Section 1
Chapter 796

Use of sugar concentrates from whey in the manufacture of bakery and fancy bakery products

Bednarski, W.; Poznanski, S.; Czubakowski, E.; Leman, J.; Janczak, E.

Przeglad Piekarski i Cukierniczy 27(6): 102-104


Accession: 000795076

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Whey containing 70% lactose in DM is hydrolysed with a beta -galactosidase preparation, the hydrolysate concentrated to 1/10 of its vol., and used in confectionery production. The use of the concentrate for the manufacture of bread and bakery products was tested with favourable results. The sensory properties of the products were very good, the crumb and crust were of the required quality and the vol. was higher and keeping quality better.

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