Influence of advanced pregnancy, parturition and early lactation on the electrolyte concentrations in plasma of sheep, with special regard to paresis before lambing

Bostedt, H.; Hausmann, C.

Parktische Tierarzt 61(6): 482...489


Accession: 000910022

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Serum inorganic phosphate, Mg, Na, Cl and K values were assayed during the final weeks of gestation in 73 healthy ewes (51 carrying twins or triplets and 22 carrying a single fetus) and also during the first 9 days after parturition. Serum Ca values of ewes carrying twins or triplets were significantly reduced before parturition, but did not fall further at parturition or at the onset of lactation. Inorganic phosphate values fell in all ewes after parturition, with the lowest value at about 12 hours. The blood electrolyte and glucose values or 66 ewes that developed paresis before parturition were compared to those of healthy ewes. About 60% of the ewes with paresis exhibited hypocalcaemia, sometimes associated with hypophosphataemia, but with normal serum glucose levels; the remaining 40% had hypoglycaemia with normal calcium levels. Differential diagnosis of the two forms of paresis is discussed.