Section 1
Chapter 830

Biology of the predator mosquito, Toxorhynchites splendens (Wiedemann) (Diptera : culicidae)

Bai, M.G.; Panicker, K.N.; Rajagopalan, P.K.

Indian Journal of Medical Research 74: 13-17


ISSN/ISBN: 0019-5340
PMID: 6118326
Accession: 000829966

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Toxorhynchites splendens (Wied.), a mosquito that preys on larvae of other mosquitoes, has been successfully reared in the laboratory in Pondicherry, India, and a colony maintained. Laboratory tests were carried out on the biology and predatory potential of T. splendens; Culex quinquefasciatus Say was used as the prey species. Percentage egg hatch, the duration of the immature stages, the insemination capacity at different sex ratios, adult life-span and fecundity, the gonotrophic cycle, oviposition preference and the sex ratio of offspring were determined. A single T. splendens larva ate an average total of 144 prey larvae (more than twice this number being killed). No significant preference for particular prey species was found. The results indicated that T. splendens should be further evaluated as a biological control agent.

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