Agricultural chemical residues in foods. XV. Pesticide residues in dairy products, meats and fishes produced in Hokkaido, 1979

Hori, Y.; Niiyama, K.; Saito, T.

Report of the Hokkaido Institute of Public Health 30: 41-45


Accession: 000815895

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In 1979 the following foods produced and retailed in Hokkaido, Japan, were examined: milk (7), dried milk (1), butter (4), eggs (8), chicken (8), beef (2), pork (8), 12 types of fish (14). In milk concn. of HCH and DDT (mean in brackets) was 0.001-0.004 (0.002) and 0-0.004 (0.001) p.p.m. resp. In butter, the respective concn. were 0.026-0.048 (0.035) and 0.007-0.055 (0.025) p.p.m., with dieldrin 0.001-0.004 (0.002) p.p.m. and heptachlor epoxide 0.003-0.010 (0.006) p.p.m.; in dried milk the concn. of HCH, DDT and heptachlor epoxide was 0.013, 0.003 and 0.001 p.p.m. resp. The HCH concn. in dried milk was 3 times as high as in 1978 (see previous abst.), and concn. in butter was half as high. There were no significant changes in DDT concn.