Section 1
Chapter 896

Genetic evaluation and utilization (GEU) program. Drought resistance. Soil-plant-water relationships in rice. Water transport in rice plants


Annual Report for 1978: 104-105


Accession: 000895521

Resistance to water flux of the whole rice plant was calculated using transpirational flux of the whole plant and leaf water potential during that period. Water flux resistance was 58.1, 40.8, 36.5 and 32.6 X 10-2 bar/h cm2 for (a) IR20 (wetland), (b) Dular (wetland/dryland), (c) Ml-48 (dryland) and (d) IR36 (wetland), resp. The transpiration rate generally increased with decrease in leaf water potential for all cv., and at any given leaf water potential was in the order (c) > (b) > (d) > (a).

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