Changes in chemical composition and yield of lucerne/brome grass mixture in the first year of growth under the influence of nitrogen nutrition

Pryadko, G.F.

Trudy, Tselinogradskii Sel' skokhozyaistvennyi Institut 21: 18-22


Accession: 000835870

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Fresh fodder yields of lucerne/brome grass mixture in the establishment yr with 1- and 2-strength N were 104.1 and 108.7 g/pot, resp., compared with 59.3 g without N. The 2-strength N decreased the proportion of lucerne from 69 to 30%. The yield with 1-strength N was increased due to the increased yield of lucerne. Applied N increased the CP content. The 2-strength N increased CP yield in the 1st and 2nd cut by 10 and 7%, resp.