Effect of rootstock and spacing on the growth and cropping of Starkrimson and Golden Delicious apple trees in a superintensive orchard trained by the Gruzbek system

Pshenichnyi, I.E.

Nauchnye Trudy Ukr S Kh Akad 235: 27-29


Accession: 000869894

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Trees of the 2 apple cvs grafted on M.2 or M.9 rootstocks were spaced at distances ranging from 3.5 X 0.5 m to 3.5 X 3 m. At 3 years of tree age spacing had no appreciable effect on tree growth or leaf number but the rootstocks and varietal characteristics did. When spacing was reduced from maximal to minimal the yield per unit area rose by up to 3 times. Yields were highest in Golden Delicious (20 centners/ha) on M.2 spaced at 3.5 X 1 m and in Starkrimson (11.8 centners/ha) on M.9 spaced at 3.5 X 0.5 m.