30th annual meeting, 22-26 July 1979, Harrogate, UK. 21st session of the Genetics Commission. Summaries of papers


Annales de Genetique et de Selection Animale 12(1): 111-136


ISSN/ISBN: 0003-4002
Accession: 000803694

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Several papers from this conference have already been abstracted, and appear in the appropriate sections of ABA, volume 48, Other papers are listed below. Adalsteinsson, S. Frequency of colour genes in Icelandic sheep : 134. Auran, T. Should we attach more importance to feed efficiency in cattle breeding : 129. Boda, I.; Dohy, J. Investigation to improve the method of assessing the breeding value of beef cattle : 127. Bozo, S.; Dunay, A.; Sik, E. The breeding value of Holstein-Friesian and Jersey sires transmitting high milk producing ability in other economically important characters : 129. Brascamp, E. W. Selection index for desired gains : 133. Bratt, G. Breeding decisions within the herd: practical experiences from a service activity in the Swedish AI organization : 114. Carter, A. M. Experimental evaluation of beef breed utilization strategies : 117. Chardon, J. A. P. A computer mating service established by a cattle herdbook society : 113. Chamukha, M. Effectivity of complex crossing for breeding mutton-wool sheep in Siberia : 121. Chudoba, K.; Jablonska, J. The relation between locus transferrin and the breeding quality traits of country cattle race: Lowland Black-White and Lowland Red-White : 131. Danell, O.; Croston, D.; Elsen, J. M.; Flamant, J. C. Selection strategies in sheep in European countries : 117. Fesus, L. Hemoglobin types and reproductive performance in the Hungarian Merino breed of sheep : 121. Flamant, J. C.; Barillet, F. [Selection for dairy performance in sheep] : 118. Gjedrem, T. Genetic variation in feed digestibility in rainbow trout : 135. Graml, R.; Buchberger, J.; Kirchmeier, O.; Pirchner, F. [Effect of genetic variation of milk proteins on milk composition ] : 131.Graser, H.U. Cow evaluation with BLUP : 130.Gunner, K. Effect of inbreeding on mortality and growth in rainbow trout : 135.Heyes, J.F.; Hill, W.G. Reducing sampling errors in constructing genetic selection indices : 133.Hocking, P.M.; Bowman, J.C. Hybrid vigour for milk production in commercial dairy herds : 129.Horn, A.; Bozo, S.; Dunay, A. Maximal utilization of heterosis in milk and beef production : 132.Jakubec, V. Current application of and efforts towards selection strategies in Czechoslovakia based on ram and ewe selection : 119.Jongeling, C.; Mokhtar, S.; Langholz, H.J. Interaction between environmental intensity and Holstein upgrading in German Friesians : 130.Keller, H. [Effect of sex on the heritability of post-slaughter traits in Polish Merino lambs] : 121.McCarthy, J.C.; Willeke, H. The utilization of energy in different lines of mice selected for body weight : 127.Maki-Hokkonen, J. Breeding for meat and milk. 2. Experiences of individual herd mating plans : 113.Milojic, M. Correlation between the level of milk production and fertility as breeding decision in black and white cattle : 128.