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Chapter 833

Bush control: the control of Brachystegia boehmii and Colophospermum mopane in Rhodesia using a picloram/2,4-D mixture

Lloyd, B.V.; Bromwich, D.M.; NcNeill, L.

Proceedings of the Grassland Society of Southern Africa 14: 125-129


DOI: 10.1080/00725560.1979.9648874
Accession: 000832712

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Mature B. boehmii and C. mopane trees were treated with Tordon 101 (a 1:4 mixture of picloram and 2,4-D) at 5 rates and at 3 different times of the yr. The arboricide was applied with a syringe to freshly cut stem tissues, either to cuts in the bark, or to the lower lip of ringbarked trees, or (in various ways) to cut stumps. Some treatments were repeated at several sites. Responses to arboricide were not markedly influenced by the method of application. Overall, prising the bark from the wood of cut stumps, and placing arboricide in the gap so formed, resulted in the highest percentage kills. Applications were most effective in the growing season (Nov.-March). Medium-sized trees were more readily killed than smaller or larger ones.

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