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Chapter 814

Acid phosphatase activity of intact roots and phosphorus nutrition in plants. III. Its relation to phosphorus garnering by wheat and a comparison with leaf activity as a measure of phosphorus status

McLachlan, K.D.; Marco, D.G. de

Australian Journal of Agricultural Research 33(1): 1-11


ISSN/ISBN: 0004-9409
Accession: 000813646

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8 wheat cv., selected for their range of root phosphatase activity found difficulty in taking up P from a nutrient sol. containing 1 mu M P. Total P uptake was not affected by root wt., length or fineness or by early plant vigour indicated by leaf expansion rates during the 1st 3 days. With a low P source, standard root phosphatase activity was related to total P content of the plants (r = -0.736).

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