Agriculture in mountain areas. Extracts from the results of the specific mountain survey 1976

Melot, G.

Etude, Collections de Statistique Agricole, Ministere de l' Agriculture 192: 110


Accession: 000816568

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The specific mountain area survey was carried out in 1976 so as to collect data on farm structure, and study the geographical environment of mountain farms, as well as other aspects such as farm tourism, schooling, farmers' intentions for the future of their farms. Existing structural surveys (the Echantillon Permanent d'Exploitations Agricoles (EPEXA) 1975-1977) provided general data on production trends, labour, structural change, but did not include data specific to mountain areas. This study sought to indicate differences between different mountain regions, differential impact of tourism, and to assess the effects of geographical isolation. Most of the departements in mountain areas were included, and the survey was carried out in conjunction with the 1976 EPEXA survey. Part 1 presents EPEXA 1976 results for mountain areas. Part 2 gives the results from the more restricted sample used in the specific mountain study. This includes chapters on: the area continually under pastures: environment - isolation, distance from food shops, banks, and schools; farm equipment and buildings; development and future of mountain farms (succession, expansion, intensification); aid available and used; and tourism.