Effect of seeding rates and nitrogen fertilization on the growth, chemical composition and forage yield of Japanese barnyard millet Echinochloa crusgalli var. frumentacea (Roxb.) W. F. Wight

Lee, H.W.; Kim, D.A.

Korean Journal of Animal Sciences 22(1): 83-92


Accession: 000870146

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E. crus-galli was sown on 13 June at 2 or 4 kg seed/ha and given 50, 100 or 150 kg N/ha. DM yields on 8 Aug. with 2 kg seed/ha were 7.79 t with 50 kg N/ha, 8.35 t with 100 kg N/ha and 8.66 t with 150 kg N/ha; comparable yields with 4 kg seed/ha were 7.22, 8.29 and 8.91 t/ha. There was no significant difference in yield between 100 and 150 kg N/ha. There was no significant effect of sowing rate and no sowing rate X N interaction. With 2 kg seed/ha the yield of CP was 468 kg/ha with 50 kg N/ha, 571 kg with 100 kg N and 813 kg with 150 kg N; comparable yields with 4 kg seed/ha were 551, 711 and 879 kg/ha. Leaf:stem ratio was higher with 150 kg N/ha than with lower rates.