Genetic system and interrelationship between Solanum retroflexum and S. nodiflorum of S. nigrum complex

Ganapathi, A.; Rao, G.R.

Current Science 49(15): 598-599


ISSN/ISBN: 0011-3891
Accession: 000895943

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Crosses between tetraploid S. retroflexum (2n = 48), which is dwarf, semierect and much branched with dull black fruits, and diploid S. nodiflorum subsp. nodiflorum (2n = 24), which is tall and erect with shiny purple fruits, were only successful when S. retroflexum was female parent. The resulting few triploid (n =18) hybrids were erect, branched and flowered freely but set no fruit. Meiosis was normal in the parents, but in the hybrids, in which pollen fertility was as low as 1.32%, meiosis was highly irregular in c. 61% of PMCs. The irregularities were due to differences in number and structure of the parental chromosomes combined with some genetic sterility, a factor overcome in the colchicine-induced hexaploid (n = 36), which set fruit. The results support the view that the two parents are distantly related.