Christstollen, special bakery products for Christmas time

Hildenbrand, K.

Getreide Mehl und Brot 33(12): 333-334


Accession: 000839449

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Over the period 1974-1978, 197 Stollen samples were analysed for fat content and type, and fruit and nut content. Guidelines for fat and butter content of Stollen laid down by the Bund fur Lebensmittelrecht & Lebensmittelkunde (BLL, German Federation for Food Law & Food Science) were found to deviate widely from recipes used in practice, e.g. BLL guidelines stipulate at least 50% butterfat (of total fat) for Dresdner Stollen (quality designation originally based on origin), whereas trade practice is to use >80% butterfat, and Dresdner Stollen manufactured in the Dresden Bakery Combine and retailed in the German Federal Republic contained butter as 100% of total fat. It is recommended that the guideline should stipulate more than or equal to 90% butter of total fat for Dresdner Stollen. Trends in fruit contents are discussed; in general these are too low and groundnuts are occasionally used in place of other nuts, which is not permitted under the BLL guidelines.