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Chapter 875

Effects of legume reinforcement of veld on the performance of beef steers

Clatworthy, J.N.; Holland, D.G.E.

Proceedings of the Grassland Society of Southern Africa 14: 111-114


DOI: 10.1080/00725560.1979.9648871
Accession: 000874685

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To measure the effect of legume reinforcement of veld on animal production, a 24-ha block of reverted granite sandveld dominated by Hyparrhenia filipendula was fenced into 8 equal-sized paddocks, 4 of which were sown with legumes. 2 paddocks were sown in Dec. 1971 with a mixture of Stylosanthes humilis, S. guianensis var. guianensis Schofield, the erect-growing S. guianensis var. intermedia Oxley (fine-stem stylo) and S. fruticosa, and 2 in Jan. 1973 with a mixture of fine-stem stylo and Macroptilium atropurpureum Siratro. Full-time grazing of the trial started in June 1973 with a cattle policy aimed at growing out weaner steers and then removing them after 1 yr for fattening in pens.

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