francke, G., 1979:
Use of herbicides and growth regulators in agricultural plant production

William, R.D.; Chiang, M.Y., 1976:
Use of herbicides for weed control in tropical soybean production

Fall, M.; Hernandez, S.; Pirot, R.; Pocthier, G.; Tchakerian, E., 1978:
Use of herbicides in Senegal: principal constraints and ways of introducing them to the peasants

Villasana Balaguer, R.; Worniak, H., 1978:
Use of herbicides in cane plantations in Cuba

Dobrovodsky, J., 1978:
Use of herbicides in maize under various ecological conditions

Liberstein, J.I., 1979:
Use of herbicides in mechanized root crop production

Lagerstedt, H.B., .:
Use of herbicides in orchards and small plantings of nut crops

Ahmad Faiz bin M.Alif, 1977:
Use of herbicides in small scale plantations in Southeast Asia

Labrada, R., 1977:
Use of herbicides in sugar-cane plantations in Cuba

Souza, I.F. de; Guimaraes, P.T.G., 1977:
Use of herbicides to control Vernonia sp. in pastures of Pennisetum clandestinum Hochst

Monferran, L.E., 1977 :
Use of herbicides to control weeds along power lines in Misiones Province (Argentine Republic)

Farkas, J., 1978:
Use of heritable characters in improving the quality of canning tomatoes

Reimerdes, E.H., 1980:
Use of high-pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC) for investigation of protein additives in foods

Siwilo, R., 1977:
Use of high-speed photography for the analysis of the threshing process in a threshing unit of a maize combine harvester

Farmer, G.S.; Brusewitz, G.H., 1980:
Use of home microwave oven for rapid determination of moisture in wet alfalfa

Vaitkus, V.V.; Lyubinskas, V.P.; Sauts, T.V., 1979:
Use of homogenization in cheese manufacture

Voloshin, M.I.; Voloshina, T.A., 1977:
Use of honeybees as pollinators of lucerne grown in a greenhouse

Ohbayashi, N., 1972:
Use of honeybees in water melon cultivation

Moeller, O., 1980:
Use of hormones in the breeding of fur bearers

Zeikus, J.A.; Aldrich, H.C., 1975:
Use of hot formaldehyde fixative in processing plant-parasitic nematodes for electron microscopy

Will, H., 1978:
Use of household refuse as compost in vegetable production

Prokof' eva, I.V., 1976:
Use of hybridization in breeding Vicia sativa

Harms, H.H.; Scheufler, B., 1978:
Use of hydraulics in agricultural machinery

Stepanov, V.M.; Golubeva, L.V., 1978:
Use of hydrodynamic vibrators in manufacture of sweetened condensed milk

Dirar, H.A.; Abdel Gadir, A.G.M., 1977:
Use of hydrogen peroxide in collecting raw milk from nomadic tribes

Takeuchi, T.; Watanabe, T.; Ogino, C., 1978:
Use of hydrogenated fish oil and beef tallow as a dietary energy source for carp and rainbow trout

E.S.fty, M.S.; Khalifa, M.Y.; Elhami, M.; Nofal, A.A., 1978:
Use of hydrogenated oils in ice cream making

Zhabaliev, B.; Tanifa, V.; Davydenko, V.; Makarov, I., 1980:
Use of hydrolysed straw in the diet of dairy cows

Hongo, F.; Shiroma, S., 1978:
Use of hydrolyzed poultry feather and beef tallow in the broiler ration. 3. Effect on muscle lipid composition

Cingrosova, K., 1978:
Use of immobilized beta -galactosidase in the dairy industry

Rao, M.V.R.; Ranganathan, B.; Datta, S.M., 1978:
Use of immobilized enzymes in dairy industry

Belic, L.; Mihajlovic, B.; Jermolenko, G., 1978:
Use of immunofluorescence for the detection of Aujeszky's disease virus

Paltineanu, D.; Stirbu, C.; Begnescu, R.; Gugiu, I.; Gradinaru, D.A.; Avram, N., 1978:
Use of immunofluorescence for the diagnosis of bovine leukosis

Hillyer, G.V.; Santiago de Weil, N., 1979:
Use of immunologic techniques to detect chemotherapeutic success in infections with Fasciola hepatica. II. The enzyme linked immunosorbent assay in infected rats and rabbits

Hillyer, G.V.; Allain, D., 1979:
Use of immunologic techniques to detect chemotherapeutic success in infections with Fasciola hepatica. III. Comparison of counter-electrophoresis and indirect hemagglutination in infected rabbits

Taylor, T.S.; Honey, P.G., 1980:
Use of immunological pregnancy testing in mares carrying mule fetuses

Tishkov, N.I., 1978:
Use of impulse-concentrated sunlight as a mutagenic factor in breeding barley

Visser, D.L.; Franken, J., 1979:
Use of in vitro culture for inducing germination of Cucumis seed

Hielscher, C., 1979:
Use of in-place cleaning in dairy plants from the viewpoints of economics and technology

Akkermans, J.P.W.M.; Kuiper, C.J.; Rondhuis, P.R.; Wirahadiredja, R.M.S., 1979:
Use of inactivated vaccine in a breeding herd of swine infected with Aujeszky's disease virus

Zubov, A.A., 1978:
Use of inbreeding to produce heterotic strawberry hybrids

Schaaf, A., 1977:
Use of index selection for pigs. 2. The relative economic significance of traits of young pigs selected on the basis of their own performance

Schaaf, A.; Hammer, H.; Ritter, E., 1978:
Use of index selection for pigs. 3. Index construction from simulated selection based on ultrasonic performance-testing data

Schaaf, A.; Hammer, H.; Ritter, E., 1978:
Use of index selection for pigs. 4. Index construction from simulated selection based on station progeny-test results

Hammer, H.; Schaaf, A.; Ritter, R.; Thoms, D., 1978:
Use of index selection for pigs. 5. Evaluation of young boars in central rearing stations on the basis of an index combining their own performance with that of their sibs

Hammer, H.; Schaaf, A.; Ritter, E.; Thoms, D., 1979:
Use of index selection for pigs. 6. Evaluation of young boars at central boar rearing stations using an index combining own performance and that of sibs at testing stations

Shkel' , N.M.; Dragavtsev, V.A., 1978:
Use of indicator characters in breeding for protein content

Sorokin, N.D., 1978:
Use of indices of biological activity of the soil in evaluating silvicultural measures

Sulochana, S.; Derbyshire, J.B., 1978:
Use of indirect immunoperoxidase test for detection of porcine enteroviral antigens in infected PK15 cell cultures

Fesenko, N.V.; Antonov, V.V., 1978:
Use of individual recurrent selection in breeding buckwheat for yield

Abugaliev, I.A.; Nabokikh, K.I.; Vikhrova, L.A., 1977:
Use of individual selections in breeding sugar beet

Narahari, P., 1978:
Use of induced high-protein rice mutants in breeding

Kireeva, L.K.; Golodriga, P.Y.; Usatov, V.T.; Nurkanenko, T.I., 1978:
Use of induced mutagenesis and polyploidy in breeding grape for immunity

Malashenko, V.S.; Cheprasova, S.N., 1976:
Use of induced mutagenesis in breeding red clover

Krishnamurty, K.V.; Apparao, K.; Ramavarma, K.T.; Narayanan, A.I., 1979:
Use of induced mutants as parental material in tobacco cross breeding

Alekseeva, E.S., 1979:
Use of induced mutants in breeding buckwheat

Sidorova, K.K.; Zhukova, N.M., 1979:
Use of induced mutants in pea breeding

Yakovuk, V.A., 1977:
Use of induced mutation in peach breeding

Sankin, L.S., 1975:
Use of induced polyploidy in breeding work with gooseberry

Sankin, L.S., 1977:
Use of induced polyploidy in the distant hybridization of fruit crops

Broksh, V.L.; Serova, R.Y., 1977 :
Use of induced variation in potato haploids in interspecific hybridization

Soltanpour, P.N.; Workman, S.M.; Schwab, A.P., 1979:
Use of inductively-coupled plasma spectrometry for the simultaneous determination of macro- and micronutrients in NH4HCO3-DTPA extracts of soils

Davidson, D.R., 1978:
Use of industrial development bond issues in acquisition of long-term debt capital by selected farmer cooperatives

Damiba, A., 1977:
Use of information in decision making for educational change in Upper Volta

Karpachevskiy, L.O.; Budantsev, P.B.; Aleksandrovich, V.Y., 1978:
Use of informational-logic analysis for estimating the effect of soil and climatic factors on the productivity of forest plantations consisting of introduced and aboriginal tree species

Hochberg, R.; Nessim, B.; Rimon, D., 1980:
Use of infra-red aerial photography as an aid in determining the defoliation and harvest date in cotton

Saurer, W., 1978:
Use of infra-red reflectance measurement for determination of protein and water content and grain hardness in wheat

Nazimov, V.V.; Nikitenko, M.A.; Panaev, A.P., 1978:
Use of infrared rays for the treatment of food and feed materials

Schonberg, A.; Kampe, U.; Rohloff, D., 1980:
Use of inhibitory substances in cultural detection of Leptospira in pig semen

Baier, J., 1976:
Use of inorganic plant analyses for additional fertilization of winter wheat with nitrogen

Jurcik, F.; Rod, J., 1975:
Use of inorganic plant analysis for assessment of the state of nutrition of spring barley

Olkonen, A.G., 1978:
Use of instruments for determination of fat and protein in milk

Parchomchuk, P., 1979:
Use of intermittent chlorine dosage to prevent emitter blockage

Manolov, A.; Slavkov, M.; Leshteva, D.; Baldjieva, E., 1978:
Use of interspecific hybridization in tobacco for creating an initial material with valuable economic qualities

Okolelova, A.P., 1977:
Use of intervarietal hybridization in breeding apples for resistance to Dysaphis devecta

Cislo, M.; Krzaklewski, S.; Reszczynski, A., 1977:
Use of intrauterine contraceptives complicated by Trichomonas vaginalis infection

Cannon, R.; Byrne, W.; Ament, M., 1979:
Use of intravenous safflower oil in total parenteral nutrition (TPN)

Ivakhnenko, A.N., 1977:
Use of introduced material to produce new inbred maize lines

Machacek, V.; Pirkl, J., 1978:
Use of ion exchangers for determining available phosphorus in soil

Donskaya, G.A.; Potapova, M.A.; Chernyakova, T.G.; Popova, T.I., 1978:
Use of ion exchangers to reduce milk acidity

Sarafi, A., 1974:
Use of ionizing radiations for breeding of bean Phaseolus vulgaris. L.

Morre, J.; Serres, L.; Janin, F., 1978:
Use of ionizing radiations in milk technology

Gizatulin, V.; Al' Khaidar, M., 1979:
Use of irradiated milk for calves

Ries, R.E.; Day, A.D., 1978:
Use of irrigation in reclamation in dry regions

Kursakov, G.A., 1978:
Use of isolated embryo and tissue culture in the distant hybridization of fruit crops

Kloft, W.J.; Cromroy, H.L.; Kloft, E.S., 1980:
Use of isotopes as model substances to elucidate the mode of transmission of pathogens to animals and plants by arthropod vectors

Evenshtein, Z.M., 1978:
Use of kefir for stimulation of gastric secretion and acid formation in patients with pulmonary tuberculosis

Addison, E.M.; Kolenosky, G.B., 1979:
Use of Ketamine hydrochloride and xylazine hydrochloride to immobilize black bears (Ursus americanus)

Rodriguez, H.; Borelli, D., 1979:
Use of ketoconazole in mycosis

Cherepanov, G.G., 1979:
Use of kinetic tests for study of metabolism of farm animals

Tornout, P. van; Vercaemst, R.; Caster, H.; Lievens, M.J.; Keersgieter, W. de; Soetewey, F.; Rosseneu, M., 1979:
Use of l-octadecanol as an internal standard for plasma lipid quantitation on chromarods

Makhotkin, A.G., 1980:
Use of labelled thyroxine for checking condition of cows on commercial dairy farms

Wood, W.W., 1976:
Use of laboratory data to predict sulfate sorption during artificial ground-water recharge

Buguts' kii, O.A., 1979:
Use of labour resources in agriculture

Sazanskii, Y.I., 1979:
Use of labour resources within the system of agro-industrial integration in West Siberia

Bartoli, I., 1978:
Use of lactase in the dairy industry

Wolfschoon, A.F.; Furtado, M.M.; Munck, A.V., 1979:
Use of lactic acid in production of Brazilian Minas Frescal cheese

Cornu, M., 1979:
Use of land consolidation for development of rural areas

Gabov, V.M., 1980:
Use of land resources

Hacker, R.B., 1978:
Use of large scale aerial photographs for ecological studies in a grazed arid ecosystem

Boroskova, Z.; Benkova, M.; Cerman, J., 1975:
Use of larval antigen to demonstrate the migration phase in experimental Ascaris infection in a non-specific host

Rud' , G.Y.; Blyandur, O.V.; Kogut, Y.V., 1977:
Use of laser irradiation in breeding and genetical work with maize

Krisyuk, V.I.; Rybin, G.I.; Machulka, G.A.; Molchanov, D.G., 1978:
Use of lasers for sheep shearing

Nicholson, H.H.; Schaeffer, L.R.; Burnside, E.B.; Freeman, M.G., 1978:
Use of later records in dairy sire evaluation

Yogaratnam, N.; Silva, P., 1977:
Use of leaf analysis as a guide to manuring of rubber

Matar, Y., 1978:
Use of leaf size-leaf area relationship to estimate leaf dry matter in tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum L.)

Dorchies, P.; Franc, M.; Lahitte, J.D. de, 1979:
Use of levamisole as anthelmintic in horses

Sardy, N.; Guerra, B.; Castro, M., 1978:
Use of light for the production of out-of-season goose eggs

Miles, J.A.; Moehle, D.E., 1978:
Use of light transmission and reflectance characteristics of fir seeds as viability indicators

Baran, M.; Bod' a, K.; Zelenak, I., 1978:
Use of lignin for measuring the rate of transit of the feed through the digestive tract of sheep

Kotev, S.; Spasov, S., 1978 :
Use of lime copper oxychloride in non-staked tomato growing

Kumar, R.; Srivastava, R.P.; Singh, A.K.; Bana, D.S., 1977:
Use of linear measurement in the estimation of leaf area of some apricot, peach, plum, pear and guava varieties

Rubinstein, B., 1978:
Use of lipophilic cations to measure the membrane potential of oat leaf protoplasts

Vyshemirskii, F.A.; Murashova, R.M.; Zhaga, M.M., 1979:
Use of liquid nitrogen in butter production

Godmanis, T.K., 1978:
Use of liquid preservatives for storing feeds

Smith, N.; Riley, J.G.; Kittridge, C.W.; Putnam, N.E., 1978:
Use of litter for broiler house heating

Naskidashvili, P.P.; Dekaprelevich, L.L., 1978:
Use of local bread wheat varieties from Georgia in interspecific hybridization

Tsil' ke, R.A., 1979:
Use of local wheat varieties in breeding for the conditions of Siberia

Dzhilavyan, R.A., 1978:
Use of long-acting tetracyclines in calf bronchopneumonia

Burov, V.A.; Mashikhina, L.G.; Griko, L.B., 1977:
Use of low-grade larchwood for the production of NS-3-type kraft pulp

Brosio, E.; Chiacchierini, E.; Conti, F.; Lintas, C.; Sykora, S., 1978:
Use of low-resolution nuclear magnetic resonance in food science and technology

Golovan' , V.T.; Vel' cho, S.F., 1980:
Use of magnetic field of ultra-high frequency to elicit the milk ejection reflex in cows

Smirnov, Y.A.; Chernova, G.N., 1979:
Use of magnetic parameters for diagnosis of certain soils in Kaliningrad region

Vadyunina, A.F.; Smirnov, Y.A., 1978:
Use of magnetic susceptibility in the study and mapping of soils

Pilyugina, V.V., 1977:
Use of magnetically treated water in agriculture

Sivers, V.S.; Bogdan, S.D.; Kovalevskaya, T.M.; Danilenko, V.A., 1979:
Use of maize cob stems

Tuikov, R., 1979:
Use of maize silage high in dry matter and non-protein nitrogen supplements for fattening calves

Angelova, L.; Mircheva, D.; Georgiev, T., 1979:
Use of maize with increased protein and lysine content for feeding broiler chickens

Pogorletskii, B.K., 1979:
Use of male sterility for the genetic regulation of immunity in sunflower

Agapov, A.S., 1978:
Use of male-sterile lines in breeding greenhouse tomatoes

Jordan, D.C.; Graves, D.H.; Hammetter, M.C., 1978:
Use of manual densitometry in land cover classification

Derevtsov, Y.I.; Shakuro, L.B., 1979:
Use of material and technical means in West Siberian farms

Marchenkov, A.N., 1979:
Use of material from the collection of the Vavilov Institute of Plant Industry (VIR) in studying cytoplasmic male sterility (CMS) in flax

Dimitrov, E.T., 1978:
Use of mathematical modelling for analytical representation of the relation between height and diameter in spruce trees

Jullander, I.; Stockman, L., 1978:
Use of mathematical models

Brejcha, V., 1977:
Use of mathematico-statistical methods in experimental research. 4. The non-parametric Kolmogorov-Smirnov test for a single selection

Brejcha, V., 1977:
Use of mathematico-statistical methods in experimental work. 1. Statistical evaluation of two sets of observations by the U-test

Brejcha, V., 1977:
Use of mathematicostatistical methods in experimental research. 3. Statistical assessment of multifactorial experiments on several levels by Friedman variance analysis

Smekalov, N.A.; Usol' tseva, L.A.; Faivishevskii, M.L.; Podsoblyaeva, L.A., 1979:
Use of meat factory by-products in whole milk substitutes for calves

Hess, J.L.; DeYoung, D.W.; Grier, R.L., 1979:
Use of mechanical staples in veterinary thoracic surgery

Mitchell, M.D.; Flint, A.P., 1978:
Use of meclofenamic acid to investigate the role of prostaglandin biosynthesis during induced parturition in sheep

Zuchner, L.; Muller, F., 1979:
Use of megestrol acetate for oestrus synchronisation in heifers

Oertel, C., 1978:
Use of meristem culture for maintaining selected ornamental plants

Parigi Bini, R.; Rive, V.D.lle, 1978:
Use of metabolizable energy for synthesis of protein and fat in growing rabbits

Chudyk, R.V.; Crowther, R.F.; Bradt, O.A., 1979:
Use of meteorological data to estimate field sugar levels in Concord grapes

Chiacchiarini, P.; Chicchini, U.; Degl' Innocenti, S., 1979:
Use of metergoline for suppressing lactation in the bitch. Preliminary note

Iannotta, F.; Berra, G., 1979:
Use of metergoline in inhibition of puerperal lactation

Chiacchiarini, P.; Chicchini, U.; Degl' Innocenti, S., 1979:
Use of metergoline to suppress lactation in the bitch - preliminary note

Yashina, I.M.; Erokhina, S.A., 1977:
Use of methods of artificially infecting potatoes with Phytophthora for determining the field resistance of breeding material

Jensen, G.L.; Shelton, W.L.; Wilken, L.O., 1978:
Use of methyltestosterone silastic implants to control sex in grass carp

Anthony, R.L.; Johnson, C.M.; Sousa, O.E., 1979:
Use of micro-ELISA for quantitating antibody to Trypanosoma cruzi and Trypanosoma rangeli

Dimitrov, D.; Obretenov, T.; Obretenova, M., 1976:
Use of microbial enzyme preparations for cheese manufacture. III. Study of aroma of White Pickled cheese

Obretenov, T.; Dimitrov, D.; Obretenova, M., 1976:
Use of microbial enzyme preparations for cheese manufacture. IV. Study of the aroma of Kachkaval cheese

Parker, R.B., 1979:
Use of microbial inocula for silage

Carini, S.; Lodi, R.; Todesco, R.; Vezzoni, A.; Nani, R.; Toppino, P.M.; Cabrini, A.; Francani, R., 1977:
Use of microbial rennet from Mucor miehei in Provolone cheese manufacture

Ljungholm, K.; Noren, B.; Skold, R.; Wadso, I., 1977:
Use of microcalorimetry for the characterization of microbial activity in soil

Sannabhadti, S.S.; Srinivasan, R.A., 1976:
Use of milk clotting enzyme of Absidia ramosa in Cheddar cheese preparation

Pennington, J.A.; Hoffman, W.F.; Schultz, L.H.; Considine, D.J., 1980:
Use of milk progesterone for pregnancy diagnosis in dairy goats

Ayalon, N.; Shemesh, M., 1979:
Use of milk progesterone measurement for determining pregnancy and ovarian activity in cattle and sheep

Lehmann, H., 1979:
Use of milk separators in the dairy industry

Gol' denfang, A.V., 1979 :
Use of milking installations with long milk pipelines

Schuman, G.E.; Taylor, E.M., 1978:
Use of mine spoil material to improve the topsoil

Henk, G.; Heinz, T.; Schadereit, R., 1979:
Use of mineral oil distillate fodder yeast Fermosin in feeds for animals. 1. Chemical composition, amino acid content and protein quality of Fermosin

Heinz, T.; Schadereit, R.; Henk, G., 1979:
Use of mineral oil distillate fodder yeast Fermosin in feeds for animals. 2. Digestibility of the nutrients of Fermosin fodder yeast in broiler chickens and fattening pigs

Henk, G.; Heinz, T., 1979:
Use of mineral oil distillate fodder yeast Fermosin in feeds for animals. 3. Effect of mineral oil distillate yeasts with different hydrocarbon contents in rations for fattening pigs on fattening and carcass value

Petrukhin, I.V., 1979:
Use of minerals in feeding animals

Peshko, D., 1978:
Use of mobile milking installations on pastures (as exemplified by Belorussian farms)

Melo e Silva, H.J.; Guimaraes, A.J.F.; Souza, T.C.; Sena, J.C.A., 1978:
Use of mobile sawmills for the better utilization of wood in colonized strips

Tesar, G.; Edgell, D.L.; Seely, R.L., 1979:
Use of modified scenario research in forecasting of tourism in the United States. Methodology and case study of forecasting the impact of German tourists on the US economy

Lyushinskaya, I.I.; Potavina, V.S.; Kovaleva, L.S., 1980:
Use of modified starch and whey in bread production

Kodet, J., 1978:
Use of modified starches in the dairy industry

Ismailov, E.M.; Rysbaeva, A.S.; Kamilova, M.K., 1979:
Use of molecular genetics in the study of Verticillium dahliae Kleb., the pathogen causing cotton wilt

Garms, R., 1978:
Use of morphological characters in the study of Simulium damnosum s.l. populations in West Africa

Kihara, T.; Hirose, K.; Nishiura, M.; Shichiju, T., 1979:
Use of multi-purpose sprinkler systems in citrus orchards

Arciero, M.F., 1979:
Use of multilure-baited traps in the California Dutch elm disease program for survey and detection of Scolytus multistriatus

Hoffmann, F., 1979:
Use of multiple regression analysis for identifying a dynamic growth model

Andronikov, V.L., 1979:
Use of multispectral space photographs for the study of the soil mantle

Groza, H., 1977:
Use of mutagenesis in breeding new potato varieties with increased yield potential

Mynbaev, T.T., 1977:
Use of mutagenic factors in maize breeding

Dryagina, I.V.; Fomenko, N.N., 1978:
Use of mutagenic factors to obtain vegetatively reproduced plants

Skorobrekha, P.I.; Zakhoba, V.P., 1979:
Use of mutant and inbred lines of similar phenotype to improve the seed production and yield of maize

Andrianova, N.F.; Kvach, A.I., 1979:
Use of mutant maize lines in breeding

Nettevich, E.D., 1978:
Use of mutants as initial forms in breeding barley for yield, lodging resistance and grain quality

Bogdanova, E.D., 1977:
Use of mutants induced by pyridinecarboxylic acids in breeding work

Talignani ; Caloz, L.; Josse, R.; Schnell, R., 1978:
Use of natural and synthetic natural colours in ice cream products

Istamov, K.I., 1978:
Use of natural plant populations to study the effect of environmental mutagens on ecosystems

Risco Briceno, S.H.; Alves de Lima, R., 1977:
Use of natural processes for control of insect pests of sugarcane in northeastern Brazil

Go, H.C., 1977:
Use of naturally occurring antimicrobials to preserve non-fermented refrigerated foods

Veijalainen, H., 1977:
Use of needle analysis for diagnosing micronutrient deficiencies of Scots pine on drained peatland

Chadha, S.S., 1977:
Use of neem (Azadirachta indica A. Juss.) seed as a feeding inhibitor against Antigastra catalaunalis Dupon. (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) a sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) pest in Nigeria

Mulder, A.; Langeslag, J.J.J., 1980:
Use of nematicides in the Netherlands. Separatum

Manczak, M., 1979:
Use of neutral membranes in electrodialysis of whey

Drutev, D.; Zabunova, E.; Dilov, P.; Popov, G.; Tsakov, I., 1978:
Use of new Bulgarian hydrosol vitamin preparations in veterinary medicine

Zheleznov, A.V., 1978:
Use of new methods in breeding fodder crops

Bhalerao, A.C.; Singh, O.P.; Ghanekar, A.R.; Karve, A.D., .:
Use of nitrofen for controlling weeds in sugarbeet

Aubert, P.; Royer, P.; Touratier, L., 1979:
Use of nitroxynil to control Syngamus infection in game birds

Fradkina, D.L.; Kazachenko, R.F.; Glinka, I.L.; Glinka, M.O., 1979:
Use of nonbolting Peronospora-resistant varieties of multigerm sugar beet to increase sugar content and technological qualities in monogerm hybrids

Lunsford, J.N.; Ascheman, R.; Wiley, D.; Harader, P.; Kinsella, J.; Greulach, L.; Wisdom, B.; Hutchins, A., 1977:
Use of nonphytotoxic oil with bentazon

Lazarau, L.P., 1979:
Use of normal and pelleted mixed feeds in rearing young cattle

Sorf, J., 1979:
Use of nurse cows for rearing calves in a cattle breeding system

Lesaint, C.; Coninck, B. de; Grandjean, M.; Hatte, M., 1978:
Use of nutrient solutions for forcing chicory (Cichorium intybus) in hydroponic culture, and its efficiency

Netscher, C., 1979:
Use of oligogenically inherited resistance in the breeding of crops resistant to root-knot nematodes (Meloidogyne spp.)

Azarov, G.S.; Gutsunaev, B.M., 1978:
Use of once-bred heifers to increase beef production

Schneider, C.L., 1978:
Use of oospore inoculum of Aphanomyces cochlioides to initiate blackroot disease in sugarbeet seedlings

Lin, C.F., 1979:
Use of organic fertilizers in the tropics and subtropics

Nafady, M.H.; Khader, H.O., 1975:
Use of organic materials and clay in reclaiming sandy soils and to determine N fertilizer needed for straw decomposition

Nagarajah, S.; Amarasiri, S.L., 1977:
Use of organic materials as fertilizers for lowland rice in Sri Lanka

Bardach, J.E.; Santerre, M.T., 1979:
Use of organic residues in aquaculture

Devlin, R.M.; Kisiel, M.J.; Kostusiak, A.S., 1979:
Use of organic solvents in the screening of herbicides and growth regulators

Balzekas, J.A., 1978:
Use of package bees received early in June

Martynov, S.P., 1978:
Use of path and discriminatory analyses in evaluating the breeding value of yield components

Fanizza, G.; Fregoni, M., 1979:
Use of path coefficients in the adaptation of vines to hot climates

Ulardzhishvili, V.P., 1979:
Use of pectolytic enzymes for processing apple

Katsitadze, B.V.; Kozmanishvili, A.G., 1979:
Use of pelleted compound concentrates with urea

Smirnov, D.A., 1979:
Use of pelvimetric data to facilitate calving

Shilova, I.I., 1977:
Use of perennial herbs for biological reclamation of sandy industrial waste lands in the natural gas-producing districts of the central Ob basin

Kuthe, K.; Rossner, J., 1978:
Use of pesticides against plant-parasitic nematodes to ensure yields of maize

Smetanina, O.E., 1977:
Use of phenol-formaldehyde resin in the production of hardboard panels

Birch, M.C., 1979:
Use of pheromone traps to suppress populations of Scolytus multistriatus in small, isolated Californian communities

Smetnik, A.I., 1978:
Use of pheromones against quarantine pests

Aroeira, L.J.M.; Moreira, H.A.; Rodriguez, N.M.; Sampaio, I.B.M.; Martins, M., 1979:
Use of phosphorus from three different supplements for ruminants

Zaccardi, E.M., 1978:
Use of phycocolloid chelates for the treatment of racehorses

Bavrina, G.V.; Matorin, D.N.; Venediktov, P.S.; Gostimskii, S.A., 1977:
Use of physical methods to evaluate the functioning of the photosynthetic apparatus in nuclear mutants of pea

Gorbunov, V.P., 1978:
Use of physiological characters in evaluating drought resistance in maize

Smirnov, P.S., 1978:
Use of physiologically active substances for raising tomato transplants

Neubert, P., 1979:
Use of plant analysis for obtaining high winter cereal yields

Lagerstedt, H.B., 1977:
Use of plant growth regulators and herbicides in filbert orchards

Williams, M.W., 1978:
Use of plant growth regulators on fruit trees to promote early yields and sustained annual production of high quality fruit

Butenko, R.G., 1979:
Use of plant tissue culture in agricultural science and practice

Barreda, D.G. de; Sala, J.; Torres, V.; Busto, A. del, 1979:
Use of plastic mulch to protect young trees

Mendizabal, M., 1978:
Use of plastics materials and the social development of growers in Almeria, Spain

Vorob' eva, G.A. (Vorobjova, G.A.; Glushchenko, E.Y., 1977:
Use of pollen activated by very low temperature (-195 deg C) in intravarietal and intervarietal crosses of tomato

Zhukov, O.S.; Dukhanina, A.P.; Ryzhkov, S.D., 1977:
Use of pollen exposed to a magnetic field in the hybridization of European raspberry with northern forms of Rubus

Pigatti, A.; Oliveira, D.A.; Almeida, P.R. de; Cintra, A.F., 1979:
Use of polyethylene bags to protect hands of bananas for the control of 'the moth' - Opogona sacchari (Bojer, 1856) (= O. subcervinella Walker 1963) - Lepidoptera: Lyonetiidae)

Fleury, H.; Adam, C.; Cornet, M.; Valade, M., 1978:
Use of polyethylene glycol to obtain a concentrated suspension of wild yellow fever virus for the study of the vector capacity of mosquitoes

Shiler, G.G.; Rozdov, I.A.; Morozov, V.A.; Tkachenko, V.V., 1979:
Use of polymer coatings in the ripening of hard cheese

Polishvaiko, M.N.; Kononenko, A.I., 1977:
Use of polyploidy in breeding sainfoin

Gamova, I.A.; Makhova, T.V.; Vikhreva, V.N.; Bryskovskaya, A.V.; Mikhailova, V.V.; Umanskaya, E.V., 1979:
Use of polystyrene waste to produce polymer/wood material from comminuted wood

Abdulah, S.M., 1978:
Use of porcine pepsin in Kackaval cheese production

Sokolova, V.V.; Zakharova, N.P.; Kraevaya, N.N., 1979:
Use of porcine pepsin in the manufacture of low-fat processed cheese

Ding, T.C., 1978:
Use of portable saws under Peninsular Malaysia conditions

Droese, H.; Radecki, A.; Smierzchalski, L., 1978:
Use of post-flotation wastes from copper mines and fly ash from power plants for neutralizing light acid soils

Kurbatov, A.D.; Ivanov, B.I.; Narubina, L.E.; Bublyaeva, G.B., 1978:
Use of potassium hyaluronate as a cryoprotectant in the freezing of cock semen

German, V.A.; Gavrilova, M.S.; Leshchenko, V.M.; Pavlova, G.V., 1979:
Use of potassium iodide ionophoresis in the treatment of women with candidiasis of the mucous membranes of the genital tract

Lazin, M.B.; Ewing, E.E., 1977:
Use of potato cuttings as a screening technique for heat tolerance in the potato

Ewing, E.E.; Lazin, M.B., 1977:
Use of potato cuttings to screen for critical photoperiod controlling tuberization

Ewing, E.E., 1976:
Use of potato cuttings to study tuberization stimulus in Andigena populations

Drakes, D.; Statham, J., 1979:
Use of power station reject heat

Orlov, S.F.; Lyamin, I.V.; Guseinov, E.M.; Ievin' , I.K., 1979:
Use of powered semi-trailers in tending fellings

Thakur, A.S.; Eddi, C.S.; Prezioso, U., 1979:
Use of praziquantel, alone or in combination with arecoline hydrobromide, against Echinococcus granulosus in dogs

Kokles, R., 1979:
Use of prednisolone to locate IBR/IPV virus in cattle and to study objectively the vaccination effect

Miller, W.E., 1978:
Use of prescribed burning in seed production areas to control red pine cone beetle

Derii, I.G.; Derii, S.I., 1977:
Use of presowing gamma irradiation of seeds to obtain new forms of introduced forest trees

Dulphy, J.P.; Bony, J.; Andrieu, J.P., 1978:
Use of pressed beet pulp by dairy cows

Ascher, F., 1978:
Use of prifinium bromide to control intestinal motility in diarrhoeic calves

Bessler, D.; Moore, C., 1979:
Use of probability assessments and scoring rules for agricultural forecasts

Kramarenko, N.M.; Delikatnaya, M.S.; Nesterova, O.V., 1976:
Use of production groups within herds in dairy husbandry

Jeppesen, M., 1978:
Use of products from the dairy industry for cattle feeding

Tervit, H.R.; Moller, S.; Fairclough, R.J.; Rabjohns, M.A., 1978:
Use of progesterone concentration in milk to diagnose pregnancy status in dairy cattle

Thibier, M.; Petit, M.; Humblot, P., 1978:
Use of progesterone concentrations in peripheral plasma or milk in cattle herd management

Humblot, P.; Thibier, M., 1980:
Use of progesterone measurement for the control of reproduction in cattle

Perez Garcia, T.; Castillo Sanjuan, M. del, 1977:
Use of progesterone subcutaneous implants and injections to control the oestrous cycle in Mancha ewes. A comparative study

Pejsa, L., 1977:
Use of prognosis for the optimum renewal of machine parts

Howard, W.T.; Blonde, M.; Walker, J.; Hartman, C.; Kohlstedt, E., 1979:
Use of programmable calculators on the dairy farm

Korneva, V.V.; Nabukhotnyi, T.K.; Cherevko, S.A.; Kravets, A.A.; Sidorchuk, I.I., 1979:
Use of propioni-acidophilus milk for treating intestinal dysbacteriosis in young infants with staphylococcal infection and sepsis

Korneva, V.V.; Nabukhotnyi, T.K.; Cherevko, S.A.; Kravets, A.A.; Sidorchuk, I.I., 1979:
Use of propionic acidophilus milk in combined treatment of staphylococcal intestinal dysbacteriosis and sepsis in breast-fed infants

Isailovski, V., 1979:
Use of propionylpromazine, xylazine and azaperone before surgery (of cattle, sheep and swine) in the field

Belozerova, G.A., 1976:
Use of propolis to stimulate antibody formation in pigs vaccinated against Aujeszky's disease

Meakin, A.R., 1980:
Use of propyzamide herbicide in the establishment of amenity plantings

Busch, W.; Eulenberger, K.; Bach, S.; Muller, H.; Slucka, R., 1980:
Use of prostaglandin F2 alpha for oestrus synchronisation in heifers

Roldan, R.R.; Silva, H., 1978:
Use of prostaglandin F2 alpha to induce ovulation in the mare

Petac, D.; Schilling, E.; Smidt, D., 1979:
Use of prostaglandin analogues in heifers to induce and synchronize oestrus

Bosc, M.J., 1979:
Use of prostaglandins for induction of parturition in the cow

Mialot, J.P., 1977:
Use of prostaglandins in female domestic animals

Borkott, H., 1979:
Use of protozoa in aerobic fermentation of slurry. I: Production, storage and use of protozoa inoculum

Vasser, N.R.; Samostrel' skii, A.Y., 1976:
Use of pulmonary model for study of protective properties of cholera antibodies. II. Study of protective properties of blood and milk of immunized animals

Lorient, D., 1978:
Use of pure proteins and peptides for studying chemical and nutritional changes in milk during processing

Beyer, F., 1978:
Use of pyruvate measurement for controlling the quality of milk supplies

Havranek, P., 1978:
Use of quantitative immunoelectrophoresis in cucumber mosaic virus assay II. Strain- and isolate-specific modifications of the antigenic complex

Crenshaw, J.W.; Favor, J.B., 1978:
Use of quantitative traits in mice for the detection of mutagenic effects

Shustov, V.I.; Lebedev, Y.V.; Chikin, G.N., 1979:
Use of queuing theory in investigating multi-flow log processing lines

Milde, R. de, 1979:
Use of radar photography and conventional aerial photography in compiling maps for the management plan of a tropical rainforest

Smutkupt, S.; Naritoom, K.; Lamsreejan, S.; Reankengsuragarn, P., .:
Use of radiation in soyabean mutation breeding

Wadhi, S.R., 1979:
Use of radiations in plant quarantine

Thill, N., 1976:
Use of radioactive lutecium for estimating intake of herbage

Dever, R.L., 1972:
Use of radiography as a prognostic tool in the treatment of canine dirofilariasis

Eikelenboom, G.; Dik, K.J.; de Jong, M.F., 1978:
Use of radiography in the diagnosis of atrophic rhinitis

Johnston, S.D.; Jeraj, K.; Lees, G.E.; Allen, S.K.; McKeever, P.J., 1978:
Use of radioimmunoassay of plasma cortisol to diagnose adrenal dysfunction in dogs

Chatrath, M.S., 1979:
Use of radiometric techniques in the study of fungicides and their limitations

Qasba, P.; Nakhasi, H.L.; Takemoto, T.; Oka, T., 1978:
Use of rat alpha -lactalbumin complementary DNA probe for the purification of mouse alpha -lactalbumin mRNA

Reetz, H.F.Jr, 1977:
Use of real-time weather data in physiology-based simulation of corn growth

Carlson, D.R., 1977:
Use of recirculating sprayer for selective control of common milkweed

Pedersen, H.E., 1978:
Use of reduced doses of herbicides in barley

Alt, D.; Kohstall, H., 1978:
Use of refuse compost as a substrate for container-grown woody ornamentals

Barker, P.S., 1977:
Use of regression analysis to determine dosages of hydrogen phosphide applied to stored grain

Ruktechel' , L.E.; Taubes, D.V.; Stepanov, D.V., 1980:
Use of regression models in the study of transient phenomena of the operation of internal combustion engines

Roman, G.; Almayrac, P., 1978:
Use of remote sensing for identification of fields under irrigation

Boulvert, Y., .:
Use of remote sensing for the mapping of little-known areas. Application to Central Africa

Janse, A.R.P., .:
Use of remote techniques in soil science

Yakushev, A., 1979:
Use of reserves in livestock production

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