Food foraging of honey bees in a microwave field (2.45 GHz CW)

Gary, NE.; Brown Westerdahl, B.

Environmental Entomology 111: 95-99


ISSN/ISBN: 0046-225X
DOI: 10.1093/ee/11.1.95
Accession: 000891186

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Workers were trained to fly 400 m to an indoor foraging arena exposed to 2.45-GHz continuous-wave (CW) microwaves at densities from 0 to 40 mW/cm2. Foraging behaviour did not differ from that of unexposed controls in (a) number of round trips during 3 h exposure, (b) duration of round trip, (c) time required to navigate the illuminated foraging area. This suggests that foraging would not be adversely affected in a similar microwave field (1 to 23 mW/cm2) around receiving antennae for a solar power satellite energy transmission system. Author.