Section 1
Chapter 854

Demonstration of resistance to temephos in the Simulium damnosum complex (S. sanctipauli and S. soubrense) in the Ivory Coast (zone of the control programme against onchocerciasis in the region of the Volta Basin)

Guillet, P.; Escaffre, H.; Ouedraogo, M.; Quillevere, D.

Cahiers ORSTOM, Entomologie Medicale et Parasitologie 18(3): 291-299


Accession: 000853127

In the forest area of the lower Bandanna River, in the Ivory Coast, larvae of Simulium sanctipauli Vajime & Dunbar and S. soubrense Vajime & Dunbar (both of which belong to the complex of S. damnosum Theo.) were found to have developed a high degree of resistance to temephos. The concentration of temephos required to give complete or almost complete kill (LC99.9) was up to 5.2 mg toxicant/litre in June 1980 as compared with 0.16 mg. in June 1977.

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