Mineralization-immobilization in soil following the addition of inorganic nitrogen and organic materials. VII. Effect of particle size and application method on carbon decomposition and nitrogen immobilization

Higuchi, M.; Kurihara, K.

Journal of the Science of Soil and Manure, Japan 51(4): 328-334


Accession: 000930543

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The rate of evolution of CO2 during soil incubation from orange meal, rice bran meal and steamed bone meal was unaffected by the particle size of the substrate or the method of its application to the soil. However CO2 evolution from cellulose and rice straw was greater from powder (< 1 mm diameter) than from granules (3 mm X 10 mm cylinders), and greater from surface applied powder than from that incorporated into the soil. The rate of 15N immobilization was closely correlated with the rate of CO2 evolution from glucose and cellulose, but not with that from the other organic materials.