Apparent digestibility and voluntary intake of derinded sugar cane supplemented with sweet potato forage (Ipomoea batatas) given as whole vine or finely chopped

Ffoulkes, D.; Done, F.; Preston, T.R.

Tropical Animal Production 4(1): 111-112


Accession: 000823676

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Apparent DM digestibility when derinded sugar cane stalk and a molasses/20% urea mixture was offered ad lib. to young Zebu bulls of about 150 kg liveweight alone or with whole or finely chopped sweet potato forage added at 5% of animal liveweight was 72.0, 75.3 and 67.5%, resp. Addition of sweet potato forage increased voluntary DM intake from 2.52 to 3.52 kg/day irrespective of the form in which it was offered. Sugar cane intake was similar in all treatments.