Yield and yield attributes of R.R.21 wheat as influenced by seeding dates, planting methods and intra-row spacing in rice fallows

Sannamarappa, M.; Ahmed, M.K.; Husain, M.M.

Mysore Journal of Agricultural Science 10(3): 353-358


Accession: 000802118

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In a trial in the rabi (winter) season of 1972-3 in Andhra Pradesh, wheat cv. R.R.21 dibbled or transplanted on 4 dates between 20 Nov. and 1 Jan. gave the highest av. grain yields when dibbled/transplanted on 20 Nov. Dibbling was superior to transplanting in increasing all the yield components and yields except 1000-grain wt. The yield was highest in crops with between-plant spacing of 5 cm, followed by 10 and 15 cm.