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Chapter 925

Maize meal supplementation to young steers on summer veld and different planes of nutrition during winter

Merwe, H.J. van der; Chevallerie, M. von la; Schalkwyk, A.P. van

South African Journal of Animal Science 10(2): 189-196


ISSN/ISBN: 0375-1589
Accession: 000924406

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The influence of 2 planes of nutrition during winter as well as maize supplementation at different stages of growth of summer veld, on the growth and carcass quality of Hereford X Africander steers were investigated over 1 and 2 years, respectively. The wintering of steers at above maintenance (0.57 kg gain/day) yielded a significant increase in liveweight, carcass weight and carcass quality, compared to wintering at maintenance. Daily supplementation with maize meal at 1.4 kg for the first and 1.8 kg for the second summer, compared to no maize, resulted in a significantly heavier carcass for steers wintered above maintenance.

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