Methods of white clover inoculation - their effect on competition for nodule formation between naturalised and inoculated strains of Rhizobium trifolii

Hale, C.N.

New Zealand Journal of Experimental Agriculture 9(2): 169-172


DOI: 10.1080/03015521.1981.10427823
Accession: 000928952

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An agar tube culture method demonstrated that white clover cv. Huia shoot dry wt. was increased more by nodulation with a strain of Rhizobium trifolii Dangeard 1926 recommended for inoculation of this host, than with strains isolated from pasture soils. A greenhouse trial showed that both liquid and granular inoculation of these soils with a streptomycin-resistant strain of R. trifolii derived from the recommended strain increased both the shoot dry wt. and the proportion of nodules containing the introduced strain compared with conventional seed inoculation.