Effect of soil salinity levels on seed germination and growth of transplanted seedlings of ber (Zizyphus rotundifolia)

Dhankhar, O.P.; Singhrot, R.S.; Makhija, M.

Arid Zone Research and Development: 351-356


Accession: 000870507

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Experimental plots were artificially salinized. Salts were applied in proportions such that for various conductivity levels the ratio of Ca + Mg to Na ions was 1:1. The relationship between salinity levels and time taken for 50 percent germination indicates that germination was delayed with increase in salinity levels. Transplanted seedlings had a better survival rate than in situ seedlings grown at various levels of salinity. Once established ber seedlings maintained equally satisfactory growth even at the highest levels of salinity (21.0 mmhos/cm).