Digestibility and voluntary intake of sugar cane and mixtures of sugar cane and banana forage

Delio, D.; Soto, J.L.; Ffoulkes, D.; Hovell, F.D.D.B.

Tropical Animal Production 4(1): 112


Accession: 000857929

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2-yr-old Zebu X Holstein bulls of about 200 kg liveweight were fed (a) chopped sugar cane stalk and tops in 7:3 ratio, (b) as (a) but with the cane mixed with chopped banana leaves in 2:1 ratio, (c) as (b) but with banana leaves replaced by banana pseudostems, or (d) as (b) or (c) but with the banana forage as a leaf/pseudostem mixture in 1:4 ratio, all ratios being of fresh wt. and all cane having added to it a 3:1:1 molasses/water/urea sol. at 50 g sol./kg fresh cane. Total DM intake and DM digestibility over the last 6 days of a 14-day period was 3.16, 3.77, 3.89 and 3.75 kg/day and 63.2, 66.5, 67.5 and 64.6% for (a), (b), (c) and (d), resp. Cane intake was similar in all treatments at 2.62-2.75 kg/day. DM intake was highly correlated (r2 = 0.84) with percentage DM digestibility. It was suggested that the rate of DM degradation in the rumen was among the factors limiting voluntary intake.