Section 1
Chapter 911

Influence of infection percent on improvement of fusiform rust resistance in slash pine

Sohn, S.I.; Goddard, R.E.

Silvae Genetica 28(5/6): 173-180


ISSN/ISBN: 0037-5349
Accession: 000910736

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Open-pollinated progenies of 143 Pinus elliottii trees selected for growth and form traits but unselected for resistance to Cronartium fusiforme (population A) and 92 P. elliottii trees selected for resistance (population B) were assessed for infection at three localities, three and five years after establishment. Data were subjected to binomial analysis and to analysis of plot means transformed to the square root of the arcsin. There was substantial variation among families of both populations. Estimates of heritability increased linearly as infection percentage increased in binomial data, while heritability estimates from the transformed plot mean analysis were maximum at 60% infection.

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