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Chapter 845

Comparison of six geographic sources of loblolly pine for fusiform rust resistance

Powers, H.R.J.; Matthews, F.R.

Phytopathology 70(12): 1141-1143


ISSN/ISBN: 0031-949X
Accession: 000844238

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Seeds were collected from resistant trees in 5 areas around the periphery of the natural range of the species, and from susceptible trees in Georgia. Spores of Cronartium quercuum fusiforme [C. fusiforme] were collected from the same areas. Seeds were germinated in a greenhouse and sprayed with spore suspensions at 4 wk old. After 9 months infection (actively growing galls) ranged from 56 to 84%. There were significant differences in disease susceptibility among seed sources, the Maryland source being most resistant. For all sources except the control, infection was highest when seedlings were inoculated with spores from the same area, indicating that mixtures of seed from several sources could be used to reduce rust infection.

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