Extra-cellular proteolytic activity of rumen ciliate protozoa. I. Proteolytic activity of cell-free rumen liquid, incubation medium of rumen ciliate protozoa and their extracts

Shinchi, S.; Kandatsu, M.

Bulletin of Azabu University, Veterinary Medicine 1(1): 47-53


Accession: 000885735

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Cell-free rumen liquid from a goat and cell-free incubation medium (obtained after incubating rumen ciliate protozoa with buffer solution) were prepared by centrifugation; rumen ciliate protozoa extracts were prepared by ultrasonic disruption. Measurements of proteolytic activity at 39 deg C showed that in all 3 solutions casein was decomposed more quickly than bovine haemoglobin, and that bovine serum albumin was not decomposed at all. Proteolytic activity/unit N was highest in the incubation medium, followed by the cell-free rumen extract and ciliate extract. The casein decomposition rate/unit N was much higher in the incubation medium than in the ciliate extract. It is concluded that rumen ciliates excrete protease into the incubation medium.