A further sympatric pair of Central European sesiids: Chamaesphecia tenthrediniformis (, 1775) and Chamaesphecia empiformis (Esper, 1783) (Lepidoptera, Sesiidae)

Naumann, C.M.; Schroeder, D.

Zeitschrift der Arbeitsgemeinschaft Osterreichischer Entomologen 32(1/2): 29-46


Accession: 000806031

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Studies on the food-plant specificity of insects feeding on Euphorbia esula and E. cyparissias showed that there were 2 sympatric species of the Chamaesphecia empiformis group (C. empiformis (Esp.) and C. tenthrediniformis (Denis & Schiff.) in Lower Austria. Both were found to be different from C. hungarica (Tomala). Although the adults of the 2 species could not be distinguished with certainty by external characteristics, differences were found in the size of the eggs, the number of hooks on the false legs of the larvae, and the bionomics of the 2 species. C. tenthrediniformis is defined as the species living on E. esula, whilst the species feeding on E. cyparissias, which is more widely distributed in Central Europe, has to be named C. empiformis; this being a further case of sibling species in this group.