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Chapter 828

Basic studies of the process of germination. I. Physical and biological uptake of water by Vicia faba seeds. II. Anatomical study of the germinating Vicia faba seeds

Anter, I.; Khalil, M.M.; Hassan, M.N.

Agricultural Research Review 56(4): 93-101


Accession: 000827573

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Water uptake by seeds of V. faba Giza 156 (a) during germination and by seeds in which the embryo was killed by (b) heat or (c) HgCl2 treatment was studied. In (a), rate of water uptake decreased from 28.76 to 13.48 g/100 seeds h during the 1st 8 h soaking then decreased to 3.76 g after 20 h and continued at this rate up to 36 h then increased gradually until it reached 6.69 g after 72 h soaking.

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