Forest regeneration in the Komi ASSR

Larin, V.B.; Pautov, Y.A.

Lesnoe Khozyaistvo 4: 38-39


Accession: 000891958

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The area of clear fellings in the Komi ASSR (N. European Russia) is currently some 200 000 - 220 000 ha per annum (annual cut 25 million m3). The problem of achieving adequate regeneration of desirable species, i.e. pine and spruce, is discussed. Of the area felled in 1971-75, nearly half has been left entirely to natural regrowth while measures have been taken to assist natural regeneration on just over half the area; direct sowing (including aerial seeding) and planting have been done on less than a tenth of the area felled. The amount of plantation establishment is currently of the order of 20 000 - 23 000 ha per annum, but the failure rate is high: 29.2% in the northern taiga subzone, 21.6% in the central taiga subzone, and 18.4% in the southern taiga subzone. The main reason for these failures is incorrect preparation and establishment techniques. Recommendations to improve the situation are briefly discussed.