Section 1
Chapter 916

Interspecific crosses as a method to breed Prunus persica and Prunus amygdalus

Terraciano, L.B.C. de; Cialzeta, C.

Boletin Genetico, Instituto de Fitotecnia, Castelar 10: 25-29


Accession: 000915321

The almonds Non Pareil and Princesa were used to pollinate the peach varieties Elberta and De Fabrica. F1 plants were generally very vigorous. Some flowered as early as the almonds but none as late as either of the peaches. All were self sterile, unlike the almond parents, and bore fruits which were fleshier than almonds, though having an edible kernel. The pollen was fertile, fruiting was normal and, no abnormalities were observed in mitosis or meiosis.

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