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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 857

Chapter 857 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Porto, V.H. da F., 1980:
Development of rice, soyabean and sorghum cultivation in the geographical area covered by UEPAE/Pelotas in the years 1970 to 1978

Udalova, V.B., 1980:
Development of root knot nematode in cucumber plants differing in tolerance

Grynia, M., 1980:
Development of root mass of simple grassland mixtures as affected by cattle slurry and nitrogen fertilizer applications

Karimov, A., 1980:
Development of root system of different cotton cultivars

Stern, V.M., 1982:
Development of rural housing

Ghuge, S.S.; Mayee, C.D.; Godbole, G.M., 1980:
Development of rust and leaf spots of groundnut as influenced by foliar application of carbendazim and tridemorph

Wankhede, P.S.; Mayee, C.D., 1980:
Development of rust in susceptible variety of groundnut as influenced by seed, capsule and granule application of 5 systemic fungicides

Lambiotte, M.; Landau, I.; Thierry, N.; Miltgen, F., 1981:
Development of schizonts in the hepatocytes of adult rats in culture after in vitro infection with sporozoites of Plasmodium yoelii

Anonymous, 1980:
Development of seed health testing techniques in India

Ramos, L.C. da S., 1980:
Development of seedlings of 4 coffee cultivars

Lucidi, E.; Bottarelli, E., 1980:
Development of serological reactions to Toxoplasma gondii in young cattle exposed to spontaneous infection

Pelliniemi, L.J.; Lauteala, L., 1981:
Development of sexual dimorphism in the embryonic gonad

Heurich, H.; Lappe, J., 1981:
Development of sheep breeding and production, and breeding of the new Merino Longwool sheep in the district of Erfurt

Satjapradja, O., 1980:
Development of silvo-pastoral systems for watershed management

Saragoni, H., 1981:
Development of six varieties of dark tobacco resistant to powdery mildew (Erysiphe cichoracearum)

Krestovskii, V.G., 1982:
Development of social and economic infrastructure in the countryside

Sosnin, E., 1981:
Development of social infrastructure of the Non-Black-Earth region

Yu, T.R., 1979:
Development of soil physical chemistry in China

Clemmens, A.J.; Strelkoff, T.; Dedrick, A.R., 1981:
Development of solutions for level-basin design

Salama, H.S.; Foda, M.S.; El-Sharaby, A.; Matter, M.; Khalafallah, M., 1981:
Development of some lepidopterous cotton pests as affected by exposure to sublethal levels of endotoxins of Bacillus thuringiensis for different periods

Kovacs, J., 1977:
Development of some standard features of sugar beet from 1951 to 1975

Garcia, J.L.; Diaz Carrasco, H.; Gonzalez, L.A., 1980:
Development of soybean (Glycine max L. Mer.) diseases in winter sowings

Beard, B.H., 1980:
Development of spidermite resistant soybeans

Corvazier, P.; Constantin, T., 1982:
Development of splenic lympho-reticular populations during the immune response in vitro in the fowl

Kmet, K.; Polonsky, A.; Kolar, S., 1980:
Development of spray-driers in the Vzduchotechnika state enterprise

Deryabin, D.I., 1981:
Development of stand structure with different methods of rehabilitating young stands

Dahners, H.W.; Barac-Nieto, M.; Spurr, G.B., 1981:
Development of standards for rapid assessment of nutritional status: Colombian children

Reyss Brion, M.; Mignot T M.; Guichard, A., 1982:
Development of steroidogenesis in the right gonad of domestic fowl masculinized by left ovariectomy

Anonymous, 1979:
Development of stone fruit production

Russu, G., 1981:
Development of structural parts within the agro-industrial complex

Kursakov, G.A., 1980:
Development of studies on the genetics and breeding of fruit crops at the I. V. Michurin Central Genetics Laboratory

Lozano, E.; Ruiz, M.E.; Ruiz, A., 1980:
Development of sub-systems of cattle feeding based on bean crop residues (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) III Meat production

Kassab, A., 1979:
Development of sugar-beet cultivation since 1972 in the Tunisian Tell

Dorokhov, Y.L.; Miroshnichenko, N.A.; Alexandrova, N.M.; Atabekov, J.G., 1981:
Development of systemic TMV infection in upper noninoculated tobacco leaves after differential temperature treatment

Ruiz, M.E.; Olivo, R.; Ruiz, A.; Fargas, J., 1980:
Development of systems for feeding cattle with residue of Phaseolus vulgaris. 1. Availability, composition and intake of the residue

Lozano, E.; Ruiz, A.; Ruiz, M.E., 1980:
Development of systems for feeding cattle with residue of Phaseolus vulgaris. 2. Metabolic balance with different levels of energy and protein supplementation

Litz, R.E.; Conover, R.A., 1980:
Development of systems for obtaining parasexual Carica hybrids

Clutter, J.L., 1980:
Development of taper functions from variable-top merchantable volume equations

Lopez San Miguel, T., 1980:
Development of tartaric and malic acid, and of pigments, anthocyanins and tannins, during berry ripening of the Rioja grapevine cvs Tempranillo and Garnacha Tinta in 1979

Mattwei, A. von; Derenbach, J.; Steinhauf, D., 1979:
Development of teat order in piglets

Luckner, L., 1980:
Development of technical facilities for the simulation of soil water movement and linked transport processes at the Department of Water Management of Dresden Technical University - Review

Huiskes, J.H., 1980:
Development of technical results in pig breeding

Ozhgikhina, N.N.; Vyshemirskii, F.A.; Konanykhin, A.V., 1980:
Development of technology of dietetic product from buttermilk

Shilovskaya, T.E.; Bastrykina, N.A., 1979:
Development of technology of enriched whey, and its industrial application

Gomez, H.J., 1981:
Development of the Agricultural Credit Fund 1974-1980

Weber, A., 1982:
Development of the Department of Agricultural Economics in the University of Nairobi 1970-1981. Analysis and assessment

Gieseke, W., 1981:
Development of the GFR food industry

Sievers, M., 1980:
Development of the Indian tractor industry

Anonymous, 1981:
Development of the Niger and Gambia river basins

Anonymous, 1981:
Development of the Senegal river area: does progress benefit the peasants?

Sedelmaier, K., 1980:
Development of the sawmill industry

Call, RN.; Catling, PC.; Janssens, PA., 1980:
Development of the adrenal gland in the tammar wallaby, Macropus eugenii (Desmarest) (Marsupialia: Macropodidae)

Rudenko, G.P., 1981:
Development of the agro-industrial sector during the eleventh Five-Year-Plan

Hawker, J.S.; Buttrose, M.S., 1980:
Development of the almond nut (Prunus dulcis (Mill.) D. A. Webb). Anatomy and chemical composition of fruit parts from anthesis to maturity

Tanaka, K.; Tanimoto, Y., 1979:
Development of the cabbage webworm, Oebia undalis Fabricius

Smith, S.; Stern, A., 1981:
Development of the capacity of mouse mammary glands for medium chain fatty acid synthesis during pregnancy and lactation

Cabibel, M.; Ferry, P., 1980:
Development of the carotenoid contents of tomatoes in relation to stages of ripeness and conditions of culture

Kirby, E.J.M.; Appleyard, M., 1981:
Development of the cereal plant

Scholz, H., 1979:
Development of the class of co-operative farm workers in the Halle district

Rusch, W., 1981:
Development of the concept of prescribed yield

Yamano, S., 1981:
Development of the corpus vasculare paracloacale in the male chick embryo

Ebrahimzadeh, H.; Fotowati, A., 1980:
Development of the cytoplasmic and nuclear proteins in saffron (Crocus sativus L.) during flower formation

Damdinsuren, L., 1980:
Development of the dairy industry in the Mongolian Republic

Slagsvold, P., 1981:
Development of the dairy industry over 100 years

Dorofeev, V.F.; Filatenko, A.A., 1979:
Development of the doctrine of N. I. Vavilov on the centres of origin of cultivated plants in the works of E. N. Sinskaya

Mobbs, P.G., 1979:
Development of the dorsal ocelli of the desert locust, Schistocerca gregaria Forsk (Orthoptera: Acrididae)

Meier, R.; Rossler, E., 1980:
Development of the efficiency of industrialized milk production - results of factor analysis

Fedde, VH., 1980:
Development of the elm spanworm, Ennomos subsignarius, on artificial diet

Kassemeyer, H.H.; Staudt, G., 1981:
Development of the embryo sac and fertilization in the grapevine

Inomata, T.; Eguchi, Y.; Yamamoto, M.; Asari, M.; Kano, Y.; Mochizuki, K., 1982:
Development of the external genitalia in bovine fetuses

Kursakov, G.A.; Romanova, N.P.; Rastorguev, S.L., 1980:
Development of the female gametophyte in distant plum hybrids

Odiyo, P.O., 1979:
Development of the first outbreaks of the African armyworm, Spodoptera exempta (Walk.) between Kenya and Tanzania during the 'off-season' months of July-December

Odiyo, P.O., 1981:
Development of the first outbreaks of the African armyworm, Spodoptera exempta (Walk.), between Kenya and Tanzania during the 'off-season' months of July to December

Georgiev, S., 1979:
Development of the food industry in the People's Republic of Bulgaria up to the end of the 7th and during the 8th 5-year plan

Coombe, B.G.; Bishop, G.R., 1980:
Development of the grape berry. II. Changes in diameter and deformability during veraison

Gunther, C., 1980:
Development of the grass species of a reseeded standard mixture in the presence or absence of Agropyron repens (L.) P.B

Strelkov, A.A., 1980:
Development of the hypodermis and stichosome in Gastromermis hibernalis Rubz. 1974 (Nematoda, Mermithidae)

Korovin, V.A., 1980:
Development of the ideas of I. V. Michurin in breeding rootstocks for fruit crops

Bukhtilov, F.N.; Koshevaya, G.I.; Livanov, K.S.; Smolin, A.I.; Bocharaova, A.G.; Bukhtilova, N.S.; Shchetkina, A.A., 1981:
Development of the intestinal microflora in newborn calves

Vodyanova, O.S., 1979:
Development of the leaf apparatus in induced polyploid forms of onion

Martinez Palomo, A.; Tanimoto Weki, M.; Tena Betancourt, E., 1980:
Development of the lesions produced in hamsters by the inoculation of Entamoeba histolytica

Desmeth, M., 1981:
Development of the lipid and fatty acid patterns of the liver of the pigeon after hatching

Knight, C.H.; Peaker, M., 1982:
Development of the mammary gland

Mullebner, H., 1980:
Development of the nectar flow and results in the Pannonian district of Austria

Giroux, A., 1982:
Development of the non-black earth zone. The problems of Soviet agriculture in a nutshell

Soranzo, L., 1980:
Development of the oenocytes of the cattle grub during the course of the three larval instars (Diptera-Oestridae)

Bertrand, J.P.; Delame, A.; L.M.nestrel, J.; Ossard, H., 1980:
Development of the organization and division of labour. Three case studies: a market garden, a large agricultural co-operative, the US soya complex. A critique of Machlup's text (1967) on the theory of the firm

Sliwa, E.; Swiezynska, H., 1978:
Development of the outbreak of Euproctis chrysorrhoea in oak stands along the R. Oder in 1974-77

Charbonneau, P.; Pelletier, G.; Morisset, J., 1982:
Development of the pancreas during gestation and lactation in swine

Bartlett, S.G., 1978:
Development of the photosynthetic apparatus in greening primary leaves of Zea mays L

Varlet Grancher, C.; Bonhomme, R.; Chartier, M.; Artis, P., 1981:
Development of the photosynthetic response of the leaves and theoretical efficiency of gross photosynthesis in a crop of sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum)

Lohse, J.K.; First, N.L., 1981:
Development of the porcine fetal adrenal in late gestation

Roberts, B., 1981:
Development of the prothoracic spiracles in larvae of Sarcophaga bullata (Sarcophagidae: Diptera)

Harjit Singh; Sharma, M., 1980:
Development of the rat during neonatal undernutrition

Anonymous, 1979:
Development of the raw material milk

Mozes, S.; Kuchar, S.; Koppel, J., 1980:
Development of the regulation of food intake during growth: the effect of overfeeding on bodyweight gains in sucking rats

Vorob' ev, V.F.; Kashinskaya, V.K., 1980:
Development of the root system of cereals under photoculture

Nakasono, K.; Lordello, R.R.A.; Monteiro, A.R.; Lordello, L.G.E., 1980:
Development of the roots of coffee seedlings newly transplanted and penetrated by Meloidogyne exigua

Smith, H.; Quinn, R.B.uce, R.; Girdwood, R., 1982:
Development of the serological response in rabbits infected with Toxocara canis and Toxascaris leonina

Dubey, J.; Speer, C.; Callis, G.B.ixt, J., 1982:
Development of the sheep-canid cycle of Sarcocystis tenella

Gjerde, N.K., 1981:
Development of the size of Scandinavian Dark Standard (Scanblack) and Pastel mink pelts during the last 10 years

Maciolek, T.; Wisniewski, L., 1981:
Development of the socialized sector in Polish agriculture

Whittle, TA.; Burton, RL., 1980:
Development of the southwestern corn borer on three artificial diets

Herteveldt, L.; Keymeulen, M. van; Pelerents, C., 1980:
Development of the sterile insect release method against the cabbage root fly, Delia brassicae B. in North Belgium

Reyss Brion, M.; Scheib, D., 1980:
Development of the steroid-producing cells during the transformation of the right gonad into a testis in ovariectomized chicks

Uwate, W.J.; Lin, J., 1981:
Development of the stigmatic surface of Prunus avium L., sweet cherry

Pessoa, S.C.P.; Riche, G.R.; Silva, F.B.R., 1980:
Development of the structure of podzolic soils and latosols derived from granulite

Bauer, U., 1977:
Development of the sward, course of yield development and useful life of sown grassland

Koch, P.; Savage, T.E., 1980:
Development of the swathe-felling mobile chipper

Honzáková, E.; Cerný, V.; Daniel, M.; Dusbábek, F., 1980:
Development of the tick Ixodes laguri Ol. in the nests of the European suslik Citellus citellus (L.)

Barnabe, R.C., 1980:
Development of the use of prostaglandins in animal breeding

Reuss, H.U.; Bachthaler, G., 1981:
Development of the weed flora of an old three-course crop rotation 1968-1978 at various levels of cultivation

Bautista, A.C.; Bunoan, J.C.J.; Feuer, R., 1981:
Development of the zinc extension component for irrigated rice in the Philippine Masagana 99 production program

Dolman, TM., 1980:
Development of thermoregulation in Richardson's ground squirrel, Spermophilus richardsonii

Cerny, V., 1979:
Development of tillage in Czechoslovakia

Groshev, V.D., 1979:
Development of time charts for mechanized field work

Tikoo, S.K.; Anand, N., 1980:
Development of tomato genotypes with exserted stigma and a seedling marker for use as female parents to exploit heterosis

Lindley, D.K., 1976:
Development of tree enumeration techniques. A data processing system

Romagosa, I.; Hecker, R.J.; Lasa, J.M.; Tsuchiya, T., 1979:
Development of trisomic series in homozygous lines of sugarbeets

Jongeling, C.; Pettig, E., 1980:
Development of type in German Black Pied and German Red Pied cattle based on the body measurements and weights of cows exhibited at agricultural shows

Yatazawa, M.; Susilo, H., 1980:
Development of upper stem nodules in Aeschynomene indica under experimental conditions

Yano, N., 1981:
Development of utilization of lactic cultures - possiblities and their backgrounds

Talib Hussain, 1979:
Development of varieties resistant to bacterial blight of cotton

Ono, S., 1980:
Development of vegetable farming - its economy and system

Grada Yautentzi, R.; Valdes, M., 1979:
Development of vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhiza on some crops

Anap, G.R.; Kumar, B., 1980:
Development of village level milk processing unit

Tvrdon, O., 1979:
Development of wages in 1971-1977 for different types of jobs in Strilky and Zdounky unified agricultural co-operatives (Kromeriz district)

Matuschka, F.R.; Manner, K., 1981:
Development of weaned piglets experimentally infected with Isospora suis as a model for the anticoccidial effect of lasalocid and halofuginone

Desikachar, H.S.R., 1980:
Development of weaning foods with high caloric density and low hot-paste viscosity using traditional technologies

Ovejero, A.; Villar, C.; Fernandez, L.A., 1981:
Development of wheat cultivation at CREA Pringles I

Decoteau, D.R.; Craker, L.E., 1981:
Development of wheat under ozone stress

Kishan Singh; Singh, N.; Singh, R.P.; Misra, S.R., 1980:
Development of wilt disease in sugarcane through sett and soil inoculations

Kluz, I.; Nawara, W.; Dulinska, T., 1978:
Development of wool follicles and characters in Polish Merinos

Agaev, A.B.; Senchenkova, E.M., 1979:
Development of work on cell, tissue and organ cultures of plants in the Soviet Union

Oosterbaan, A., 1981:
Development of young stands of Quercus robur in the Vaals forest district

Sattler, M.; Hogeforster, J.; Brosse, U., 1981:
Development opportunities for rural areas. Agglomeration and depopulation processes of differently structured areas with particular attention to the problems of rural areas

Oesterdiekhoff, P.; Wohlmuth, K., 1979:
Development options of the underdeveloped agricultural country of Sudan. Report on the results of previous research

Martius, H., 1981:
Development oriented mechanization of agriculture in Bangladesh. An empirical study at the farm level

Brandt, H., 1980:
Development perspectives for agriculture in an independent Namibia

Ahlfeld, H., 1980:
Development perspectives in world sugar consumption

Ellis, G., 1981:
Development planning and appropriate technology: a dilemma and a proposal

Begle, C.R., 1979:
Development planning in Nepal

Dey, J., 1982:
Development planning in The Gambia: the gap between planners' and farmers' perceptions, expectations and objectives

Taubert, K.; Beck, C., 1981:
Development planning in arid regions -- the Souassi region of Tunisia

Taubert, K.; Beck, C., 1979:
Development planning in arid regions: problems and solutions, with reference to the Souassi region of Tunisia

Anonymous, 1981:
Development plans

Williams, R., 1980:
Development plans and definitions of green belts

Rudner, M., 1981:
Development policies and patterns of agrarian dominance in the Malaysian rubber export economy

Caplan, P., 1981:
Development policies in Tanzania - some implications for women

Hinderink, J.; Tempelman, G.J., 1979:
Development policy and development practice in Ivory Coast: a miracle or a mirage?

Court, D.; Kinyanjui, K., 1980:
Development policy and educational opportunity: the experience of Kenya and Tanzania

Zehender, W., 1982:
Development policy in crisis. The case of sub-Saharan Africa and its consequences for cooperation

Peters, K.J.; Horst, P., 1981:
Development potential of goat breeding in the tropics and subtropics

Khan, Y.M., 1980:
Development potential of wildlife in NWFP, Pakistan

Havnevik, K., 1981:
Development problems in Tanzanian agriculture: experiences from Rufiji District

Hildebrandt, H.H., 1981:
Development problems of farms in Schleswig-Holstein

Priebe, H.; Ort, W., 1981:
Development problems of peripheral areas, taking North-East Upper Franconia and South-East Lower Bavaria as examples

Weinschenck, G., 1979:
Development problems of the agricultural sector in labour-managed market economies: The case of Yugoslavia

Onishchenko, A.M.; Tipko, A., 1981:
Development problems of the agro-industrial complex of the Ukrainian SSR

Anonymous, 1980:
Development process for improving irrigation water management on farms: Executive summary; Problem identification manual; Development of solutions manual; Project implementation manual; Final report

Gudkov, A.V.; Kandrina, S.I.; Slipchenko, S.N.; Sokolova, G.M.; Goshev, G.N.; Levicheva, A.P., 1981:
Development processes in staphylococci

Heindl, J.C.; Brun, W.A.; Brenner, M.L., 1980:
Development profiles of cytokinins in soybean root pressure exudate

Anonymous, 1980:
Development programmes for primary recreation areas. Advice and guidelines

Wolff, P.; Bliss, H., 1980:
Development project Wadi el Natrun, Egypt: after 20 years

Anonymous, 1980:
Development prospects for the agricultural circles

Golabian, H., 1978:
Development strategies for Iran's underdeveloped rural and nomadic areas

Weinschenck, G., 1979:
Development strategies for rural areas

Nagaiya, S., 1980:
Development strategy for rural artisans

Ganser, K., 1980:
Development strategy in peripheral rural areas

Novotny, J., 1981:
Development support communication centre

Harbo, JR.; Bolten, AB., 1981:
Development times of male and female eggs of the honey bee

Schratt, H., 1981:
Development trends in Austrian agriculture with particular attention to crop production

Boulet, M., 1978:
Development trends in agricultural education

Hanus, H., 1979:
Development trends in agronomy

Vogelauer, R., 1981:
Development trends in milking machine construction

Csizmadia, E.; Szekely, M., 1980:
Development trends in the organisation of (Hungarian) enterprises

Schmidt, E., 1981:
Development trends on world agricultural markets: surplus or scarcity?

Herbert Smith, N., 1981:
Development under discussion

Tolba, M.K., 1982:
Development without destruction. Evolving environmental perceptions

Kisimoto, R., 1981:
Development, behaviour, population dynamics and control of the brown planthopper, Nilaparvata lugens Stal

Ball, J.C., 1980:
Development, fecundity, and prey consumption of four species of predacious mites (Phytoseiidae) at two constant temperatures

Weischer, B.; Wyss, U., 1980:
Development, histology and ultrastructure of root-tip galls induced by the ectoparasitic nematode Xiphinema index

Allsopp, P.G., 1981:
Development, longevity and fecundity of the false wireworms Pterohelaeus darlingensis and P. alternatus (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae). I. Effect of constant temperature

Dedek, M.; Teply, M., 1980:
Development, production and use of rennet preparations in Czechoslovakia

Senckenberg, E.; Messerschmidt, H.; Herbst, K.; Haring, H.; Sonneck, R.; Schlutter, H., 1980:
Development, situation and outlook for livestock production in the GFR. Cattle, pigs, sheep and poultry production and horse breeding. (6 papers)

Campbell, A.; Glines, M.V., 1979:
Development, survival, and oviposition of the rabbit tick, Haemaphysalis leporispalustris (Packard) (Acari: Ixodidae), at constant temperatures

Aboughanem, A., 1982:
Development, the dynamic of employment and training

Sarmadnia, G.H., 1981:
Developmental Patterns and Yields of Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) Grown with Minimal Water

Gogoi, A.R., 1978:
Developmental abnormalities in cestodes

Zakri, A.H.; Ramli, M.A., 1981 :
Developmental allometry and grain yield in rice

Gupta, V.P.; Lal, S., 1981:
Developmental allometry and plant type in chickpea

Jones, D.; Jones, G.; Hammock, BD., 1981:
Developmental and behavioural responses of larval Trichoplusia ni to parasitization by an imported braconid parasite Chelonus sp

Oda, M.; Kodama, T., 1979:
Developmental and ecological studies of stain-like symptoms caused by Colletotrichum spp. and other fungi on persimmon fruits

Collinge, D.B.; Hughes, M.A., 1982:
Developmental and physiological studies on the cyanogenic glucosides of white clover, Trifolium repens L

Etman, A.A.M.; Hooper, G.H.S., 1979:
Developmental and reproductive biology of Spodoptera litura (F.) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

Feldlaufer, M.F.; Eberle, M.W.; McClelland, G.A.H., 1981:
Developmental and teratogenic effects of precocene 2 on the bed bug, Cimex lectularius L

Lucas, A.; Sarson, D.L.; Bloom, S.R.; Aynsley-Green, A., 1980:
Developmental aspects of gastric inhibitory polypeptide (GIP) and its possible role in the enteroinsular axis in neonates

Dure, L.; Chlan, C., 1981:
Developmental Biochemistry of Cottonseed Embryogenesis and Germination : XII. PURIFICATION AND PROPERTIES OF PRINCIPAL STORAGE PROTEINS

Dure, L.; Galau, G.A., 1981:
Developmental Biochemistry of Cottonseed Embryogenesis and Germination : XIII. REGULATION OF BIOSYNTHESIS OF PRINCIPAL STORAGE PROTEINS

Fujii, J.K.; Yoshida, H.A., 1978:
Developmental biology of Anua indiscriminata in the laboratory (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

Riddle, D.L., 1982:
Developmental Biology of Caenorhabditis elegans: Symposium Introduction

Tang, X.H.; Shen, R.J.; Cao, M.S., 1980:
Developmental biology of embryogeny in higher plants. I. Growth patterns of embryogeny in rice and wheat

Nowosielski Slepowron, B.J.A.; Aryeetey, E.A., 1980:
Developmental biology of field and laboratory populations of Latheticus oryzae Waterhouse (Coleoptera, Tenebrionidae) under various conditions of temperature and humidity

Srivastava, J.N.; Chauhan, S.V.S., 1980:
Developmental changes in Coriandrum sativum L. anthers of plants infected by Protomyces macrosporous Ung

Findlay, E.; N.K.T.; Armstrong, S.M.; Reid, R.L., 1981:
Developmental changes in body iron status following prolonged iron depletion in the rat

Baker, E.A.; Hunt, G.M., 1981:
Developmental changes in leaf epicuticular waxes in relation to foliar penetration

Taha, A.; Zeidan, M.; Roushey, S.A.; Sedik, M.F., 1979:
Developmental changes in male buffalo calves

Binnington, KC.; Stone, BF., 1981:
Developmental changes in morphology and toxin content of the salivary gland of the Australian paralysis tick Ixodes holocyclus

Bloom, S.R.; Edwards, A.V., 1981:
Developmental changes in pancreatic endocrine function in the young calf

Ojeda, S.R.; Jameson, H.E.; McCann, S.M., 1977:
Developmental changes in pituitary responsiveness to luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone (LHRH) in the female rat: ovarian-adrenal influence during the infantile period

Zeisel, S.H.; Wurtman, R.J., 1981:
Developmental changes in rat blood choline concentration

Selmanoff, M.K.; Goldman, B.D.; Ginsburg, B.E., 1977:
Developmental changes in serum luteinizing hormone, follicle stimulating hormone and androgen levels in males of two inbred mouse strains

Carey, E.E.; Dickinson, D.B.; Rhodes, A.M.; Wei, L.Y., 1981:
Developmental changes in sorbitol and sugars of sweet corn kernels

Konaka, S.; Ohashi, H.; Okada, T.; Takewaki, T., 1980:
Developmental changes in sympathetic adrenergic innervation to the small intestine of the chick

Pomerantz, D.K., 1980:
Developmental changes in the ability of follicle stimulating hormone to stimulate estrogen synthesis in vivo by the testis of the rat

Farmer, L.J.; Mackie, W.S.; Ritchie, P.J., 1980:
Developmental changes in the biochemical composition of foetal and neonatal pig muscle with special reference to DNA synthesis

Farmer, L.J.; Mackie, W.S.; Ritchie, P.J., 1981:
Developmental changes in the biochemical composition of muscle from 'splayleg' piglets with special reference to DNA synthesis

Lönnerdal, B.; Keen, C.L.; Hurley, L.S.; Fisher, G.L., 1981:
Developmental changes in the composition of Beagle dog milk

Sobota, A.; Przelecka, A., 1981:
Developmental changes in the localization of calcium binding sites in Acanthamoeba castellanii

Andrews, W.W., 1981:
Developmental changes in the negative and positive feedback of sex steroids on gonadotropin release and the relationship of these changes to the onset of puberty in the female rat

Aung, L.H.; Byrne, J.M.; Crosby, K.E.; Buss, G.R., 1980:
Developmental changes in the reproductive structures of two soybean genotypes

Dittrick, LE.; Chiang, HC., 1982:
Developmental characteristics of Macrocentrus grandii as influenced by temperature and instar of its host, the European corn borer

Davies, I., 1982:
Developmental characteristics of grass varieties in relation to their herbage production. 6. Spring and summer growth of Sabrina hybrid ryegrass and RvP Italian ryegrass as influenced by the date of the intial cut in spring and the length of the succeeding growth period

Vovk, S.I.; Yanovich, V.G., 1979:
Developmental characteristics of metabolism of 14C-labelled glucose, fructose, acetate, palmitate and amino acids in liver and muscle of pigs

Lilburn, M.S.; Leach, R.M.; Buss, E.G., 1980:
Developmental comparisons between strains selected for and against excessive abdominal fat

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Developmental controls of morphological mutants of Phaseolus vulgaris L.: differential expression of mutant loci in plant organs

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Developmental cytology of 13 genetic male sterile loci in maize

Albertsen, M.C.; Phillips, R.L., 1980:
Developmental cytology of thirteen maize genetic male steriles

Albertsen, M.C., 1980:
Developmental cytology, mutagenesis and fertility restoration of genetic male-sterile maize (Zea mays L.)

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Developmental Determinants in Embryos of Caenorhabditis elegans

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Developmental disorders of the fetus in some arthropod-borne virus infections

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Developmental factors in the determination of maize kernel size

Wilson, D., 1981:
Developmental genetics

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Developmental genetics of Caenorhabditis elegans

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Developmental genetics of the mechanosensory neurons of Caenorhabditis elegans

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Developmental mutagenesis of the X-chromosome of the nematode Panagrellus redivivus

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Developmental mutants - a group of defective kernel mutants blocked in early embryo development

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Developmental neurobehavioural toxicity of butylated hydroxytoluene in rats

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Developmental pattern of testosterone synthesis by fetal rat testes in response to luteinizing hormone

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Developmental patterns of plasma and testicular testosterone in mice from birth to adulthood

Anonymous, 1979:
Developmental pharmacology

Bopp, M., 1979:
Developmental physiology

Fellenberg, G., 1980:
Developmental physiology

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Developmental physiology of cestodes. XV. A system for testing possible crowding factors in vitro

Insler, G.D.; Roberts, L.S., 1980:
Developmental physiology of cestodes. XVI. Effects of certain excretory products on incorporation of 3H-thymidine into DNA of Hymenolepis diminuta

Roberts, L.S.; Insler, G.D., 1982:
Developmental physiology of cestodes. XVII. Some biological properties of putative crowding factors in Hymenolepis diminuta

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Developmental physiology of peach (Prunus persica Batsch) cv. Flordasun. II. Biochemical changes

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Developmental rate and lower temperature threshold of the tomato pinworm

Oetinger, D.; Nickol, B., 1982:
Developmental relationships between acanthocephalans and altered pigmentation in freshwater isopods

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Developmental response of different pearlmillet cultivar seeds to Sitotroga cerealella Olivier and Sitophilus oryzae (Linn.)

Kirby, E.J.M., 1980:
Developmental responses in winter barley associated with sowing and their significance in breeding winter barley

Boikov, T.G., 1981:
Developmental rhythms of steppe plants and plant communities in southwestern trans-Baikal zone

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Developmental stage of the rat mammary gland as determinant of its susceptibility to 7,12-dimethylbenz[a]anthracene

Srivastava, D.P., 1981:
Developmental stages in very early maturing rice varieties and their significance in varietal performance

Grineva, G.G.; Chebyshev, N.V.; Kravtsov, E.G., 1980:
Developmental stages of Ascaris larvae most sensitive to antibody action

Bhaskara Rao, P.; Rao, B.V., 1981:
Developmental stages of the Philophthalmus anatinus Sugimoto, 1928 in the snail

Sharma, GK.; Intodia, SC.; Khanvilkar, V., 1981:
Developmental studies of Amrasca devastans Dist. and Earias vitella Fabr. on different cotton varieties

Pandey, B.B., 1978:
Developmental studies of some tapeworms with special reference to haematological, histochemical, biochemical observations and therapeutics

Karnik, K., 1981:
Developmental television in India

Syrett, P.; Penman, DR., 1981:
Developmental threshold temperatures for the brown lacewing, Micromus tasmaniae (Neuroptera: Hemerobiidae)

Hogg, D.B.; Calderon, C.M., 1981:
Developmental times of Heliothis zea and H. virescens (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) larvae and pupae in cotton

Feyerabend, G., 1980:
Developmental trends and progress in the field of chemical weed control in plant production

Marin, L., 1978:
Developmental ultrastructure of the cotyledon of Kochia childsii (Chenopodiaceae) during germination

Yokohama, M.; Kuwajima, M.; Miura, N.; Inoue, M.; Mogi, K.; Hosoda, T., 1981:
Developmental variation in the amount of transferrin protein in horses

Koldovsky, O., 1981:
Developmental, dietary and hormonal control of intestinal disaccharidases in mammals (including man)

Schwede, T., 1980:
Developments and changes in the law on agricultural structure since 1945

Fiddian, W.E.H., 1979:
Developments and procedures in the testing of cereal varieties

Oostendorp, D., 1981:
Developments and prospects for cattle production in the Netherlands

Mosdell, K.B., 1980:
Developments and trends in agriculture in Yorkshire

Hamilton, M.J., 1981:
Developments at Crosswoodhill, West Lothian

Anonymous, 1981:
Developments in ULV spraying

Woorst, G.J. ter, 1981:
Developments in agricultural co-operatives in Europe (Parts I-II)

Nielsen, G., 1982:
Developments in agricultural extension in Denmark

Altena, L. van, 1980:
Developments in agricultural statistics since 1976

Buringh, G.; Huydts, M.J.C.L., 1981:
Developments in agriculture and self-sufficiency in food production

Geense, C., 1981:
Developments in blackberry culture

Haisch, K.H.; Gross, E., 1980:
Developments in business management

Garavaglia, C., 1982:
Developments in chemicals against Peronospora: benalaxyl

Dunsmore, D.G., 1982:
Developments in cleaning and disinfection of milking equipment in Australia

Wessel, M., 1980:
Developments in cocoa nutrition in the nineteenth seventies, a review of literature

Croft, B.A.; Welch, S.M.; Miller, D.J.; Marino, M.L., 1979:
Developments in computer-based IPM extension delivery and biological monitoring system design

Servais, J., 1980:
Developments in consumption of dairy products in various countries

Nellist, M.E., 1982:
Developments in continuous-flow grain driers

Yang, C.Y., 1980:
Developments in crop protection of Glycine

Anonymous, 1981:
Developments in dairy farming in Gelderland

Wulff, J., 1980:
Developments in drying of dairy products since 1940

Wilkins, R.J., 1980:
Developments in efficient production and utilization of forage

O.F.aherty, T.; Maher, M.J., 1981:
Developments in energy use in protected cultivation in Ireland

Broster, W.H., 1980:
Developments in feeding dairy cows

L.Grice, S., 1980:
Developments in field drainage design

Granfield, E.F.; MacMahon, C.D.; Mithen, D.A., 1980:
Developments in forest road planning

Hofle, H.H., 1982:
Developments in forestry technology of interest to forest work contractors

Southcombe, E.S.E., 1980:
Developments in herbicide application

Bailey, E.J., 1981:
Developments in irrigation systems in Europe

Anonymous, 1982:
Developments in laying cage feeding systems

Anonymous, 1981:
Developments in liquid milk supply

Dunham, D., 1980:
Developments in marketing spreads for food products in 1979

Buitelaar, K., 1981:
Developments in melon growing

Steiner, J.T., 1980:
Developments in meteorology and their relevance to agriculture

Schipper, C.J., 1980:
Developments in milking and milking hygiene

Allan, J.R.M.B., 1980:
Developments in monitortng and control systems for greater accuracy in spray application

Mukherjee, S.K., 1981:
Developments in nitrophosphate technologies for high water soluble phosphatic fertilisers

Sparnaaij, L.D.; Vossen, H.A.M. van der, 1980:
Developments in oil palm breeding: a reappraisal of present and future breeding procedures in the light of results from the Nigerian Institute for Oil Palm Research breeding programme

Mangoensoekarjo, S., 1981:
Developments in pesticide application

Matthews, G.A., 1981:
Developments in pesticide application for the small-scale farmer in the tropics

Pichat, P.; Sinn, R., 1981:
Developments in phosphogypsum disposal

Cherian, K.; Jose, K.K.; Narayanamurthy, J., 1981:
Developments in phosphoric acid production technology

Jurriens, M.; Bos, M.G., 1980:
Developments in planning of irrigation projects

Gowen, S.R., 1981:
Developments in plant nematode control

Wills, G.D.; McWhorter, C.G., 1981:
Developments in post-emergence herbicide applicators

Alleblas, J.T.W., 1982:
Developments in productivity and profitability in specialised open air nurseries between 1968 and 1979

Oterholm, B., 1981:
Developments in quality evaluation and quality of raw milk

Arnold, A.C., 1980:
Developments in sampling and measuring techniques for monitoring small droplets

Hayden, C.; Round, J.I., 1982:
Developments in social accounting methods as applied to the analysis of income distribution and employment issues

Scholz, B., 1980:
Developments in stone removal from the topsoil of arable land

Balogh, A., 1979:
Developments in the agriculture of the Soviet Union

Pelletier, S.W.; Mody, N.V., 1980:
Developments in the chemistry of diterpenoid alkaloids

Rodger, I., 1982:
Developments in the concentration of sulfuric acid

Davet, P.; Martin, C., 1980:
Developments in the control of Sclerotinia on lettuce

Sinnathamby, S.V., 1977:
Developments in the control of coconut scale, Aspidiotus destructor Sign. in Sri Lanka

Anonymous, 1981:
Developments in the grassland economy of the Netherlands

Davey, J.D., 1982:
Developments in the mechanization of green hops handling, drying and pelletizing of hops on the farm

Dimeny, I., 1981:
Developments in the mechanization of the horticultural sector

Porwoll, R.; Wohlken, E., 1981:
Developments in the price and consumption of saleable feedingstuffs in the GFR

Baker, J.M., 1979:
Developments in the protection of wood and wood-based products

Haan, W.G. de, 1980:
Developments in the structure of flower bulb holdings in the period since 1970

Meyer, J.L.; Olson, E.H., 1980:
Developments in trials in California on animal waste management practices in relation to mosquito control

Simpson, G.H., 1980:
Developments in undertree irrigation systems in the Murray Valley

Quick, G.R., 1980:
Developments in use of vegetable oils as fuel for diesel engines

Wichtmann, N., 1981:
Developments in vegetable cultivation for the processing sector in the European Community, with particular reference to the German Federal Republic

Fischer, R.A., 1981:
Developments in wheat agronomy

Calzolari, A.; Polidoro, O.; Conta, H., 1979:
Developments in wheat breeding during the years 1972/73 to 1975/76 in the Pergamino Regional Experimental Station for Agriculture

Richards, E.G., 1980:
Developments towards whole tree utilization of softwoods

Kirkland, K., 1980:
Developments with Stomp (pendimethalin herbicide) in Africa

Hargroder, T.G.; Cox, J.M.; Yonce, H.D., 1981:
Developments with mefluidide (Vistar) soybean herbicide

Deegan, J.L., 1979:
Deviation from optimum fallow periods for dry rice fields in Sarawak: the effects on rice production

Dommerholt, J., 1980:
Deviation from or percentage of herd yield in breeding value estimation

Happel, F.; Happel, W., 1982:
Device allowing periodic air emission into a teatcup, and a teatcup fitted with the device

Kepplinger, W.L.; Madlsperger, G., 1981:
Device and methods for treatment of water containing fluorosilicates and hydrogen fluoride produced during the wet decomposition of phosphates

Shenfish, A.E.; Danilova, N.A., 1982:
Device for automatic regulation of milking machine operation

Hager, R.C.; Kolb, R.C.; Bartlett, D.R., 1981:
Device for automatically treating fin-clipped fish with fungicide solutions

Bogdan, I.D.; Zavatskii, L.N.; Krivova, L.A., 1981:
Device for cleaning milking equipment

Scott, M.J. (New Zealand), 1981:
Device for closing a flow passage in response to vacuum loss therein

Scott, M.J., 1981:
Device for closing a liquid-carrying pipeline

Zorin, N.; Klinkov, M., 1982:
Device for collecting colostrum

Lopatin, A.V., 1980:
Device for collecting cones from growing trees

Kanbayashi, C.; Hara, T.; Hamaoka, M. (Japan), 1982:
Device for connecting pipes in a double piping type milking machine

Vinnikov, I.K.; Drigo, V.A.; Tsoi, Y.A.; Berends, T.K.; Zabrodina, O.B.; Zelentsov, A.I., 1982:
Device for controlling machine milking

Danilenko, L.V.; Babkin, V.P.; Zaporozhets, V.P.; Syrovatko, A.G., 1981:
Device for controlling milking process

Hacker, J., 1980:
Device for delivering a pre-determined quantity of a feed to a milking parlour stall

Polev, N.A.; Vasiljev, I.P., 1980:
Device for determining air permeability of the soil

Kurochkin, A.A.; Averkiev, A.A., 1980 :
Device for determining elasticity of the teats

Dotsenko, S.M., 1982:
Device for determining rigidity of teatcup liners

Koleinikov, Z.I., 1981:
Device for determining the hardness of teatcup liners

Kurochkin, A.A.; Solov' ev, S.A.; Averkiev, A.A., 1981:
Device for determining the hardness of the teat

Butkus, K.D.; Butkus, R.K., 1982:
Device for determining the readiness of milk coagulum for cutting

Hamann, J., 1981:
Device for disinfecting teats

Eriksson, B.; Bostrom, G. (Sweden), 1981:
Device for dispensing beverages

Bashkirov, B.A.; Korzhov, V.I.; Kupriyan, S.I., 1981:
Device for electrical stimulation of animals during machine milking

Babkin, V.P.; Bessmertnyi, S.A., 1981:
Device for filtering milk in pipeline milking machines

Denk, V. (German Federal Republic), 1981:
Device for heating liquids with a view to their pasteurization, sterilization or the like

Denk, V., 1980:
Device for heating liquids, in particular foods and beverages, for the purpose of pasteurization, sterilization etc

Nakamura, S. (Japan), 1980:
Device for indicating and signalling the end of milking in milking machines

Kartashov, L.P.; Ol' khova, I.K.; Averkiev, A.A., 1981:
Device for investigating parameters of machine milking

Korablin, V.I., 1981:
Device for investigating suckling action of animals

Revesz, I. (Sweden), 1979:
Device for maintaining constant vacuum level in a vacuum system

Zelentsov, A.I.; Tsoi, Y.A.; Drigo, V.A.; Berin' sh, A.A., 1980:
Device for manipulating teatcups

Krasnov, I.N.; Pospelov, V.G.; Korablin, V.I.; Tumonova, E.R.; Zhizhchenko, I.N., 1981:
Device for massaging animal udder in process of milking

Komlatskii, V.I.; Mikhailyuk, P.M.; Kulikova, N.I., 1981:
Device for massaging udders of animals

Neverov, Y.N.; Supron, Y.P., 1981:
Device for measuring forces when shearing trees

Zhorov, I.V.; Borisov, A.V.; Gorm, S.Y., 1982:
Device for measuring milk yield

Zaltsmanis, G.R.; Zal' kalis, Z.Y.; Ukstin' sh, Y.T., 1981:
Device for measuring pulsation phases of milking machine pulsators

Karlsson, A.; Nilsson, L., 1981:
Device for measuring temperature changes in animals

Tyul' panov, M.S.; Kutsiya, A.S.; Gatilin, A.N., 1979:
Device for measuring the flow rate of low-viscosity products

Baranovskii, M.; Bakunovich, A., 1982:
Device for milk sampling

Anonymous, 1981:
Device for monitoring liquid flow

Rabushko, G.E.; Malyavkin, N.P.; Akhmedzyanov, R.M.; Mindibaev, V.M., 1982:
Device for monitoring milk flow

Hertrich, U., 1976:
Device for monitoring milk flow in the control of milking machines

Prishchep, L.G.; Plyugachev, K.V.; Lyubimov, E.I.; Tsoi, Y.A., 1981:
Device for optimizing milking regime

Bradtmoller, W., 1980:
Device for producing butter in a continuously working machine

Volovik, M.D., 1980:
Device for protecting cables

Gorvad, M.R.; Strauss, K.B., 1980:
Device for rapid determination of wood sample volume by immersion

Eismann, J., 1982:
Device for receiving milk

Vecheslavov, N.A., 1980:
Device for receiving the assortments in cross-cutting units

Belov, L.B.; Gorbulichev, V.G.; Zyubin, V.S.; Ryazanskii, M.P., 1981:
Device for registering milk ejection parameters

Moldenhauer, H.; Muller, K., 1980:
Device for regulating vacuum in a pipe system

Nakamura, S. (Japan), 1981:
Device for reporting the end of a milking period

Golubishen, A.I.; Osipov, V.V.; Krus' , G.N.; Tinyakov, V.G., 1982:
Device for salting cheese

Kartashov, L.P.; Solov' ev, S.A.; Kholodilin, A.B., 1981:
Device for sanitary treatment of udder

Starodubtsev, V.M.; Boitsov, E.I.; Gavryushin, M.V., 1981:
Device for signalling beginning and end of milking of cows

Anonymous, 1980:
Device for signalling the end of milking

Zats, L.S.; Ivanov, N.P.; Orlov, V.A.; Pavlovich, S.V.; Urbanovich, V.K., 1979:
Device for sorting teatcups into groups according to flexing capacity of the liner

Kartashov, L.P.; Tolmachev, V.I., 1981:
Device for storing teatcup liners

Spillecke, V.; Milde, K.; Parnack, M.; Tutte, A., 1978:
Device for switching off diaphragm pulsators

Biryukova, E.; Lanim, E.; Stupak, I., 1981:
Device for taking milk samples from milk pipelines

Oreshkin, N.G., 1979:
Device for taking suspension samples for the particle-size analysis of soils

Muzzarelli, G. (Italy), 1980:
Device for the flocculation of albumin from whey material

Bosgraaf, S., 1980:
Device for the insertion of a pressing device in a cheese mould

Banit, V.N., 1980:
Device for the rearing of the grain moth

Cerny, V.; Mucha, F., 1982:
Device for uniformly distributing liquids on evaporation tubes in falling-film plants

Hain, G.; Wulff, B.; Stacheter, J. (German Federal Republic), 1981:
Device for washing and cooling the granulate of Cottage cheese, curd or the like

Galaov, K.K.; Doronin, B.A., 1981:
Device for washing teatcup liners

Zakharov, V.V., 1980:
Device with pulse drive for cutting wood

Arbatskaya, N.I.; Anokhina, L.N.; Bednenko, R.F.; Markhinin, G.V.; Kaul' kin, N.N., 1980 :
Devices for intensification of drying of caseinate solutions

Kas' yanenko, A.N.; Kas' yanenko, E.N., 1979:
Devising a mathematical system for use in breeding

Obukhovich, E.M.; Chaeva, T.F., 1980:
Devising a method of evaluating barley for resistance to Oscinella and root rots

Rejholec, J., 1980:
Devitalization of salmonellae in fish meals with propionic acid

McAlpin, M., 1980:
Devonshire Quarrenden - a high quality old English apple - early, sweet, bright red and flat

Subramaniam, A.R.; Kesava Rao, A.V.R., 1981:
Dew fall in the dry climate zones of India

Hills, D.J.; Kemmerle, R.L., 1981:
Dewatering considerations for effluent from dairy manure anaerobic digesters

Ryzhenkov, V.N.; Komarov, G.V.; Kuznetsov, A.N., 1979:
Dewatering of pig slurry by pressing

Lowman, B.J.; Casavan, K., 1978:
Dewinger for small seedlots

Ott, R.S.; Nelson, D.R.; Memon, M.A.; Lock, T.F.; Hixon, J.E., 1980:
Dexamethasone and prostaglandin F2 alpha for induction of parturition in goats

Fairclough, R.J.; Hunter, J.T.; Welch, R.A., 1981:
Dexamethasone concentrations in plasma and milk of cows following the injection of long- and short-acting dexamethasone esters

Hall, A.P., 1982:
Dexamethasone deleterious in cerebral malaria

Skrabalak, D.S.; Maylin, G.A., 1982:
Dexamethasone metabolism in the horse

Warrell, D.A.; Looareesuwan, S.; Warrell, M.J.; Kasemsarn, P.; Intaraprasert, R.; Bunnag, D.; Harinasuta, T., 1982:
Dexamethasone proves deleterious in cerebral malaria. A double-blind trial in 100 comatose patients

Harrison, F.A., 1982:
Dexamethasone-induced parturition in sheep

Nikolov, N.; Dellamonica, G.; Chopin, J., 1981:
Di-C-glycosylflavones from Crataegus monogyna

Malik, S.K.; Dhand, R.; Talwar, P., 1980:
Di-iodohydroxyquinoline in the treatment of bronchopulmonary aspergillosis

Richter, E.A.; Ruderman, N.B.; Schneider, S.H., 1981:
Diabetes and exercise

Jain, P.; Khuller, M.; Chugh, S.; Bhatia, A.; Vinayak, V.K., 1982:
Diabetes mellitus and experimental amoebiasis in rats

Heath, H.; Melton, L.J.; Chu, C.P., 1980:
Diabetes mellitus and risk of skeletal fracture

Gould, A.C., 1981:
Diabetes mellitus in cattle

Eigenmann, J.E., 1981:
Diabetes mellitus in elderly female dogs: recent findings on pathogenesis and clinical implications

Gabbe, S.G., 1981:
Diabetes mellitus in pregnancy: have all the problems been solved?

Salans, L.B., 1982:
Diabetes mellitus. A disease that is coming into focus

Oyer, D.S., 1982:
Diabetes mellitus. New developments

Jenkins, D.-Ja; Wolever, T.-Ms; Taylor, R.-H.R.ynolds, D.; Nineham, R.; Hockaday, T.D.rek, R., 1980:
Diabetic glucose control, lipids, and trace elements on long-term guar

Portha, B.; Giroix, M.H.; Cros, J.C.; Picon, L., 1980:
Diabetogenic effect of N-nitrosomethylurea and N-nitrosomethylurethane in the adult rat

Kostyuchenko, O.I.; Komissarenko, N.F.; Zinchenko, T.V.; Derkach, A.I., 1981:
Diacetylspectabiflaside from Stachys atherocalyx

Chitwood, D.J.; Krusberg, L.R., 1981:
Diacyl, Alkylacyl, and Alkenylacyl Phospholipids of Meloidogyne javanica Females

Heath, E.; Ott, R.S., 1982:
Diadem/crater defect in spermatozoa of a bull

Guillozet, N., 1980:
Diagnosing myiasis

Buckingham, F., 1981:
Diagnosing service problems with ultrasonics?

Spooner, R.L., 1981:
Diagnosing wrong parentage, freemartins, translocations and mannosidosis

Fales, W.H.; Morehouse, L.G.; Blackburn, B.O.; Youngquist, R.S.; Braun, W.F.; Schlater, L.K., 1980:
Diagnosis and control of contagious equine metritis (CEM) in Missouri U.S.A

Hahn, W.; Schmatz, R., 1980:
Diagnosis and control of infection by Ascochyta in chrysanthemums

Maess, J.; Kunstyr, I., 1981:
Diagnosis and control of the most common parasites of small laboratory animals

Neely, D., 1980:
Diagnosis and control of tree disease damage

Avila, J.D.; Vera, J.C.; Ferrando, C.; Sager, R.; Rossanigo, C.Y.; Vasquez, R., 1982:
Diagnosis and control of tritrichomoniasis on a farm in the plains of La Rioja

Renault, L.; Deshayes, A.; Alamagny, A.; Marius, V.; Guittet, M.; Bennejean, G., 1981:
Diagnosis and control of vaccination of avian infectious bronchitis. Value of determining neutralizing antibodies by the beta method (with fixed virus and variable serum)

Stewart, H.T.L.; Flinn, D.W.; Baldwin, P.J.; James, J.M., 1981:
Diagnosis and correction of iron deficiency in planted eucalypts in north-west Victoria

Perez, E.; Flores Castro, R.; Alberto de la Higuera, J.; Trigo Tavera, F.J., 1979:
Diagnosis and description of an outbreak of ovine epididymitis in Mexico caused by Brucella ovis

Calvert, C.A.; Mandell, C.P., 1982:
Diagnosis and management of feline heartworm disease

Gorbunov, A.S.; Belov, V.P., 1978:
Diagnosis and prevention of osteodystrophy in cows

Huskamp, B.; Becker, M., 1980:
Diagnosis and prognosis of changes in the sesamoid bone of the forelimb of horses as seen by radiography during examination before sale. An attempt to classify the findings

Santos, E.C. dos; Oliveira, M.V. de, 1981:
Diagnosis and strategy of development for EPAMIG/DTA/ILCT's milk suppliers

Schuberth, G., 1980:
Diagnosis and supervised treatment of thyroid diseases in the dog by means of the radiological Res-O-Mat ETR test, and evaluation of thyroid-related bone metabolic disorders, such as hip dysplasia

Kummerfeld, N.; Hinz, K.H., 1982:
Diagnosis and therapy of acariasis of finches (Fringillidae) and canaries (Estrildidae) caused by the canary lung mite (Sternostoma tracheacolum)

Wittermann, C.; Reindke, B.; Bienzle, U., 1980:
Diagnosis and therapy of visceral leishmaniasis

Bisping, W.; Kirpal, G.; Sonnenschein, B., 1981:
Diagnosis and treatment of Campylobacter fetus infection in bulls at artificial insemination centres

Manino, A., 1980:
Diagnosis and treatment of Varroa infestation

Anderson, K.L.; Smith, A.R.; Gustafsson, B.K.; Spahr, S.L.; Whitmore, H.L., 1982:
Diagnosis and treatment of acute mastitis in a large dairy herd

Rebhun, W.C.; deLahunta, A., 1982:
Diagnosis and treatment of bovine listeriosis

Johnston, T.S., 1981:
Diagnosis and treatment of five parasites. Enterobius vermicularis, Giardia lamblia, Trichuris trichiura, Ascaris lumbricoides, Entamoeba histolytica

Chigot, J.P.; Riquet, M.; Clot, J.P.; Ghesquiere, F.; Mercadier, M., 1981:
Diagnosis and treatment of hydatid cyst of the liver. Report of fifty-two cases

Chigot, J.P.; Riquet, M.; Clot, J.P.; Ghesquiere, F.; Mercadier, M., 1980:
Diagnosis and treatment of hydatid cyst of the liver: 52 cases

Dumic, M.; Res, L.; Valic, I.; Kalafatic, Z., 1979:
Diagnosis and treatment of hypomagnesaemia

Ferguson, A., 1981:
Diagnosis and treatment of lactose intolerance

Palestine, R.F.; Rogers, R.S.I.I., 1982:
Diagnosis and treatment of mycetoma

Giannetti, A., 1980:
Diagnosis and treatment of parasitic infestations

Felman, Y.M.; Nikitas, J.A., 1980:
Diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases; Equipment necessary to set up physician's office

Stoyanov, G.; Deredzhyan, K., 1981:
Diagnosis and treatment of suppurative hepatic hydatid cysts

Coyle, V., 1980:
Diagnosis and treatment of thallium toxicosis in a dog

Magomedov, A.Z.; Deenichin, P.G.; Makhatilov, M.M., 1980:
Diagnosis and treatment of unilocular hydatids perforated into the bile ducts

Merino, N.; Villanueva, J.; Garcia, G., 1980:
Diagnosis by brain impression smears of healthy bovine carriers of Babesia bovis

Hammer, B.; Jellinger, K., 1981:
Diagnosis by computer tomography of cysticerciasis

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Diagnosis of African trypanosomiasis in cattle: improved parasitological and serological techniques

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Diagnosis of Aleutian disease in mink by means of counterimmunoelectrophoresis

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Diagnosis of Aujeszky's disease in a pig breeding herd in Austria and proposals for its eradication

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Diagnosis of candida albicans mycosis in gynaecology by the germ tube test

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Diagnosis of Dicrocoelium infection in sheep by the latex agglutination test

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Diagnosis of Giardia canis, the elusive parasite

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Diagnosis of Nocardia pneumonia by transtracheal aspiration

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Diagnosis of Plasmodium falciparum infection using a solid-phase radioimmunoassay for the detection of malaria antigens

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Diagnosis of Thelazia gulosa and T. skrjabini infections in cattle

Zheng, Q.D.; Xu, H.X.; Pang, N.J.; Wang, B.A.; Xu, K.Q.; Wang, X.Z.; Hu, X.F., 1981:
Diagnosis of acute swine erysipelas by the serum culture agglutination test

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Diagnosis of acute toxoplasmosis with the help of specific IgM antibodies

Malhotra, S.S.; Blauel, R.A., 1980:
Diagnosis of air pollutant and natural stress symptoms on forest vegetation in western Canada

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Diagnosis of amebic vaginitis from cervicovaginal smears

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Diagnosis of avian infectious bronchitis by immunofluorescence

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Diagnosis of bancroftian filariasis: a review

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Diagnosis of blastomycosis by transbronchial lung biopsy: case report

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Diagnosis of bovine diarrhoea virus infection in the living animal

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Diagnosis of bovine diarrhoea virus infection with reference to the present epidemiological situation

Peterson, M.E.; Randolph, J.F., 1982:
Diagnosis of canine primary polycythemia and management with hydroxyurea

Guibourg, D.J., 1980:
Diagnosis of caprine mycoplasmoses in France

Multigner, L.; Figarella, C.; Sarles, H., 1981:
Diagnosis of chronic pancreatitis by measurement of lactoferrin in duodenal juice

Leipold, H.W.; Jayasekara, M.U.; Cook, J.E., 1979:
Diagnosis of congenital diseases of the bovine skin

Robson, A.D.; Reuter, D.J., 1981:
Diagnosis of copper deficiency and toxicity

Larionov, S.V., 1982:
Diagnosis of demodicosis in cattle and goats

Narisawa, K.; Arai, N.; Hayakawa, H.; Tada, K., 1981:
Diagnosis of dihydropteridine reductase deficiency by erythrocyte enzyme assay

Delgado, A.; Ruiloba, M.H.; Avila, M., 1979:
Diagnosis of dual-purpose dairy farms in 3 regions of Panama

Rundaeva, V.M.; Maksimova, T.K., 1980:
Diagnosis of earliness in tomatoes in the course of breeding

Grymer, J.; Svalastoga, E.; Moelbak, I., 1980:
Diagnosis of feline infectious peritonitis - ten cases

Rivasi, F.; Raisi, O., 1981:
Diagnosis of gastric strongyloidiasis by brush cytology. Report of two cases

Fashuyi, S.A., 1981:
Diagnosis of gastro-intestinal helminths of dogs in Lagos area using the Kato-Katz technique

Genchi, C.; Sonzogni, O., 1979:
Diagnosis of helminths of animals of zootechnical interest: practical note

Ambroise Thomas, P.; Desgeorges, P.T.; Bouttaz, M., 1980:
Diagnosis of human and bovine fascioliasis by means of emzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA). Detection of circulating antibodies and/or antigens

Ciferri, F., 1981:
Diagnosis of human pulmonary dirofilariasis

Grove, D.I.; Blair, A.J., 1981:
Diagnosis of human strongyloidiasis by immunofluorescence, using Strongyloides ratti and S. stercoralis larvae

Auffray Baudet, P.; Sánchez Concheiro, M.; Domínguez Pérez, J.R., 1980:
Diagnosis of hydatid cyst by immunofluorescence

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Diagnosis of hydatid disease in sheep by indirect hemoagglutination test

Schulze, K.; Treugut, H.; Mahnke, B.; Barth, V., 1980:
Diagnosis of hydatid disease of the liver by angiography

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Diagnosis of infectious atrophic rhinitis in pigs

Lohr, J.E., 1981:
Diagnosis of infectious bronchitis (IB) by examination of tracheal mucus for IB-precipitating antigens

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Diagnosis of intestinal amoebiasis

Madrazo, I.; Renteria, J.A.; Paredes, G.; Olhagaray, B., 1981:
Diagnosis of intraventricular and cisternal cysticercosis by computerized tomography with positive intraventricular contrast medium

Jaramillo, C.R.; Garita, C.R.A., 1981:
Diagnosis of leaf margin chlorosis of banana in Guapiles, Costa Rica. Part 2

Kim, K.J., 1979:
Diagnosis of mastitis by chlorine detection in milk

Hinckley, L.S.; Williams, L.F., 1981:
Diagnosis of mastitis in goats

Doktor, J., 1979:
Diagnosis of mastitis with 'manual mastitis detector' (MDM)

Kivako, N.P., 1979:
Diagnosis of micro-onchocercarial infestation of the udder skin of cows

He, W.M.; Liu, H.J.; Ma, X.F.; Zhao, L.S., 1981:
Diagnosis of necrotic enteritis in chicks

Polyak, D.; Kozma, P.; Toth Suranyi, K., 1979:
Diagnosis of nutrient supply in grapevines by using nutrient solutions

Belousov, M.A.; Abdraimov, A.A.; Dubonosov, V.A., 1980:
Diagnosis of nutrition of cotton given high rates of mineral fertilizers

Murali, N.S.; Nielsen, J.M., 1980:
Diagnosis of nutritional disorders in soybean by inorganic tissue analysis

Laitinen, J.; Remes, E.; Hanninen, O.; Alanko, M.; Simanainen, V., 1982:
Diagnosis of oestrus and pregnancy in the mare by means of milk progesterone assay

Molina Pasquel, C., 1979:
Diagnosis of onchocerciasis

Hofmann, R.; Schönbauer, M., 1982:
Diagnosis of osteochondrosis dissecans in the horse

Herak, M.; Herak, M., 1981:
Diagnosis of pathological changes in the ovaries of sows by determining activity of the enzymes SDH, GMD and ICD in their blood serum

Vindevogel, H.; Aguilar Setien, A.; Dagenais, L.; Pastoret, P.P., 1980:
Diagnosis of pigeon herpesvirus infection

Drews, M., 1977:
Diagnosis of plant injury to glasshouse cucumbers

Tishkov, A.I., 1981:
Diagnosis of poisoning in animals (swine, rabbits) with the systemic fungicide Plantvax (oxycarboxin)

Chirkov, S.N.; Olovnikov, A.M.; Varitsev, Y.A.; Atabekov, I.G., 1982:
Diagnosis of potato viruses X, S, M and Y by the method of virobacterial agglutination

Basargina, N.L., 1980:
Diagnosis of readiness of winter wheat for ear formation under controlled temperature conditions during vernalization in climatic chambers

Thomas, L.H.; Stott, E.J., 1981:
Diagnosis of respiratory syncytial virus infection in the bovine respiratory tract by immunofluorescence

Eugster, A.K.; Scrutchfield, W.L., 1980:
Diagnosis of rotavirus infection in foals

Li, Y.H. et al., 1980:
Diagnosis of schistosomiasis by counter-immunoelectrophoresis with enzyme-linked antigen

Carthew, P.; Slinger, R.P., 1981:
Diagnosis of sialodacryoadenitis virus infection of rats in a virulent enzootic outbreak

Fruganti, G.; Valente, C., 1980:
Diagnosis of subclinical bovine mastitis

Petrovic, M., 1981:
Diagnosis of subclinical bovine mastitis with the Zdravlja mastitis reagent (Leskovac) in the Leskovac and Lebane districts

Shipilov, V.S.; Khramtsov, V.V., 1981:
Diagnosis of subclinical chronic endometritis in cows (by microscopic examination of vaginal mucus and its effect on spermatozoa)

Gregg, P.E.H.; Jones, M.B.; Rendig, V.V., 1980:
Diagnosis of sulfur deficiencies in California rangeland

Barcellos, D.E.S.N. de, 1978:
Diagnosis of swine dysentery and isolation of Treponema hyodysenteriae in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

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Diagnosis of swine trichinellosis with the larval microprecipitation test: experimental results

Savvin, I.M., 1981:
Diagnosis of the condition and resistance of oak to fungus diseases

Cardellino Stercken, R.A.; Guerreiro, J.L.V.; Osorio, J.C.S., 1980:
Diagnosis of the current position and the structure of sheep breeding in Rio Grande do Sul

Polonskaya, L.I., 1980:
Diagnosis of the degree of waterlogging of soils on varve clays from the chemical properties of the ortsteins present

Belogurov, O.I.; Koroleva, N.I., 1975:
Diagnosis of the genera Axonolaimus, Apodontium, Ascolaimus, Margonema and Odontophora of the subfamily Axonolaiminae (Nematoda, Axonolaimidae), with descriptions of some far-eastern species

Korotkov, G.P., 1980:
Diagnosis of the infection of Scots pine by Heterobasidion annosum

Mikhailov, L.E.; Storozhenko, V.G., 1980:
Diagnosis of the resistance of aspen stands to decay diseases

Dvorak, B., 1978:
Diagnosis of the species causing coccidiosis in farmyard chickens

Stoyanov, D.; Mokhamed, Y., 1980:
Diagnosis of the zinc regime of maize grown on highly calcareous clay loam chernozem soil

Zhang, C.S.; Zhou, X.L.; Gao, Y.H., 1982:
Diagnosis of toxoplasmosis in swine by the indirect haemagglutination test

Carrie, J.; Durand, B., 1979:
Diagnosis of trypanosomiasis - practical application

Permanetter, W.; Bassermann, R.; Denecke, H., 1981:
Diagnosis of unilocular hydatid by cytological methods. The possibility of quick diagnosis during operation

Rosin, A.E.; Barsanti, J.A., 1981:
Diagnosis of urinary incontinence in dogs: role of the urethral pressure profile

Romaniuk, K., 1982:
Diagnosis of varroa disease in the honeybee

Elston, R.; Leibovitz, L.; Relyea, D.; Zatila, J., 1981:
Diagnosis of vibriosis in a commercial oyster hatchery epizootic: diagnostic tools and management features

Allen, T.C., 1980:
Diagnosis of virus diseases of lilies

Levchenko, V.I., 1981:
Diagnosis of vitamin D deficiency (in young cattle, by means of the alkaline phosphatase activity of blood and synovial fluid)

Spitzbart, H.; Mende, H.E., 1979:
Diagnosis of yeast infection of the genital region

Rogozhin, A.N., 1979:
Diagnosis of yield in male-sterile beet forms and hybrids

Roth, H.P.; Kirchgessner, M., 1980:
Diagnosis of zinc deficiency by means of alkaline phosphatase activity in the serum before and after a zinc injection

Ghoneim, M.F.; Bussler, W., 1980:
Diagnosis of zinc deficiency in cotton

Shamshin, N.P.; Strugatskaya, G.S.; Khizhin, V.Y.; Ignat' eva, L.B., 1980:
Diagnosis, clinical patterns, and therapy of mixed gonorrhea and trichomoniasis in men and women

Khelil, A.; Hamdi Pacha, A., 1978:
Diagnostic analysis of the nutritional state of some clementine groves in the Mitidja region of Algeria by means of leaf analysis

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Diagnostic and epidemiologic aspects of outbreaks of avian infectious laryngotracheitis in Baden-Wurttemberg in 1981

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Diagnostic and prognostic importance of lactate concentration in blood and peritoneal fluid of horses with colic

Johnston, S.D., 1980:
Diagnostic and therapeutic approach to infertility in the bitch

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Diagnostic and therapeutic evaluation of invasive intestinal amoebiasis in children

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Diagnostic and therapeutic techniques in veterinary science

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Diagnostic applications of the ultrasonic erythrogram

Wu, S.X. et al., 1980:
Diagnostic approach to localized cutaneous sporotrichosis - analysis of 30 cases

Bawaskar, H.S., 1982:
Diagnostic cardiac premonitory signs and symptoms of red scorpion sting

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Diagnostic clinical parasitology. 3. Identification of the helminths

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Diagnostic efficiency of various laboratory tests in the assessment of bone marrow iron stores in patients with chronic uraemia

Anver, M.R., 1980:
Diagnostic exercise. Chromomycosis in leopard frogs, Rana pipiens

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Diagnostic experience from an epidemic of canine parvoviral enteritis

Alvarez, U., 1981:
Diagnostic experiences in poultry meat inspection

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Diagnostic features and the description of the larvae and pupae of horse-flies (family Tabanidae), Atylotus rusticus L. as an example

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Diagnostic features of a newly described blood protozoan disease in domestic cats -- a Cytauxzoon speces

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Diagnostic features of an induced mosaic virus recently attacks the corn fields in Egypt

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Diagnostic importance of an increased serum anion gap

Krylova, I.L.; Pogorelova, O.V.; Tikhonova, V.L., 1980:
Diagnostic importance of some characters of Polygonum persicaria

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Diagnostic methods

Bouska, I.; Rehanek, L.; Veselsky, J.; Curik, R., 1979:
Diagnostic problems in nephrotoxic fungus poisoning (Cortinarius orellanus Fr.)

Cartee, R.E., 1981:
Diagnostic real time ultrasonography of the liver of the dog and cat

Khrenovskov, E.I., 1980:
Diagnostic selection of graft components and its connection with grapevine productivity

Kihara, S.; Kihara, T.; Kihara, N.; Higuchi, M., 1980:
Diagnostic significance of EPG and EPD in experimental infection of dogs with Paragonimus westermani

Poelvoorde, J.; Berghen, P., 1980:
Diagnostic significance of coprocultures in pigs infected with Hyostrongylus rubidus and Oesophagostomum spp

Filice, G.A.; Yeager, A.S.; Remington, J.S., 1980 :
Diagnostic significance of immunoglobulin M antibodies to Toxoplasma gondii detected after separation of immunoglobulin M from immunoglobulin G antibodies

Bickhardt, K.; Schwabenbauer, C., 1981:
Diagnostic significance of isoenzymes of creatine kinase (CK) in pigs

Wahal, P.K.; Singh, R.; Tandon, R.K.; Gupta, M.C.; Raizada, S.N.; Saraswat, R.L.; Maheshwari, B.B., 1979:
Diagnostic significance of urine urobilinogen in cases of malarial pyrexia (a preliminary study)

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Diagnostic studies on canine viral enteritis

Summanwar, A.S.; Marathe, T.S., 1982:
Diagnostic technique for the detection of bunchy top and infectious chlorosis in banana suckers

Boor, F., 1980:
Diagnostic test of tractor engines

Sprouse, R.F.; Larsh, H.W., 1980:
Diagnostic tests in histoplasmosis and blastomycosis

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Diagnostic tests in the early stages of diabetes. A comparison between the oral and intravenous glucose tolerance tests

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Diagnostic titres for hydatid disease in the indirect haemagglutination test

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Diagnostic value and limitations of the ELISA test for hydatid disease

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Diagnostic value of cryptococcal antigen in the cerebrospinal fluid of patients with malignant disease

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Diagnostic value of echography in hepatic hydatidosis

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Diagnostic value of gallium and bone scans in evaluation of extrapulmonary coccidioidal lesions

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Diagnostic value of quantitative serological tests of the aqueous humor in ocular toxoplasmosis. 180 cases

Douwes, A.C.; Fernandes, J.; Jongbloed, A.A., 1980:
Diagnostic value of sucrose tolerance test in children evaluated by breath hydrogen measurement

Saiduldin, T.S., 1981:
Diagnostic value of the conglutinating complex fixation test in bovine brucellosis

Rone, V.M., 1980:
Diagnostic value of the heritability index and prediction of the effectiveness of selection

Boldyreva, R.G., 1978:
Diagnostic value of the indirect haemagglutination test in Besnoitia infections of animals

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Diagnostic visualization of the vascular network of the porcine tarsus (by radiography and corrosion preparations)

Petersen, B.N.; Sandberg, I., 1981 :
Diagnostics in allergic diseases by correlating pollen/fungal spore counts with patient scores of symptoms

Shcherbakov, D.E., 1981:
Diagnostics of families of cicadas (Homoptera, Auchenorrhyncha) by the wings. I. Fore-wing

Haeri, M.H., 1980:
Dialectical transformation: a study of dialogue as a method for research and development in a rural milieu

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Dialene effect on the metabolism of wheat proteins

Vos, D.A. de, 1981:
Diallel analysis and response to selection for low temperature sprouting ability in tomato populations

Ahuja, S.L., 1980:
Diallel analysis in F2 generation of green gram (Vigna radiata (L) Wilcaek)

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Diallel analysis of a computer-simulated cross-breeding population

Belousov, A.A.; Mamatov, N.A., 1980:
Diallel analysis of combining ability in high-protein high-lysine opaque-2 maize lines in relation to grain yield and grain protein content

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Diallel analysis of flour protein content of some New Zealand wheats

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Diallel analysis of forage yield and its components in sorghum

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Diallel analysis of grain size, grain shape and other quantitative characters in rice

Olsen, O.A., 1980:
Diallel analysis of high lysine barley, Hordeum vulgare L. IV. Selection for double recessive high lysine genotypes

Adamson, W.C., 1980:
Diallel analysis of leaf and stem characters in kenaf

Schuler, L.; Renne, U., 1980:
Diallel analysis of litter traits in the laboratory mouse

Nakayama, R.; Saito, K., 1980:
Diallel analysis of longevity in Phaseolus seeds

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Diallel analysis of oil content of kernels in irradiated and nonirradiated parents of corn

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Diallel analysis of ozone resistance in potato

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Diallel analysis of quantitative characters in Salvia splendens

Singh, R.P., 1979:
Diallel analysis of quantitative characters in pea

Prisyazhnaya, L.P., 1979:
Diallel analysis of resistance to stem rust in spring wheat

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Diallel analysis of several characters in cucumbers, Cucumis sativus L

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Diallel analysis of shoot-forming capacity among selected tomato genotypes

Chatel, M.; Dechanet, R., 1980:
Diallel analysis of some quantitative characters in rice

Sutka, J., 1981:
Diallel analysis of some quantitative characters in wheat

Rao, P.K.A., 1980:
Diallel analysis of ten quantitative characters in sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.)

Yudkina, I.B., 1980:
Diallel analysis of the field resistance of spring bread wheat to brown rust

Tan, Q.M.; Zhao, G.Y.; Wei, Y.T., 1980:
Diallel analysis of the genetics of some quantitative characters in Chinese cabbage

Patil, M.S.; Sheriff, R.A., 1980:
Diallel analysis of the inheritance of some quantitative characters in Upland cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.). I. Heterosis

Tanner, D.G.; Reinbergs, E., 1981:
Diallel analysis of the trypsin inhibitor activity of wheat and rye

Murthy, A.R.; Kajjari, N.B.; Goud, J.V., 1981:
Diallel analysis of yield and maturity components in maize

Salimath, S.B., 1981:
Diallel analysis of yield and yield components in brinjal (Solanum melongena L.)

Asfandiyarova, R.R., 1979:
Diallel analysis of yield components in pea

Kotecha, A.; Yermanos, D.M., 1979:
Diallel analysis of yield per capsule in sesame, Sesamum indicum L

Malhotra, R.S.; Gupta, P.K.; Arora, N.D., 1980:
Diallel analysis over environments in mungbean

Pal, R.; Hari Singh, 1981:
Diallel cross analysis of maturity traits in rape seed

Katayama, T.C., 1981:
Diallel cross experiment among Sikkimese varieties, indica and japonica testers of rice, Oryza sativa L. IX. Mutual relationships between the 2 on 34 characters

Katayama, T.C., 1979:
Diallel cross experiment among Sikkimese varieties, indica and japonica testers of rice, Oryza sativa L. VII. Surface area and volume of unhusked and husked grain

Katayama, T.C., 1980:
Diallel cross experiment among Sikkimese varieties, indica and japonica testers of rice, Oryza sativa L. VIII. Miscellaneous characters

Ojo, A.A., 1980:
Diallel evaluation of corn belt X exotic populations

Pandeya, R.S.; Zilkey, B.F., 1981:
Diallel genetic analysis of leaf and smoke characteristics in flue-cured tobacco

Das, N.D.; Dana, S., 1978:
Diallele analysis of forage yield in rice bean

Tandon, R., 1979:
Dialogue of a training session for village peer group action

Freire, P., 1980:
Dialogue rather than principle. Developing literacy in Guinea Bissau

Farrell, P.C.; Hone, P.W., 1980:
Dialysis-induced catabolism

Rahelic, S.; Puac, S., 1980:
Diameter and fibre type in three muscles of the pig ham

Nilsson, G., 1976:
Diameter distributions

Mawson, J.C., 1982:
Diameter growth estimation on small forests

Rai, S.N., 1980:
Diameter increment of Terminalia paniculata and Lagerstroemia lanceolata

Provenza, F.D.; Urness, P.J., 1981:
Diameter-length,-weight relations for blackbrush branches

E.S.azly, K.; Naga, M.A., 1980:
Diaminopimelic and 2-amino-ethane-phosphonic acid as markers for the estimation of microbial protein in the rumen

Lach, H., 1981:
Diamond as a cutting material for wood and wood-based materials

Soedjarwo, A., 1980:
Dian Dessa

Nilsson, G., 1978:
Diana - a new field bean for southern Sweden

Stirpe, F.; Williams, D.G.; Onyon, L.J.; Legg, R.F.; Stevens, W.A., 1981:
Dianthins, ribosome-damaging proteins with anti-viral properties from Dianthus caryophyllus L. (carnation)

Loeb, MJ., 1982:
Diapause and development in the tobacco budworm, Heliothis virescens: a comparison of haemolymph ecdysteroid titres

Morden, RD.; Waldbauer, GP., 1980:
Diapause and its termination in the psychid moth, Thyridopteryx ephemeraeformis

Wellso, S.G.; Hoxie, R.P., 1981:
Diapause and nondiapause behavior of the cereal leaf beetle

Ibrahim, R.; Walker, T.J., 1980:
Diapause and nondiapause eggs laid daily by individual Gryllus firmus females (Orthoptera: Gryllidae)

Burn, AJ.; Coaker, TH., 1981:
Diapause and overwintering of the carrot fly, Psila rosae (F.) (Diptera: Psilidae)

Annila, E., 1982:
Diapause and population fluctuations in Megastigmus specularis Walley and Megastigmus spermotrophus Wachtl. (Hymenoptera, Torymidae)

VanKirk, JR.; Aliniazee, MT., 1982:
Diapause development in the western cherry fruit fly, Rhagoletis indifferens Curran (Diptera, Tephritidae)

Hackett, DS.; Gatehouse, AG., 1982:
Diapause in Heliothis armigera (Hubner) and H. fletcheri (Hardwick) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) in the Sudan Gezira

Krysan, J.L., 1982:
Diapause in the Nearctic species of the virgifera group of Diabrotica: evidence for tropical origin and temperate adaptations

Onder, F., 1978:
Diapause in the biology of insects

Raina, AK.; Bell, RA.; Klassen, W., 1981:
Diapause in the pink bollworm: preliminary genetic analysis

Wallis, GW.; Stephen, FM., 1980:
Diapause of the Nantucket pine tip moth, Rhyacionia frustrana (Comstock), in Arkansas

Schopf, A., 1980:
Diapause of the pupal parasite Pimpla turionellae L. (Hym., Ichneumonidae)

Mitchell, CJ., 1981:
Diapause termination, gonoactivity, and differentiation of host-seeking behavior from blood-feeding behavior in hibernating Culex tarsalis (Diptera: Culicidae)

Parry, E.L.; Foshee, W.S.; Marks, J.G., 1982:
Diaper dermatophytosis

Spillecke, V. (German Democratic Republic), 1980:
Diaphragm pulsator with phase adjustment

Schulz, S., 1981:
Diaphragmatic hernia with simple eventration (pylorus, antrum et duodenum) and eventration and torsion of a liver lobe in a cat

Garson, H.L.; Dodman, N.H.; Baker, G.J., 1980:
Diaphragmatic hernia. Analysis of fifty-six cases in dogs and cats

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