Section 1
Chapter 897

Genome relationships among Elytrigia ( = Agropyron) elongata, E. stipifolia, E. elongata 4x, E. caespitosa, E. intermedia, and E. elongata 10x

Dvorak, J.

Canadian Journal of Genetics and Cytology 23(3): 481-492


Accession: 000896412

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Hybrids were obtained via embryo culture from the crosses E. elongata (2x) X E. elongata (4x), E. stipifolia X E. elongata (4x), E. elongata (4x) X E. caespitosa and E. intermedia X E. caespitosa. E. elongata (10x) was crossed with four Triticum aestivum addition lines carrying different ditelosomes of E. elongata (2x). E. intermedia was crossed with a T. aestivum addition line carrying telosome 7el1 alpha of E. elongata (10x). The S genome of E. stipifolia appeared to be related only remotely to the E genome of E. elongata (2x). E. elongata (4x) appeared to have two modified E genomes which were designated Es and Esc.

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