Changes in contents of available phosphorus in cis-Caucasian calcareous chernozem soil as affected by the application of phosphorus fertilizers under irrigated conditions

Zvereva, E.A.; Bat' kov, B.O.; Elyubaev, S.Z.

Agrokhimiya (4): 30-39


ISSN/ISBN: 0002-1881
Accession: 000835922

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In irrigated crop rotation trials in 1972-7 on calcareous chernozem soil with a rotation of maize/winter wheat for 2 yr/sunflower/maize/winter wheat in which wheat and sunflower were given 60 or 120 kg N/ha and maize 120 or 180 kg N/ha each yr, effects of the reserve application of 180-540 kg P2O5/ha once in 3 yr or application of 60-180 kg P2O5/ha each yr or application of 60-120 kg P2O5/ha each yr to plots given 300-900 kg P2O5/ha in 1971 on crop yields and changes in contents of available P2O5 in soil were determined. On the basis of the effects of these treatments on changes in soil P2O5 contents and the P uptake by different crops, a method of calculating P fertilizer rates for targeted yields of each crop in rotation is suggested.