Fattening cattle with molasses/urea and cassava or sweet potato forage

Ffoulkes, D.; Preston, T.R.

Tropical Animal Production 4(1): 97-98


Accession: 000887375

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Av. daily liveweight gain of bulls of 216 kg initial liveweight fed molasses containing 2.5% urea ad lib., cassava forage at 4% of liveweight and 0 or 400 g soyabean meal/day was 853 and 944 g, and when sweet potato forage at 5% of liveweight was given in place of cassava forage was 570 and 784 g, resp. The difference in the cassava forage treatment was not significant. Liveweight gain was correlated with voluntary DM intake (r2 = 0.75) and with protein intake (r2 = 0.69). Fodder DM conversion was lower with cassava than with sweet potato forage in the absence of soyabean meal, with an inverse result in the presence of soyabean meal when protein was not limiting. It was concluded that high animal performance can be obtained by using high protein forage without adding conventional protein concentrates.