Ensiled pressed sugarbeet pulp in dairy rations

Potthast, V.; Heiting, N.; Nasser, S.S.

Tierzuchter 32(10): 421-423


Accession: 000878924

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2 lots of ensiled pressed sugarbeet pulp (EPS) had DM 18.8 and 22.0% and in DM N-free extract (NFE) 57-59%, crude fibre 24-22% and crude protein (CP) 12-10%, and 766-723 starch units, NE 7.61-7.12 MJ/kg. Digestibility for wether sheep was for NFE 94-92%, fibre 85-78% and CP 65-54%. For 15 wk 48 cows in 2 groups were offered 5 kg wilted grass silage and 1 kg soyabean oilmeal and a mineral mix daily with EPS or maize silage ad lib. and concentrates at 1 kg/2 kg milk over 13 or 10 l. Cows ate daily on average 40 kg EPS vs. 22 kg maize silage and gave 17.3 kg 4% FCM vs. 16.9 kg. Milk fat content 3.7% was not affected by diet but protein was higher with EPS than maize silage, 3.42 vs. 3.17%. Ensiled pressed sugarbeet pulp is recommended primarily as a source of energy.