Section 1
Chapter 884

Evaluation of the indirect haemagglutination test for the detection of Toxoplasma antibodies. Comparative studies on the indirect haemagglutination test, Sabin-Feldman test, indirect fluorescent antibody test and the complement-fixation test

Werner, H.; Janitschke, K.; Kolleck, I.

Laboratory Medicine 3: 143-147


ISSN/ISBN: 0007-5027
Accession: 000883340

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Comparative tests were made on 150 human sera with Toxoplasma antibodies and on 100 negative sera from blood donors. It was concluded that the indirect haemagglutination test (IHAT) is convenient and rapid but it is qualitative and not quantitative and so it should be used only as a screening test. Additional information as to the type of infection present could be gained only by combination with the CFT, the dye-test or the IFAT, which have been standardized for the GFR. The IHAT could be recommended as a supplement to the other conventional methods.

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