Leucaena and sweet potato forage as sources of protein and roughage for calves on restricted suckling and molasses/urea

M.P.on, L.K.; Hulman, B.

Technical Bulletin, Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources and the Environment, Mauritius 2: 18-20


Accession: 000921543

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Forage of Leucaena leucocephala and sweet potato was used to supply protein and roughage in the diets for young calves in Mauritius. Twelve calves were allowed to suck from their dams for 30 min after morning milking and again, without the cows being milked, in the afternoon. After a month they sucked only in the morning. From birth they had, to appetite, molasses containing 2.5% urea, and fresh L. leucocephala forage at 2% of bodyweight. Over 135 days, average daily gain was 416 g. The experiment was repeated with 11 calves kept, as before, but with sweet potato forage at 4% of bodyweight. Average daily gain was 393 g during 141 days.