Section 1
Chapter 844

Comparison of high protein sweet potatoes and common sweet potatoes on nutritive value of the growing fattening pigs

Lee, P.K.; Yang, Y.F.

Journal of the Taiwan Livestock Research 13(1): 97-112


Accession: 000843932

For 120 days a total of 40 crossbred weaned pigs, average initial liveweight 24 kg, were in 5 groups and were given a control diet of maize and soya bean meal or diets with 50 or 100% of the maize replaced by high protein sweet potato chips (HPSPC) or common sweet potato chips (CSPC) on a crude protein basis. All diets were steam-heated at 90 deg C and pelleted. Final liveweight, groups in order as above, was 77.4, 58.3, 53.2, 60.3 and 56.8 kg.

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