Section 1
Chapter 852

Cytogenetic studies of the intergeneric hybrid Euchlaena perennis Hitch. X Zea mays L

Molina, M. del C.

Revista de la Facultad de Agronomia, Universidad Nacional de la Plata 54(2): 521-578


Accession: 000851370

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The most frequent chromosome configuration observed in E. perennis was 5IV + 10II while in the F1 of E. perennis X Z. mays, 5III + 5II + 5I was most commonly seen. In 80% of the selections from the eleventh generation of open pollination of the hybrid, the chromosome number was 38-42. Bivalents and quadrivalents tended to become established while univalents disappeared. Pollen fertility in this group was 0-93%, suggesting the presence of a gene causing sterility.

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