Effect of specific inhibitors of RNA and protein biosynthesis on energy migration in pea chloroplasts

Giller, Y.E.; Asoeva, L.M.

Fiziologiya Rastenii 29(2): 387-392


ISSN/ISBN: 0038-5719
Accession: 000870834

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Low temp. (77 K) fluorescence spectra and excitation spectra of leaves of etiolated pea seedlings were measured after treatment with 3 inhibitors of RNA and protein biosynthesis during formation of the chlorophyll system. Inhibition by rifampicin (0.1 g/l), cycloheximide (0.01 g/l) and chloramphenicol (0.5 g/l) of transcription in plastids and of translation on cytoplasmic or chloroplast ribosomes disrupted the donor-acceptor contacts between native forms of chlorophyll in the process of energy migration. It was suggested that formation of the chloroplast apparatus as a system of light energy absorption and concentration, is directly dependent on the realization of genetic information.