Section 1
Chapter 841

Classification of the superfamilies Tylenchoidea and Hoplolaimoidea with notes on the phylogeny of the suborder Tylenchina (Nematoda)

Ryss, A.; Krall, E.

Eesti NSV Teaduste Akadeemia Toimetised Bioloogia 304: 288-298


Accession: 000840227

Recent studies (Ryss, in press) have shown that, at the 2nd juvenile stage, Anguinidae have a tylenchoid oesophagus with a cardiac sphincter and with the oesophageal glands (all of one length) anteriad to the cardiac sphincter. In later developmental stages, the enlarged dorsal gland overlaps the cardia. In other groups, the cardiac sphincter is absent, the oesophageal glands lying in one or 2 lobes at the beginning of the intestine.

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