Chrysanthemum stunt and chlorotic mottle. Establishment of healthy chrysanthemum plants and low temperature storage of chrysanthemum, carnation and pelargonium in test-tubes

Paludan, N.

Planteavl 84(4): 349-360


Accession: 000839855

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Chrysanthemum stunt virus was inactivated increasingly with decreasing size of meristem tip when the scalpel was heat disinfected between cuttings. Tips from the terminal buds produced the greater number of virus free plants. Chrysanthemum chlorotic mottle virus was inactivated in only 1 plant by such treatments. Storage in test tubes at low temp. was possible, carnation for 1 yr, chrysanthemum 5 months and pelargonium 7 months. Stored plant mateerial was still suitable for cutting production after further culturing under opt. conditions.