Cytogenetic studies on the origin of Allium wakegi Araki. I. Meiosis in A. wakegi and the interspecific hybrid between A. fistulosum L. and A. ascalonicum L

Tashiro, Y.

Agricultural Bulletin of Saga University 49: 47-57


Accession: 000851380

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Meiosis in nine clones of A. wakegi and 12 interspecific F1 hybrids was similar, univalents, heteromorphic bivalents and single and randomized chiasmata being present in both groups of material. However, the frequency of bivalent formation varied between A. wakegi clones and between hybrids and was lower in A. wakegi than in the hybrids. The results support the suggestion that A. wakegi arose following hybridization between A. fistulosum and A. ascalonicum.