A contribution to the study of weed control in beans

Trunkenboltz, M.; Prin, M.

Compte Rendu de la 10e Conference du COLUMA: 1101-1115


Accession: 000805466

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Results are given of 4 years' experiments with herbicides authorized for use in beans. In 1977 treatment with pendimethalin at 1.32 kg/ha caused significant growth check and yield reductions in all 12 cvs. except Frison and Silvert; the effect on yields was more evident in crops harvested green than in those harvested dry; cvs. Doby and Euronor proved particularly sensitive. Yields of cvs. Euronor, Isex, Doby and Findor were depressed significantly by monolinuron at 0.5 + dinoseb 1.5 kg. In experiments with new products and mixtures indications are that DNOC at 1.08 + neburon at 2.16 + propham at 1.56 kg/ha shows promise.