Section 1
Chapter 803

"Birth weight to birth weight"--postnatal weight pattern of preterm infants

Singhi, S.; Singh, M.

Indian Journal of Pediatrics 46(378): 223-227


ISSN/ISBN: 0019-5456
PMID: 528017
DOI: 10.1007/bf02790637
Accession: 000802801

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Duration and severity of initial weight loss and time taken to regain birthweight were calculated for 99 healthy infants of less than 37 weeks gestation weighing less than 2000 g. The overall mean ( plus or minus s.d.) initial weight loss was 8.6 plus or minus 5.0% during 6.8 plus or minus 2.5 days. Birthweight was regained after 15.6 plus or minus 5.9 days. Energy intake below 80 kcal/kg daily during the first week gave a significantly greater period of weight loss than that of 81 to 110 kcal/kg daily. Regardless of energy intake the initial weight loss was significantly greater in infants with the lowest gestational age, 11.6%, and least, 8.3%, in those with the highest gestational age.

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