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Chapter 911

Influence of mesquite control on infiltration rates of a mesquite-buffalograss community

Bedunah, D.J.; Sosebee, R.E.

Research Highlights 1980 Noxious Brush and Weed Control; Range and Wildlife Management (Vol. 11): 12


Accession: 000910912

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Continuing work on a mesquite buffalograss community, reported in WA 30, 220, it was found that 70% of the water applied to plots that had been grubbed and vibra-tilled (soil surface disturbed while leaving much of the vegetation intact) infiltrated; water applied to plots where Prosopis had been grubbed plus or minus subsequent sowing of kleingrass averaged 59% infiltration and that applied to plots where Prosopis had been shredded or sprayed or grubbing had taken place between the trees averaged 50% infiltration. Variability in total infiltration is ascribed to the greater porosity of disturbed soil. On undisturbed plots infiltration increased with increasing vegetation cover.

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